How Can an Applicant Tracking System Make Your Resume Stand Out?

applicant tracking system

The applicant tracking system is an human resources software that eventually helps the people to organize a large number of applicants’ resumes.

The owners can easily search a phrase or keyword and find out the best applicant or the match that suits the job.

To grab the recruiters’ attention or stand out with the resume in ATS one must use perfect keywords and phrases.

If we talk about the most important element of the applicant tracking system and how to help a particular resume to stand out, then the main element is keyword optimization. An application needs to optimize the keyword so that it shines among the rest of the resumes. 

Applicant tracking system analyses your content automatically and decides whether you are suitable for the job or not. Some ATS allows recruiters to search for a keyword, and if that doesn’t match with your resume you are automatically out of the race. Recruiters likely search for mainly two keywords :

1. Job title – for eg HR, manager, etc.

2. Skills that are required in the job: Hard working, intelligent 

If you want to stand out, then you should mention the job title in your resume. 

For example:- If you want to find a job in UK, then your resume should be eye-catching and of course attractive. Also, don’t forget to add some hard skills that are related to a job.

You can convert and format your resume by various resume builder sites. You can use the CV builder pdf to improve your CV and build to more attractively.

Also one should not use headers, footers, columns, this can create a very bad impression on the recruiter and even ATS will not be able to track properly.

Working of ATS

ATS system works like as soon as the recruiter starts adding keywords, it filters the applicant’s resume and gives bonus points to those whose resume is up to date and is similar for the mentioned keywords.

When the applicants are filtered out, the system starts to rank the applicants according to their bonus point of the relevant content. The ranking becomes easy for the recruiter as the appropriate applicants are easily chosen from the system. The headings used should be straight forward and standard. For instance, professional background, education, experience. If the headings would be more complicated than it would become more difficult for ATS to find out your resume.  

There are many applicants, so your resume should be accordingly built and professionally executed, a little mistake can take you out of the race. Using your creativity and going outside of the norms may be attractive for the recruiters but they never sound good to the ATS, because it’s a machine not human. The more ease you will create in your resume; the easier it would be for ATS to detect your resume.

Stop adding Tables

 Tables might sound easy and perfect to describe your data and manage it, but according to the system it becomes a hectic or an obstacle and can create a problem for the system; this will give you negative marketing and hence will decrease your rank. For a successful resume, there should paragraph not a resume or header, or footer. Creating a positive impact on the system can create a positive impact on recruiters. Recruiters are usually busy therefore using creativity and going out of these developed norms can create a problem for you.

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