Baby Development Milestone for 1-6 Months

Baby Development Milestone
Baby Development Milestone

Baby’s development consists of many phases, specially when they are infants. Development is a process in which baby’s abilities and activities are going towards upper level. The baby Development process begins when baby comes into this world, and it continuous till end. Here our main concern is the major changes of baby’s development when the baby is about to 1-6 months old. 

It’s a very sensitive age for baby as well as precious, because they are growing day by day. Not only baby is growing but the everything of baby is growing day by day. The size, the hairs, their physical activities, recognition abilities, mental abilities and more important is their learning stages. So its not about just physical changes but the psychological changes as well.   

When baby born the body structure, skin tone, hairs, activities and their needs are totally change. Similarly with the passage of time everything will be changed in their life. At initial stage of baby’s development learning of movements and other things are occur. There are some specific movements and activities that baby learn during this time period. During the development process baby will learn through different means.

For instance your baby can learn through your activities that you are doing in front of your baby. At this level their touching ability is on top level. At this stage baby will act and react with parents,  will learn to sit and crawl as well. You will see the smiling, crying and laughing of your baby during development process. 

Motor skills 

During the development process baby’s learning abilities will be increase, in which baby will learn the basic things of daily life. For instance: watching, focusing, observing, acting after observation, react according to situation, try to sit, try to move things and many more things. Here we are going to discuss such kind of motor skills  that are specifically related to child’s development.

Observational skills

It is related to baby’s mental and psychological growth directly, specially if your child is so active. Baby will learn the observational skills through which your child can watch you deeply and  observes you deeply. It’s called recognition process also through which baby will identify mother, father, brother, sister. At this age your child will be familiar with the family members first of all. It’s a close and direct identification procedure of blood relations. 


After observation the next step would be the repetition step. In which all activities are included that baby observed before. Everything that baby observed increases the observational and thinking skills, after thinking baby will do it by own. It is also an important part of Baby food. Whatever they see they want to copy and repeat that action again and again. Specially when they closely observe their parent movements and capture it for Future use. it is also good for the growth of their mental abilities.

Action and Reaction

It’s a basic skill that they learn during this time period. Specially crying, smiling, laughing, asking for food with actions all are part of this stage. When ever they feel hungry they gives the action of crying, and when their stomach is full they will give you the reaction. So that, with the passage of time you will understand their action and reactions, you will easily understand their needs.

Similarly when you make smiley face in front of them, they understand your action and quickly give you the reaction of smile. Same as when you laugh, clap or talk in front of them, they will respond your actions through smiling and laughing.

Basic Movements

When we talk about the basic movements of children, are mostly try to sit, try to crawl, try to touch. These are the best and lovely moments for parents to see their child active and energize. Babies normally in this age try to learn that, how to sit and how to crawl. Their physical activities are on top level, they just want to touch everything.

Even they touch foods and mash with hands, so their ability to understand things is also growing with them. Between the age of 4-6 months baby learn to crawl, their muscles are in full form and growing day by day. Baby development procedure is very amazing because of different learning skills, parents always want to see their child so active.

In this age infants just want to sit like others and just walk or run but they can not walk or run like others. So they try to move slowly with their hands and feet and starts crawling. Because these things really fascinate the babies, once they started crawling they don’t want to stop that part of learning. You can see every time they want just crawling without help, they like independently craw or role over the floor.

Cognitive abilities  

When its about cognitive abilities, they have really strong skills about recognition of things and persons. They will frequently identify the face and voice of their parents. They always want that parents should be around them every time. If parents are in not in room near them, they will understand it and will react and cry. So they have the strong sense of parents presence. Similarly they can frequently identify the taste of food that they eat daily. Whenever they eat something different they react on it with their face expressions. 

Psychological progress 

At this level because baby can not have so much physical abilities like they can not speak, ask for food. So due to lack of body activities they have lot of psychological abilities. Like they can not speak, that they need right now something but they are totally aware how to tell your mother and father about their need. Similarly when they want to change their pampers, they know very well that how to react with crying. Parents will be aware at that time, their baby is not comfortable and trying to show something. So action and reaction continuous at this level.

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