Do MBBS in Abroad to Become a Doctor Inexpensively

MBBS in Abroad

Do you have a dream to study MBBS in abroad? After looking through all the options of the countries, you will find that Kazakhstan is the top country and the 1st option for those students who dream of becoming a doctor inexpensively. Studying abroad can offer you many advantages as a student that can help you build a perfect career all over the world.

MBBS in Abroad

Some of the Reasons to Study MBBS in Kazakhstan that You Can Avail When Studying MBBS in Abroad are as following –

1. Duration of MBBS Course

This 5 years course includes 4 years for academic training and 1 year for the internship program. In other countries, the MBBS course lasts 6 years, so you can save a year here. During this year, you can start a job in any of the hospitals.

2. English Medium of Studies

The medium of study MBBS in Kazakhstan from is the English language. This makes it easier for international students to complete their MBBS course.

3. Fees Structure Is Low

Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan is very affordable, as students can be admitted directly without a donation and without an entrance exam other than the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) exam. MBBS fees in Kazakhstan are very low for international students as they have no donations and staff fees, and their government also provides a scholarship to every student to study in abroad.

India’s private institution has large numbers of donations and head fees. So many Indian students prefer to study MBBS in Kazakhstan. It is not an easy decision for parents to send their child to abroad to study, but Kazakhstan is safe and affordable for the MBBS course.

4. High Quality of Faculty

At the University of Kazakhstan, the faculties are highly qualified and well-experienced and aim to provide practical knowledge to their medical students. They also help students resolve their doubts in a very supportive way and they pay attention to each individual student in their universities.

5. MCI and WHO Approved

Once the student completes the MBBS Course, the university offers a medical degree that is recognized worldwide and that degree is valid throughout. Because of all this international recognition, it becomes easy for medical students to get an internship or job at major hospitals across the globe.

6. Indian Food Facility

In most medical universities in Kazakhstan, there is the availability of Indian food which makes it for Indian students easier to adapt to Kazakhstanis. There are many Indian restaurants in Kazakhstan that meet the demand for Indian food for Indian citizens.

7. World Class Infrastructure

Kazakhstan Medical University campuses have world-class hospital equipment and modern equipment. Medical university classrooms are fully air-conditioned and they have intelligent classrooms. The MBBS study in Kazakhstan will be very productive. Their universities have high standards.

8. Easy Admission ProcessĀ 

The admission process for the MBBS course is very simple in Kazakhstan. The student should check his eligibility criteria to attend MBBS in Kazakhstan if you are eligible then Indian students can apply for university admission. Students must complete the application form and submit all required documents. Once the university approves, you will receive the approval letter. Then, students must apply for the visa process for Kazakhstan. Once all formalities are completed, students can study MBBS in Kazakhstan.

9. Cost of Living Is Affordable

Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan is very cheaper than in other countries. The average cost of studying at the University of Kazakhstan is $ 4000 per year. The currency Kazakhstan is the Tenge, which is weaker than the Indian Rupees, 1 Indian Rupee is equal to 5.79 Kazakhstani Tenge as of October 26th, 2020.

10. MCI Coaching

It is offered to university students with the MBBS course. MCI (Medical Council of India) training will help students qualify for the MCI (Medical Council of India) exams that each student must qualify to practice in different countries. Students should not receive additional training for MCI (Medical Council of India) screening tests, which include additional costs.


MBBS consultancy abroad helps Indian students fulfill their dream of becoming a successful doctor from the best medical universities of abroad. Join us and get career advice on the MBBS course. We solve all the questions of parents and their children who are confused to send their children to abroad.

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