Best Beauty Selfie Camera Apps For Android Phone

Many of us now choose our Smartphone for the latest photography in our daily lives. So now before buying a Smartphone the camera is the important to us. We choose beauty selfie camera on our Smartphone, but they have some boundaries. That’s why we use a lot of third-party apps that conquer those boundaries.

There are several apps in the Play Store for free cameras and selfies. And in those apps there are some of these apps are really great.

Here we discuss about the best beauty selfie camera apps for your Smartphone:

1. Sweet Camera:

Sweet Camera app is great for taking sweet selfie and beauty face effect. This app can change your face and beautifully edit your pictures. This app has many special features like funny stickers, beauty effects and function, funny selfies photos, various styles of collage. The filters and effects are mainly used to edit and save your pictures. There are beautiful make up tools that the girls love to use. Sweet camera app beautifully makes hair color, shape your body, edit the features of muscles etc. Using this photo app you can take funny selfies.

Through this app you can collage your photos to save the memories together and can add the tattoo on your body. So ultimately this app has numerous effects that made it best beauty selfie camera app.

2. BeautyPlus:

About eight hundred people in the world use this app to edits their pictures, videos and selfies. BeautyPlus app has powerful photo editing tools that using very simple. The huge numbers of features make your selfies and editing pictures much better. There are number of features that give your pictures and videos natural looks. BeautyPlus app removes acne marks from your face and gives you smooth skin, makes your eyes brighten, whiten your teeth, blur and filters your photo.

 In this app there are makeup feature that that mix extra in your photography. It allows you filter your photo without harsh editing. The magic brush of this app gives your selfie fantastic looks and unique effect and also can add numerous colors.

3. Google Camera:

Google Camera app is Google’s official camera application. This app you’ll see on nearly all Google devices. It has smallest but handy features. Notable are Lens Slow Motion, Blur Mode, Video Stabilization and Photo Spheres. The only downside is its availability. Yin this application you can only use this app on devices running Android 7.1.1 and above. Except in this track it is a actually superior application.

4. YouCam Perfect:

YouCam Perfect is the best beauty selfie camera app that is full of beauty camera and photo editing tools. There are hundreds of photo editing and filters tools; it has creating frame with instance photo collages. This app helps to removing wrinkles on the face and makes your skin smoothing. The features of this app are beautify your selfie, videos and photos, edit pictures with editing tools, cut out and remover tools. The people who want to take perfect photo then I recommended for them this app as this app smoothing your picture with the smoothing tools.

5. BeautyCam:

BeautyCam app is the latest beauty selfie camera app for android phone and you can download this app without spending money. This app is globally loved by the people and it provides many different features like change head to body instantly, adjust body shapes, take beautiful photo in one click, give makeup looks and filter photo, remove the messy background, create cute and funny pictures, easily click HD pictures in the dark mode, edit your picture with the trending stickers.

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