Best Chinese Recipes for Better Health

Food is an important element of our daily lives, it gives us the required nutrients and energy to grow and survive. A proper diet is essential for the proper functioning of our body. Food is not only essential for humans to survive but it is also a sign of culture, the eating habits and recipes of every culture differ from one and another. Food is the basic thing that differentiates one culture from another. The food of a culture depends upon the region they live and the supplies on which they have to survive and fulfill hunger. Regions like China eat a combination of vegetables and meat due to the availability of vegetation while places like Siberia, were vegetation is impossible consumes more meat. 

The food from China and their local cuisines are themselves their culture and history. China is not like the United States or any newly established country where different cultures have merged but has its own unique culture and history. For a country with limited supplies and resources and a small amount of money with a large amount of population, food was always a priority for them to deal with. The history of food culture in china was always complicated from start, the difference of food sources, environment, food flavor and taste enabled the Chinese people to make the best use of their limited sources. The balance of spices and all food sources with unique culinary techniques made Chinese food to be loved by everyone. Chinese cuisine became widely globalized when first Chinese foreigners started to settle in America, just before the civil war, these setters formed Asian majority there and brought the unique culinary style and cuisines with them. At the start, these people were just miners and laundry workers who came to the United States to find better employment. They lived in the neighborhood, referring those China towns. By the start of the 19th century, these migrants started a luxury style restaurant in San Francisco and from there Chinese cuisine was part of mainstream culture. 

Chinese food is now widely globalized as you can enjoy these dishes everywhere worldwide which differs from region to region due to the merging of cultures. These dishes are famous due to the delicious nature and ease of cooking. Chinese dishes are also world-famous due to their health benefits. These best combinations of starchy staples, legumes, herbs, spices, meat, and vegetables are like a complete pack of nutrients. It contains all sorts of vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins which are important for human survival. 

Chinese Noodles

Chinese noodles are globally consumed due to their taste and variations in cooking style. From noodles with a soup to the ones you brought home in Chinese Takeaway Boxes from your nearest Chinese food stall, this dish varies from region to region and can be cooked in many forms of it. From instant noodles that are low in calories and fibers to the dish variation full of eggs and tofu, this dish is more like a taste carrier which is used to carry different tastes. You can eat plain noodles which are just wheat noodles with water and spices in them or you can make the variation containing meat, soybean, vegetables, legumes, egg and about everything possible. This dish is healthy for people with high cholesterol levels as this provides them a proper diet with a balanced amount of calories, fiber, and starches which can help in weight loss and burning fats.


Soups and different types of broths have a special place in Chinese cuisine. These are used form basic purpose of fulfilling the appetite to consumption as a medicine. These concoctions of meat broth with chopped vegetables in starch and herbs have a special place in Asian culture. They are considered highly nutritious and healthy for everyone as they can give relief to many illnesses like cold and heart diseases. These broths are also considered helpful in losing weight and maintaining proper blood circulation. Just like noodles, these soups have also many variations. From thin soups to the ones with creamy gravy-like texture, these broths can be cooked according to the required style and ingredients.


Dumplings are a popular Chinese dish that is just famous like noodles. These are more like healthy snacks rather than a proper meal. Dumplings generally consist of shredded vegetables, meats and other sorts of fillings in the shape of a dough ball. These balls can be boiled, fried or baked as you want but the steaming is more common than any other form of cooking as it adds no fats in the process and make it a healthy alternative to other snacks. They are common to find in your local Chinese neighborhood and are often served by vendors in small paper trays or Food Boxes which can keep them warm.

Egg Fried Rice

When it comes to Chinese cuisine, Egg fried rice is like a staple dish. The use of brown rice in this dish makes it healthier. This concoction of eggs, green onions, carrot, cabbage, soya sauce mixture, and cooked brown rice makes this dish delicious with also being healthy. This rice will change your mind about Chinese food. This dish can be made in many varieties. There is a heavier version that is loaded with oil, while the simple version is considered healthier due to a balanced ratio of carbohydrates with proteins and a minimal quantity of oil for fewer calories.

Fried rice is common in many cultures now and people love to eat them. From cooking them at home to take away version in Custom Chinese Food Boxes, this dish is world-famous now as it is highly globalized in every society.

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