Guide to Best Motorbike Trekking Apps

Best Motorbike Trekking Apps
Motorbike Trekking Apps

Are you a professional that is burdened with maintaining the balance in career and private life? If so, how do you unwind yourself of all the challenges? Well, if you are one who goes on trekking in your motorbike, then this article is for you. Or if you are one, who wants to explore the world on his/her bike, you can gain valuable information from this article on the best motorbike trekking apps. So, let us get down to business.

What Is Important?

Motorbike Trekking is an activity where you get connected to Mother Nature and to YOURSELF. And so, you need to exercise caution, as the apps have to work in an area where there are no mobile signals. There are some apps in this article, which can work off-line. However, some features of the app may need an internet connection. So, shall we go headset into the various types of best motorbike trekking apps?

Isn’t it surprising, that some problems in your life are created because of technology innovations that were really meant to make human life easy? The best example is mobile. Do you agree? Of course not. There are many who  argue the benefit of technology innovation will depend on the user. In the case of motorbike riding and trekking, you really have the apps which can help you in times of distress, make the trip safer, convenient and a new experience.

1. Eat Sleep Ride

If there is an app specially made for motorbike riders, then look at the title again. This is a multi-purpose app, and it has various features. Some features are planning and sharing of routes with fellow riders, tracking the group riders. In fact, the loyalists of this app convey that every feature of the best motorbike apps has been taken and implanted in the Eat Sleep and Ride app.

This app works on both iOS and Android. Also, it has a special feature called CrashLight. This feature makes use of the accelerometer to detect if your motorbike is going to crash and then sends an alert to your selected contacts with the exact location. If you have missed the accident, then you have to deactivate the alert. Now, CrashLight is one main reason that many motorbike riders prefer this app.

2. Waze

Motorbike Trekking Apps

What is the most important part in a motorbike ride? The navigation as well direction. When it comes to this aspect, then Waze is hailed as one of the best navigation apps as it shares every information such as road conditions and traffic. You get the best route to reach your destination. This app is best suitable for the traffic-laden Monday to Friday motorbike rides where you want to reach the destination as fast as possible.

Okay, we shall go to the next part of the motorbike riding apps. In short, let us move to the Route Sharing and Tracking apps.

3. Best Biking Roads

As the name implies, this app has been built by motorbike riders after getting the information from 25000 motorcycle riders. You can dub this app as one of the best routes sharing resources from bikers. It contains information on nearly 8000 routes already identified, explored thoroughly by motorcycle riders. And the content is shared in the form of photos, videos as well as reviews. Oh yes, you have the Android and IOS version.

4. RoadTrippers

Motorbike Trekking Apps

Are you planning a long ride? Then you must have this app in your mobile if the tour involves many days. You can discover excellent destinations such as local attractions, scenic spots, and the best dining hotels. RoadTrippers, you can call as one of the best road trips riding apps. If you are an adventure rider going on the wilderness, this app should be on your mobile.

5. Rever

Yes, this is an app, but out of loyalty, many motorbike riders have turned it to a community. So, if you have discovered a new route to a favorite trekking place, you can share the experience among the Rever community in a funny way. There are also options where you need to complete the riding challenges and even get awards.

Volume Control Apps

6. SpeakerBoost

When you are riding on your own, a lone rider, your ears, and eyes act very sharp. While the eyes focus on the road as well look for signs of danger, the ears pick the sound very well. However, on the road, as a rider, it was difficult to attend the call. The reason, the sound of wind and noise of other bikers make taking the call difficult. But now, an app has come, where you can make the volume louder so the voice at the other end gets to speak clearly. You can even hear the voice in full volume.

7. Gas/Fuel Mileage Tracking Apps:


Is Motorbike riding easy? On an adventure trip? Yes, but you need to take care of certain factors such as consumption of fuel, costs, and maintenance of the vehicle. This app takes care of many jobs such as fuel mileage and consumption. The additional benefits are the fuel cost per year, and the total distance driven in your bike among some. Do you have many vehicles where you need to know the exact mileage of a specific bike? Then install this app. You will get to know the information.

8. Gas Buddy

Motorbike Trekking Apps

As the name suggests, it is the best bike app in the market to help you find the cheap gas stations or prices where you have wandered on your bike. Since the app is getting updates constantly, you can find the place where the gas is cheapest. You can no doubt save money, but the benefits are, if you are reporting the prices on the stations you visited, you can win awards and points on this app.

You are on your own during the bike journey. So it is vital to know where the next fuel or petrol station is. And this app is a boon send for bike journeys.

9. Fuel Monitor

It is an iOS app, and as per the title, the fuel consumption gets calculated automatically with the cost per mile figure. It is easy to know about the repairs and cost done on the bike with this app. Two more benefits. One is when you get a reminder that the maintenance is due for the bike. The second benefit is that all the data regarding the bike, you can export on a spreadsheet. You can then use for getting the tax or budgeting deductions.

Performance App

10. Pirelli Diablo Super Biker

Are you a bike racer? Then with this app, you can track the performance. Yes, there are various options for tracking lap times on the track, speed, and routes. Isn’t it surprising that you can even take information about the lean angle? By making use of the gyrometer on the mobile, you can track the angle. If you have done a fine lap, then you can share the info on social media and become famous.

There are the multi-feature bikes where you get every record about altitude, lap time, speed, and other factors. But these features will be missing in normal bikes. But this Pirelli Diablo Super Biker gives every data acquisition in the tip of your hands.

Weather Apps

You may love long bike rides, but the weather also plays an important part in the journey. Bad weather may make the journey halt mid-way. Now let us look at some apps which can help in giving information about bad weather.

11. NOAA Weather Radar

With this app, you can get direct information regarding the weather and satellite imagery. So, you can plan the trip accordingly. Please note that this app can be used on iOS mobile only.

12. Dark Sky

This app gives information not only from Government sources but also other resources. So, you get constant updates regarding the weather. If you have iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus the data may get automatically updated to your mobile. If you are going on a new trail, and not able to get proper information, then this is the app to look for. You do not want to get caught in the rain on a dark night on a lonely road, do you?  

Battery Life

13. Battery Doctor

Okay, enough of the apps. But what about mobile? If the charge goes down, then you are caught unaware. You can make the best use of a battery preserver such as Battery Monitor. The reason, you can get information on all the running apps. You can also know the time the battery can last and take suitable precautions. The advantage of this app is that it works on both iOS and Android.

Emergency App

Crash Detection/Emergency Response App:


Okay, we have already mentioned about the Eat Sleep Ride app where you have the feature called CrashLight. This app called Cradar makes use of the accelerometer in the mobile to detect crashes. Then it sends a message to your emergency contacts, with your present location. Now you are on your own during the bike journey, and this app is a must-have on your mobile. But it works only on Android.

15. Polarsteps

Are you on an adventure trip with other bike riders? Then you will be tired to arrange the photos and share it on the map. The Polarsteps app can take all the notes on the road. When you find the internet connection, the app can geotag the photos, and organize them on the map so that you can share with your friends.


So, the above-mentioned apps are a must, you should have on the mobile. Especially, when you are going for a bike ride. But there is also another factor which you need to take care of, before going on a ride. The maintenance part. The bike should be in perfect working condition.

Suppose you are a rider in one of the bike adventure trip groups in Mumbai. Your team has decided on a motorbike trek to the South, BiligiriRangana Betta. Now you need to ensure that the bike is in top condition. And if there are minor repairs, it should be taken care of. Since you work in a 9 to 6 job, you do not have time to take the vehicle to the bike shop. But no worries.

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