Best Photo Editing Apps for Selfies to Celebrate National Selfie Day

Photo Editing Apps

A perfect ‘Selfie’ can be illustrated in one simple quote “Some days you just have to create your own happiness”. We all have had the struggle of clicking the perfect selfie and the current trend of uploading almost anything and everything on social networking site; you just need to be excellent for a total standout.

This national selfie day click your selfies and don’t worry about all those flaws, they can be fixed with few taps on screen with the best photo editing apps for selfies. So leave out the rest and caste all your focus on you for what we learn from selfies is “the best for you can only be done by you”.

best photo editing apps for selfies

Here is the list of some of the best photo editing apps for selfies to add the magic for this world selfie day:


best photo editing apps for selfies

Image: Nonprofit

Yes, the name sounds as contradictory as what this tool can transform your selfie into. This tool is available online and is referred as amongst the photo editor app. You can simply avail a lot of options from its elementary version which is free. If you are looking for the best free photo editor, PicMonkey is your answer.

From the advanced features like modulating the focus and the shades of selfies to adjusting the exposure to lending you with some amazing customized effects to make your image pop on the news feed of all your buddies, to simple boosting the features like teeth whitening or blemish that acne scar, you can rely on PicMonkey for anything and everything for this selfie day.


Photo Editing Apps

Image : Airbrush

This photo editor app is all what your selfie needs for a complete makeover. From the features like the quick fixes which include adjusting the face features, whitening of teeth, blemishing the pores, removing the eye bags and more owing to those myriads of filters to caste new flair of hues and contrast to your selfies, Airbrush is your one of the best photo editing apps for selfies. The app also consists of paid version wherein you can avail some advanced features of editing for a picture perfect selfie.


Photo Editing Apps

Image: Cher Cabulas Mindbox

Leading amongst the best photo editor app, Cymera offers you a lot. Primarily divided into two, the app has one specific mode dedicated solely to selfies, which is Beauty plus for Selfies apart from advanced camera mode for pictures. The world selfie day surely seems incomplete without clicking some best shots on Cymera. The fun feature that also makes it one of the best free photo editors is the add-on of the fonts to ascend the selfies; you don’t have to download other apps for doing so. It is also amongst the best photo filter apps owing to its varying filters with make-up effects too.


Photo Editing Apps

Image: VSCO

This photo editor app has become quite famed over the past few years. What makes it one of the best app to click all those “SUPER-SELFIES” on world selfie day, is the whole set of filters that are blunter in their shades, seems more genuine which bridges the gap between the real resemblance and edited ones in a more considerate manner.


Photo Editing Apps

Image: Picsart

Counted amongst the best picture editing app, PicsArt is the holistic app that you need for those super edits. Offering the comprehensive tools to edit the pictures, it simply can transform the picture at its best owing to its serene photo editing filters, the imaging camera captures, and more like creating the beautiful grid of pictures with the feature of the photo collage or simply the add-on feature of transforming one into digital portrayal. The numerous photo editing tools on it make it one of the best photo editor app. Some of its amazing features are tailored filters and effects along with several canopies like fun stickers, other images, and even text.


Photo Editing Apps

Image: Appgrooves

It is one of the best photo apps for Android and for iPhone as well. The app certainly focused on focusing on the relevant part while removing all the unnecessary. You can simply highlight the desired object or person or you in case of selfies while removing the rest in an automated manner. So TouchRetouch is all about casting the beautiful spotlight on “You” on this national selfie day.


Photo Editing Apps

Image: Techrepublic

One of the many features that make Snapseed the best picture editing app is the personalized control over modulating its filters and tools. The app though consists of numerous features and filters to enhance your picture, you can customize them at any of them as per your requirement.

Snapseed gives you the whole power to caste the flair of artistry in editing. With essential features like the vignette, HDR to adjusting the dimension of the selfie, from the color adjustment to framing the selfies or putting the add-on text, Snapseed consist everything. So don’t wait up transform your selfie into perfection with Snapseed this national selfie day.


Photo Editing Apps

Image: Youtube

This is one of the most powerful editing tools for your pictures apart from being the best photo editing apps for selfies. With its enchanting filters that complement well with all your super selfies and the astounding effect that surely boost those like on social networking sites, Fotor offers some great features as the best free photo editor. Propounding more than twenty designs for the layout along with some layovers for photo collage, Fotor can be used for the quick-fix for all your selfies this international selfie day.

The tinge of some filters to add the whole new shade, the blemishing with some effects, the add-on of some super funky features, the perfect light, the great exposure, the right angle, and TADAAA… your perfect selfie is here. The whole tedious work is worth all the admiration. Use these photo editors on this national selfie day and let your selfies do the talk because, in the digital world, the best that you can come up with is the “SUPER SELFIE”.

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