Find Best Rooftop Bars in New York to Get Drunk Tonight

Rooftop Bars in New York
Rooftop Bars

New York, the city that carries the flair in its name, the flair of something new every time, you explore, the city that makes the most of what it got every minute and if you are looking for leading the same with the drink tonight, New York has a roster of best rooftop bars that’s second to none, imposing the Manhattan’s stunning skyline and the compelling views. The mini bars are the delightful place to hang out, with their offerings like mini golf, or spacious beer gardens, the first class cocktails, they have become quite a favored spot to rest upon for a Good Drunk Night.

List of our top favorite picks of the best rooftop bars in New York:

Bar Sixty-Five at Rainbow room

rooftop bars in New York

Image Source: Pinterest

The bar can be defined as the maze of comfortable and conventional lounge with the outdoor terrace and a jaw-dropping vista of the 30 Rock. The classic interiors with the well made cocktails and the whole panoramic view of the entire city of Manhattan, along with Brooklyn, Queens, and Jersey and beyond, the waves of laughter with the whole drinks roll around here. The aforementioned views lend the atmosphere itself to classy drinking, from Martini to Champagne to well-known cocktails. Bar sixty-five, being one of the best rooftop bars is all about living in the moment with drinking and remembering that delights, that make you in love with New York all over again.

Salon De Ning at The Peninsula

The Peninsula

The exotic bar with the touch of 130’s Shanghai theme and an open terrace with the modern lounge charisma is the summoned up version of the iconic ambient of the Salon de Ning. The location on the 23rd floor makes you quite like on the 23rd sky wherein you can enjoy the beautiful views along with the rich quality time while drinking. From the spicy Tequila to the highbrow Japanese whiskey highballs, chick offs the modern cocktail trend in Salon De Ning. Being one of the best rooftop bars, it chicks off the modern cocktail trend along with good-looking libation which are the total add-ons to its classic appearance.

The Ides at the Wythe Café

Wythe Cafe

Image Source: BuzzTonight

The inevitable truth is that the views of the Manhattan are better relished from Brooklyn. Be it the stately indoor lounge or the windows falling from ceiling to floor or a comfy and cozy outdoor space, the skylines are so dramatic and a major draw, even the people of Brooklyn seems to be impressed by it. The Ides is the more of the young-ish delights with the smart classics and interpretations thereof. The sophisticated ambiance offers you with the picture postcard view back onto Manhattan and if you are trying to pull off a bet with the Brooklyn Charms, there is nothing better than this.

St. Cloud

St. Cloud

Image Source: CitiTour

St Cloud, being one of the best bars is pleasantly spacious with a little bar sterile along with verdant and comfortable plush couches with the lush greenery that covers the terrace. Space is quite moderate but the view of the Time Square is quite imposing. It’s quite a favorite spot of the midtown mix of corporate groups, office friends and the tourists with the well-versed cocktail research. Along with the drinks you can enjoy the bar snacks like the lobster rolls, the fried chicken sliders, tuna tartar and more which are the greatest hit list.

Refinery Rooftop

Refinery Rooftop

Image Credit: Telegraph

This is quite the miscellany of the modern and romantic like those of the best rooftop bars that lures you with the twinkling light, exposed brick, and warm wood. Not for nothing, the beautiful Empire State building is looming overhead. The beer and wine here are perfunctory and totally passable and you can even enjoy the even splits of the beer, cocktails, and Rose. With the drinks, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Magic Hour Rooftop Bar and Lounge

Rooftop Bar and Lounge

Image Source: Pinterest

It’s more than a rooftop bar, it is a carnivalesque playground for the adults with the Mini Golf, a topiary garden, rotating carousel seats and the list goes on and on. With the ambiance looking to suit perfectly for the after-work crowd of the corporate along with the 20s something that loves to do little Instragramming. So if you are looking for something like the self-indulgent good time or a night for a mini golf and a healthy amount of imbibing, Magic Hour is your destination and one of the best bars.



Image Source: TripAdvisor

For Westlight, the one-liner that perfectly goes, it’s the view that hits hard. The vantage point of the Manhattan skyline, this slick sophisticated restaurant, and lounge with the backdrop of the New York vista. The well-mixed cocktails the well executed and eclectic dining is perfect for an ideal drunk night or for a classy date.

1 Rooftop

Instagram Paradise

Image Source: Wheretraveler

This is the perfect version of the “Instagram Paradise” with the most iconic, cinematic Manhattan view along Brooklyn Bridge Park and Promenade vistas. Cocktails keep up with the whole vibe and you can opt for the bucket of the local beer or a bottle of the rose if you are all about drinking and having fun. Book a table in one of the best bars for the chilly night with the friends or let the night pick up with some interesting strangers.

La Birreria

La Birreria

Image Source: The Drink Nation

This is one of the finest examples of the Part German-Style Biergarten with the partly Flatiron restaurant extended with the partly Italy’s ambitious success. The spacious airy rooftop is like the cherry on the cake and is one of the best bars. The beer here is the must-essentials. Cocktails bottled beers and the wine have their own flairs, but the must-must is to try the brews “Alla Spina”.

The Crown

The Crown

Image Source: The Crown

Best known for its compelling views of the Manhattan from the Chinatown North, The Crown is an intimate lounge with the generous patio. The drinks here are quite tasty with the contemporary drinks that are quite affordable with the great influence in flavors from Asia. It’s quite an Upbeat but definitely not the pretentious and can be an ideal place for cocktail sipping and the Manhattan gazing.

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