8 Classic Sneakers to Add to Your Collection

Classic Sneakers

Did you know that the first Chuck Taylor sneaker dates back to 1917? The Converse sneakers are some of the most iconic out there, but there are a number of other classic sneakers that deserve to be part of a shoe collection.

If you are building your sneaker collection and want to add some classic options, which ones should you consider?

Read on to discover the seven classic sneakers you have to own.

1. Classic Sneakers: Adidas Stan Smith

These sneakers were named after the tennis legend and they are now one of the most beloved sneakers in the country. With a simple and sleek design that has stayed relevant year after year, the Stan Smiths still strike with their hint of green.

Their classic silhouette dates back to 1963 but the detailing is from the late 70s. They are low-top sneakers with a full-grain leather upper. Its logo is on the heel and tongue, adding to that the classic perforated 3 stripes. They are comfortable and can be worn without the worry of chafing.

2. Nike Air Force 1

The Air Force 1 minimalist style lets the design pop. Although there are unlimited color designs, the original white-on-white is still the most coveted.

These sneakers appeared in 1982 and they were the first basketball shoe to feature the Nike Air technology and a circular tread pattern on the outsole. The originals were high-tops, with low-tops coming out a year later.

They come with Velcro straps, which can be movable and removable in some versions. The premium leather upper has a slanted top, which maximizes support. As far as durability, you can expect these sneakers to last you a long time.

3. Adidas Originals: Superstar

The Adidas Superstar appeared in 1969 and were designed specifically for the basketball court. Its signature shell toe design quickly became the rage when Kareem Abdul-Jabbar donned them on the court. They were the first sneaker to have an all-leather upper.

They have a simple design that pairs well with everything and they require no break-in period because they offer maximum comfort at once with their cushioning and snug fit. With materials known for their breathability, you do not have to worry about sweaty feet. If you are shopping for one pair of Adidas online, make it this one.

4. New Balance 990

New Balance began a streak of excellent sneakers in 1982 with their New Balance 990. These sneakers feature pigskin suede and mesh panels, as well as the ENCAP and ABZORB midsole tooling.

The EVA midsole is a classic and the urethane collar allows the feet to breathe a bit. They are highly durable, making them perfect for any sport endeavor. Their comfortable shape and the support in the insoles make them a great addition to your collection if you want to wear the sneakers regularly.

Although they have limited colors, they are still a classic. For people who like the bulky shape of retro sneakers, the New Balance 990 are a must-have.

5. Nike Blazer

The 1977 Nike Blazer is a minimal high-top sneaker with a striking design that allows for endless styling opportunities. A leather and synthetic upper, along with a foam tongue, offers comfort and fit.

Other features include the vulcanized leather sole and flat cotton laces, as well as the atypical font and the vintage logo on the tongue. The Nike Blazer comes in lots of color options, allowing you to find the one that fits your personal style best.

Although the Nike Blazer was originally a basketball shoe, you can use it with any outfit. They have enough structure to look great with shorts and they are high enough to hide under pants.

6. Reebok Club C 85

These sneakers were made for the tennis court and they offer comfort where it is most needed. Its thick padding down the tongue offers support when laced up and the back of the heel has terry cloth padding to prevent blisters. Even its insole has extra padding.

They are made of pleather and feature perforations on the tongue and upper, allowing for breathability. The vintage Reebok logo and window box add charm to the design, while their minimalist look allows you to wear them with all outfits.

7. Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

The Converse is arguably one of the best-known sneakers in the world. They are lightweight and come in all manner of color options.

They have a simple construction of a cotton canvas upper, double stitching, a rubber toecap, and a vulcanized rubber sole. The canvas provides the lightness of the sneaker while making it easier for the feet to breathe. On the high-top models, you have the classic All Star logo.

Even the white toecap is iconic. Other sneaker companies have imitated it but this is where it began. Although the insole is not padded, it still offers shock absorption.

8. Nike Air Jordan 1

Peter Moore designed these sneakers in 1985 and they come in three different cut heights: the Air Jordan 1 Low, the Air Jordan 1 Mid, and the Air Jordan 1 High. Of the three, the High are the most coveted ones.

The ball and wings logo was an addition to the classic Nike design and it initially had a red, black, and white color scheme that took the basketball world by storm when Michael Jordan first wore them.

Grow Your Sneaker Collection

These 8 classic sneakers are ones you have to add to your collection. They are not only pieces of fashion, but they are also pieces of history.

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