Simple And Quick Guide to Combine Multiple PDF into One

Combine Multiple PDF
Combine Multiple PDF

In the post, we have come up with the latest and reliable solution which will surely help you to combine multiple pdf into one without any difficulties. There are tons of users who are looking forward to a solution to merge all the PDF files into a single file. As it makes it easier for the users to manage and share single files instead of sharing numerous files. If you are finding a reliable approach to merge all your PDF docments read this complete guide and solve your problem easily. Below we have mentioned some queries related to the same concern.

User Query- 1:
My system consists of more than 100 PDF files of different sizes. And some of them have attachments also. Now the management of these becomes a hectic task for me. So I am looking for a trust and reliable software or method that are capable to combine multiple pdf into one without creating any issue.

User query- 2:
I have a large number of PDF files stored on my personal computer. I am searching for an easy solution that help me to merge my all PDF files into a single one. As it saves me from the trouble to share multiple files at once and misplacing.” If anybody knows the perfect and reliable way to merge PDF files. Please, let me know.C

Best Ways Combine Multiple PDF into One File

There are two methods that a user can use to combine multiple PDF files into one file.
1. Automated Solution
2. Manual Method

Automated Solution combine multiple PDF into one

PDF Merge utility is the best and risk-free tool that helps you to combine PDF files into one file in a single go. The software has advanced features which help us to merge only the selected or required files. Also, you can add the folder containing the PDF files using the Add Folder option. This tool maintains data integrity and file formatting.

Benefits of this Software

1. Combine multiple PDF documents into one PDF in a single go.
2. Keep all the data unharmed during the process.
3. The tool is also able to preserve the data integrity of the file.
4. Users also have the option to split PDF files.
5. This tool offers an option to skip attachments from the resultant files.
6. Allow users to merge the password-protected PDF files but the passcode must be known to the user.
7. Allow users to merge PDF files by page range.
8. Option to merge the PDF file into the existing file or as a new PDF file.
9. Support all the versions of Windows and Mac OS X 10.8 & above versions.

Step-Wise Guide to Combine Multiple PDF into One

Step 1. Run the software and select the Merge option
Step 2. Click on Add Files or Folder option to choose the PDF files.
Step 3. Choose an option – Split Merged PDF by size and Merge PDF by page range
Step 4. Now choose the destination path.
Step 5. At last, click the Merge button and you are done.

Combine multiple PDF into one manually

To execute the given procedure, you must have the full version of Adobe Acrobat Pro as the free version does not have the option to merge files. Follow these instruction to complete the task:

1. Run Adobe Acrobat Pro on your local machine.
2. From the Tools menu click the Combine Files option.
3. Select all of the required PDF files you need to combine in a single PDF by clicking the Add Files button.
4. Once all the desired files have been selected, click the Open button to confirm.
5. Now, all of the selected files will appear on your screen, and you can arrange them in the order you want. To merge them, click the Combine button.
6. Once the files have been completed, save the new PDF file to your preferred location.
7. To save the resultant file, you need to go to File >Save As, and you can also give it a new name. Finally, click the Save button to finalize the merge process.


Here we discussed the solution to combine multiple pdf into one manually. We have also discussed the limitations of the manual solution. Therefore, to combine PDF files instantly and easily, it is better to go for an alternate solution to merge all your files quickly and efficiently.

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