Common Huawei Smartphone Problems & Solutions

Huawei Smartphone Problems
Huawei Smartphone Problems

This China-based company has established solid grounds in the world digital market. The recent release of some of its finest models has proved to be the epitome of success for Huawei. It is ranked the third-largest manufacturer of smartphones internationally. However, below every candle, there is a shadow. Common problems like camera error, charging issues, and so on are not an alien concept for its consumers. Repair shops like Mobile Junction in London, Ontario, are daily flooded with requests to fix their smartphones.

In accord with cell phone repair, seeking professional aid through efficiency can sometimes cost unnecessary charges. This article presents to you simple DIY tips to fix your issues in no time.

Battery Issues

Current smartphones claim to provide considerably longer running time. It comes with challenges like capacity, charging rate, etc. Fast draining batteries are a problem faced not only by Huawei but also by both manufactures. 

Steps to resolve this is as follows:

  • Reducing brightness while indoors and disconnecting data connectivity while not in use can significantly reduce battery drainage.
  • Clearing unused applications running in the background. Navigate to settings and, under the Applications tab, you will see active apps. Force stop third-party applications.
  • You can also face battery issues due to frequent charging sessions, which puts a toll on the source. Recharge your phone only when the battery percentage drops below 20% and remove it when it is around 85%. It will ensure a good battery life for your phone.

Unresponsive Display

The unresponsive display can be a frustrating experience. This problem generally sets in due to long-term usage or using the phone for a few years now. The only possible way to fix this on your own is to hold down the power button for 10 to 13 seconds until it restarts. If you own older versions of smartphones, you can remove the battery from a case and then again put it back.

Battery issues and Display fixes inevitably demand professional aid. Try contacting shops listed under phone repair near me on the web. You have to replace the battery or consult regarding display fixes.

Camera Error

You open the camera to take beautiful snaps, just to encounter the “Camera Not Working” error. The possible reasons and the easy fixes are:

  • Clear Storage Space – Unavailability of storage can deter the system from storing cache data. It causes the system apps like the camera to stop working altogether.
  • Switching your preferred storage location to secondary storage like an SD card can also help. Under the settings menu in your camera app, locate the storage location, then change it to the other option. Now reboot your smartphone. You are good to go.

Phone Not Charging

After finishing your digital chores, you place your phone to recharge. Unfortunately, you notice that it is barely charging. Rather than panicking, keep the following in mind.

  • The power cable may be damaged or defective. Sometimes, the insulator material near the bends or the adapter comes undone. It exposes the underlying wires, and any damage to those wires can inflict significant damage on your phone.
  • Charging port is clogged with dirt – While carrying smartphones in our trousers, gradual deposition of cloth fiber can act as insulators between the cable and the port. Do not try to clean this port yourself. Go to your nearest repair shop to get it cleaned.
  • Defective charging pins – If your phone is unknown, but you are likely to encounter this issue, the pins in contact with your battery or other pieces of your hardware are damaged. Get in touch with your retailer to replace your phone within the warranty period.

Wireless Connectivity Issues

Wireless connectivity in smartphones usually includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Newer technologies like wireless headphones and speakers highly use these tools. Any problems with these can hamper connection. The most likely causes are:

  • Auth Failed or Pairing error – Wrong passwords in case of Wi-Fi and pairing with wrong devices for Bluetooth are the causes of these errors. Click on forget this network and reenter the password.
  • Hardware malfunction – The IC related to the wireless connection can be damaged or defective.

I hope these DIYs were sufficient for troubleshooting your problems. While some are relatively simple to solve, some require advanced help. Mobile Junction comes in; this shop has made phone repair in London easier than ever. It has a stockpile of smartphone accessories to cater to your needs. You can also check their services online.

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