How to Enjoy Your Virtual Birthday Celebration?

Virtual Birthday Celebration
Virtual Birthday Celebration

Virtual birthday parties have undoubtedly turned to have become quite the thing for this advanced age. As social distancing norms grow stricter and the covid-19 situation becomes even more deadly, online platforms have become a reality for seeking almost anything and everything.

From academics to parties to movies, everything is now available on the online platform. While planning a virtual birthday celebration might seem to be a boring idea, there are several ways to make your party exciting and immensely memorable for everyone.

Forget the standard and most generally opted ways to host a virtual birthday party and do something unique and worth remembering with a smile! Plan a different kind of treat for your virtual party!

If you are also wondering how you can make your virtual birthday party stand out in the crowd and be an event that everyone enjoys and remembers for a long time, then this article has all you need.

This article will look into the various niches of making your virtual birthday party exemplarily exciting and one to look forward to!  

Factors to consider to make your virtual birthday party exciting

1. Plan and book a virtual escape room game for the occasion!

Escape room games have become quite trendy these days and are now even available on the online platform. Several escape rooms companies have now made their games available as virtual escape rooms providing players with an almost equal level of fun and excitement!

Make a reservation for your birthday at your desired time in any available online escape room games for your virtual party! Escape rooms are rightfully innovative and unique ways of hosting a virtual party.

Breakout offers many exciting escape room games, which can be a great location to host your birthday. The Breakout escape rooms offer many special features to help host your virtual birthday party.

Let your guests enjoy the thrill and adventure of playing an escape room game as they experience the same in a virtual escape room!

2. Keep the party vibe alive and turn on the Music!

No party is complete without some music. Be it soft or some hard rock music, playing some of the most loved melodies or even some party songs in your virtual birthday party can make your party a fun experience for your guests.

Almost all of the presently available online video conferencing platforms have options like ‘Share screen,’ which you or even your guests can choose to tune in to some of the most incredible Music and sway along!

You can also make your virtual party even more lively as you turn on the Music high, let your hair down and dance along with your guests! Music can certainly help unite you with all of your guests, even though you might be sitting miles apart; from each other!  

3. Host a virtual birthday dinner party with your guests!

Cooking some food at your homes and having them together while remaining connected via online video conferencing can give an amazing homely feel to your virtual party.

One can also order food online to be delivered to the doorstep of your guests. You all can then have the food together while chatting with each other on the video call.

It can further make you and your guests feel as if they are celebrating the birthday under one roof!

4. Create a down the memory lane video for your guests!

People always love to look back to the amazing memories that they may have created together.

So, why don’t you create a slideshow of all the pictures and videos showcasing the many memories that you have created with your guests at various moments in your life?

It is a wonderful way to cherish and remember all the times that you have laughed and enjoyed yourselves together. Slideshows can go as a beautiful idea for a virtual birthday party as they give people a chance to feel the rush of nostalgia hitting them hard!

5. Plan a movie streaming night with your guests!

Planning a virtual movie marathon or even a movie night session is also another innovative way to spend your virtual birthday party. For movie enthusiasts, having a movie streaming session together seems to be the best possible way to have their virtual birthday!

With options like Netflix party available today, having a movie night with your guests is no tough job. You can easily share your screen in the online video conferencing platform and then do a webcast of the movies you wish to watch with your guests.

You and your guests can even add your own comments in the video conference to further add to the overall experience of watching the movie together!

6. Plan a spooky storytelling night.

Gather all your guests for an exciting horror storytelling night! Close your blinds, lock all the doors, turn off the lights and join in the online video conference for a spooky storytelling night.

It can be a very unique and enthralling way of hosting a virtual birthday party! You can even have each of your guests tell a spooky story that shall send chills down your spine.

Spending your birthday in such a way can certainly be unique and exciting!  

What are the Advantages of Hosting a Virtual Birthday Party?

There are thus several ways in which you can have your virtual birthday party celebration. However, opting for an escape room game online is one of the most interesting and exciting of them all.

Nowadays, with the higher increase in people’s interest in playing an escape room game, many online platforms have opened up to feed upon people’s interest.

Indulging in an escape room game online as a way to celebrate a virtual birthday can be an immensely innovative way to host your birthday!

Let us now talk about a few interesting ways in which hosting an online birthday party can be one to look forward to!

1. No need to get yourself all neatly dressed up for the occasion!

The most interesting fact when it comes to hosting an online birthday party is the very fact that people do not need to come here, all dressed for a grand occasion.

Your guests can simply sit back in their PJs and still enjoy being a part of the virtual birthday party. Those times when you had to think of what to wear and how to accessorize your outfit perfectly have now become a thing of the past!

Now you can be comfortable in your pajamas and your favorite sweats as you enjoy the proceedings of the virtual birthday party with full comfort.

So, go ahead and host a virtual birthday party for your birthday this year!

2. Book a virtual escape room and enjoy the session!

Searching the various hidden corners of the escape room for clues and solving the riddles within the given time to escape the room is quite an adventurous way to host online birthday parties.

Breakout escape rooms are quite well-known amongst people these days and can surely give your virtual birthday party a unique turn!

By playing the escape room games together, alongside chatting with one another on the side as the quest to solve the riddle goes on, can also help your guests to come together with each other.

Playing an escape room game online provides many unprecedented advantages to the players, as it helps to harness their team-building and leadership qualities, amongst many other qualities.

Let your guests come together and enjoy their time immensely as they join in the adrenaline rush of playing at the breakout escape room gamestogether!

3. Bring together your friends and relatives living in different places!

One of the most striking advantages that hosting avirtual birthday party has is the very idea of having people scattered in different parts of the world brought together through the shared screen.

While it is impossible to invite all your friends and relatives residing in places spread all across the world or those living far from your house to an offline birthday party, one can surely achieve the same at a birthday party online!

So, you can now invite all of your friends and relatives whom you could not meet for so long as they lived far away from you.

Let your virtual birthday party act as a small reunion as you meet all those people whom you haven’t met for a long time as they reside in places far away from you.

4. Hosting a virtual birthday party can be so budget-friendly!

Hosting a virtual birthday party can be so surprisingly pocket-friendly and can be easily accommodated within a small budget!

You now no longer need to pay for the venue or the decorations for hosting as sumptuous an event like your birthday party. By hosting a virtual birthday party, all you need to pay for is the food, which you can send to your guests.

Other than that, there lies no other factor that calls for you to spend any amount of money for the virtual birthday.

So yes, virtual birthday parties are highly cost-effective, and people can have a lot of fun without even having to spend much money on celebrating your birthday party this year!

After going through this article in its entirety, hopefully, your views about hosting a virtual birthday must have undergone a significant change, as by now, you should have realized how celebrating your birthday online can also be fun!

So, go ahead and plan your virtual birthday party celebration, and while you are doing so, do not forget to check out the fantastic birthday packages offered by Breakout!

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