Everything About The Low Profile Tyres

Everything About The Low-Profile Tyres
Everything About The Low-Profile Tyres

The tyres are the most demanded part of any vehicle. It is because it has no substitute, and is considered as the basic part of any vehicle. With its growing demand, the manufactures are now manufacturing different kinds of tyres based on their looks, sizes and function. The low-profile tyres are becoming really popular nowadays. These tyres are generally manufactured focusing on its aesthetic looks. This gives the vehicle a really appealing look but the low-profile tyres have more than that. Let’s dig in a bit deeper and gather more information on the subject of low-profile tyres. 

What Are Low-Profile Tyres?

Low profile tyres entered the market at the time of the late 60s. It has the impression of high-performing tyres with the introduction of p7. This tyre brand soon became the most favourite for car brands like Porsche 11 and BMW. These tyres really changed the game in the market of sports tyres.

The low-profile tyres have entered the main-stream market crossing the sports arenas. You can now spot them in high-end cars like Lexus and Audi. If you are looking for some decent pair of tyres for your vehicle, the Michelin Tyres are the one for you to go with. Coming to the point of low-profile tyres, let’s have a quick look at some of its characteristics, shall we?

Guarding the interior

The low-profile tires are manufactured with a special kind of tread pattern that tends to guard the interior and ensure a nice grip on the surface that your vehicle is running over. The manufacturing of the tread pattern is specially taken care of because these tyres are generally used in the sports vehicle. 

Steel belts

The low-profile tyres offer a special kind of steel belts that provide the stiffness, provide safety from drift jerk and avoid lagging shocks.

Thick shoulders

These tyres have the properties of thick shoulders to guard the interior from damage or shocks. 

Flexible sidewall

The low-profile tyres have the flexible sidewalls to protect the interior while the wire inside holds the rim tightly because most are tubeless tyres in nature. 

The above-mentioned characteristics indirectly help the interior to avoid any kind of damage and therefore, it is helpful in increasing the life-span of the vehicle as well as rims and wheels. The rim-protection is the only thing that the regular drivers need to notice to tell the difference between the regular and the low-profile tyres. One bonus characteristic of low-profile tyres is that the kind of rim protection used in it comes with the aspect ratio of almost 55 or below than that. If we talk about the importance of the right amount of air pressure, it could be a game-changer.

It is really important to fill the right amount of air pressure in tyres. Talking about the low-profile tyres, over-inflation can cause huge damages, whereas under-inflation has its own problems. Too much air pressure can make your tyre’s tread have a smaller footprint. This can result in a large amount of tyre wear in the centre of the tyre. Too little air pressure can result in producing excessive heat on the road. If you are looking to get your Cheap Tyres Fitted, you can take the help of professionals by the nearby garages. Let’s go through some of the pros and cons of the low-profile tyres. 

Advantages And Limitations Of The Low-Profile Tyres

Everything in this world comes with certain pros and cons, the same case goes with the low-profile tyres. Here are some of its pros and cons on each considerable point. 


As mentioned above, the low-profile tyres are manufactured with the stiff sidewalls that help them to pay back for their height reduction. It also helps you to avoid the transfer of height and weight when you put on the brakes. This results in you attaining the profit of faster acceleration and quicker braking method.

Low-rolling resistance

These tyres come with low-rolling-resistance. Therefore, you can save some money over fuel.

Nice appearance

These tyres have an aesthetic look and therefore give your vehicle an appealing form. 


  • Noisy
  • Bumpy
  • Vulnerability damage
  • Faster wear

You can choose your tyres wisely after having proper research and analysing your needs because buying a new tyres like a get a correct girl in your life. 

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