Exploring Aruba: 6 Most Impressive Sights to Go by Car

Aruba is all about the sea, sun, beach, and amazing nature. The hotels offer such a high quality of services that you simply don’t want to go beyond them. However, getting around the island is also quite interesting.

So, after recovering from a long flight and entering a vacation state, rent a Jeep in Aruba and go to explore the area. A car rental is a key ingredient for a successful journey. With it, you will easily get to all the most charming places and find the best in Aruba. 

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the top local sights. Each of them will allow you to feel the atmosphere of Aruba and fully enjoy the trip!

Arikok National Park

Arikok National Park, Aruba

This picturesque place can please both adults and children. Arikok National Park is a magnificent natural space that covers 18% of the island’s total area. The territory of the park is very heterogeneous: it has hills, caves, lakes, and sand dunes. 

It’s so vast that when you come here, you will forget that you are on a small island. Besides the natural beauty, you can get to know the local culture. Rock carvings, restored clay houses, and the ruins of a gold mine will tell you about the history of Aruba. 

The flora of the park is represented by rare species of cacti, tropical flowers, as well as unique trees growing parallel to the ground due to strong winds. As for the animal world, you can find donkeys, rabbits, goats, as well as a large number of reptiles, including lizards and various snakes. 

Entry to the park in a rental car costs $10. At the entrance, you will receive a free map with all major roads and must-see spots marked.

California Lighthouse 

California Lighthouse - Aruba

Located in the northwestern corner of Aruba, this beautiful lighthouse is considered to be a local icon. With a height of 30 meters, it stands proudly on the Hudishibana hill not far from Arashi Beach. The lighthouse got its name thanks to the California ship, which wrecked in this area in 1891. The ship was heading from England to Central America. During the crash, the crew threw most of the goods overboard in order to lighten the ship. Locals managed to pick them up. Then these goods were sold for a long time in the market of Aruba.

Sunset is an ideal time to visit the lighthouse when the setting sun creates a stunning panoramic view of the island. If you come there in the evening, it would be a great idea to stay for a late dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Donkey Sanctuary Aruba 

Aruba Donkey Sanctuary

This is another place that gives a lot of pleasure to everyone without exception. It’s located in the wild area, thus a rental car is the best way to get there. 

Donkey Sanctuary Aruba’s main focus is donkey conservation! For many centuries, these cute animals have served people faithfully, but with the development of civilization, the need for donkeys has disappeared. 

The donkey population began to decline dramatically, but a group of enthusiasts set up a shelter for these animals. Subsequently, it became one of the main sights of the island. 

Every donkey has a name. As a visitor, you can pet, play, and feed them. Donkey’s favorite treats include carrots and apples, so be sure to bring them with you. By the way, you can virtually adopt any donkey and keep it at your own expense by transferring money to the shelter.

Hadicurari Beach

Kitesurfer vs Windsurfer

You can find this amazing piece of sandy coast in the northwestern part of Aruba, next to the Marriott Hotel. A strong warm wind is constantly blowing there, which makes it possible to freely windsurf and kite. 

At the same time, the shallow coastal waters are ideal for the exciting exploration of the marine world. The beach is home to many small thatched houses that give the beach its name. Like all beaches on the island, Hadicurari Beach is free of charge. It will be a great place to relax and enjoy the fresh ocean breeze.

Boca Prins 

Boca Prins Beach Aruba

Aruba has one interesting place located near Fontein Cave with its rock carvings and the Blue Lagoon. Its name is Boca Prins. This is a wild beach stretching along a dramatic coastline and supported by massive dunes. The local landscape is changeable since winds constantly shift the sand. Adventure seekers like to ride these sand dunes. 

As you descend to the narrow strip of the beach, the crash of the surf, coming as if from hell, will amaze your ears. Limestone cliffs make the tides even more spectacular. Swimming here is dangerous, but no one bothers to have a picnic. It’s better to get to Boca Prins by a four-wheel-drive rental car.

Ayo Rock 

Sights to Go by Car in Aruba

The major mystery of Aruba is the Ayo Rock region. Following the stone gate, you can enter a large hilly area surrounded by rocks and huge boulders. To this day, scientists are wondering where these stone formations came from because their composition is foreign to this island. On some of the stones, you can see petroglyphs.

Despite its small size, there’s a lot to see and do in Aruba, especially if you rent a car. Attending numerous festivals, theater and bowling, quad biking, sailing, and scuba diving will provide you with unforgettable travel experiences. Yes, a beach holiday is great, but Aruba is more than just a resort. This is a stunning island for active, creative, and curious people!

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