All You Need To Know About the Growing Usage of Flutter Platform for App Development

Flutter Platform for App Development
Flutter Platform for App Development

Searching for the best platform to build an advanced and next-gen mobile application for your business? If yes, then you must consider utilizing Flutter. It is an open-source mobile application framework that has been introduced by Google for developers to deliver a solitary codebase for various mobile applications including applications for Android and iOS, Google Fuchsia, Linux, Mac, and other web applications. As compared to other native applications, Flutter ensures a swift app development process by allowing developers to build easy to use interfaces in less time.

Flutter is an ideal choice for developing 2D mobile applications that can run smoothly on both the operating systems-Android and iOS. Additionally, it provides a great opportunity to build interactive apps for web pages and desktop. With its capabilities to adorn customization and speed up the app development process, Flutter has greatly transformed the cross-platform app development industry.

How to Use Flutter Platform?

In order to get started with Flutter, the key requirements include:

  • System Requirement: Windows users are required to install Windows 7 SP1 or later, 64-bit with Windows PowerShell 5.0 and Git for Windows. On the other hand, Mac users are required to install a 64-bit version with Xcode 9.0, and for Linux users, they are not required to comply with any such requirements.
  • Flutter Software Development Kit (SDK): After selecting a particular operating system, developers are required to follow all the necessary instructions. It is vital to note that Dart programming language comes pre-installed with Flutter.
  • Editor: A platform-specific editor is compulsory for the smooth functioning of Flutter. It is advisable to utilize plug-ins for officially supported editors such as Android Studio, Visual Studio, IntelliJ, and others. However, any IDE with Flutter command lines can also be considered reliable.

Top 10 Benefits of Flutter

Some of the key benefits of Flutter include:

Increased Productivity

Flutter is a cross-platform framework that allows developers to use the same code base for iOS and Android apps. This further saves time and resources, leading to increased productivity.

Better performance

Flutter comprises its own widgets, thus developers need not access OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) widgets for web and mobile app development. It is the mobile SDK (Software Development Kit) that comprises everything including readymade widgets, testing and integration APIs, rendering engine, command-line tools and more, that is required to develop cross-platform hybrid apps. All this leads to speedy app development time and better performance.

Custom User-Friendly Interface

Flutter provides a user-friendly interface. The developers can easily implement customized UI as per the needs of a particular project using various key resources of this platform. With the help of a unique set of libraries and tools including different advanced widgets and material design, it is possible to customize everything for any case or project.

Native-Like Performance

Although Flutter is not a native platform, still it provides striking native-like performance. This is one of the key reasons why this platform is so popular among a large number of developers and app development companies. The Flutter toolkit comprises every set of library, widgets, and components that are essential to recreate the native iOS and Android look and feel.

Smooth Functioning

Flutter works on Dart virtual machine and proficiently employs Dart as its programming language, thus excludes JavaScript bridge in accessing OEM widgets. Dart is an object-oriented language that follows upfront technique and speeds up the startup time of an app.

Swift Development

Hot reload is one of the most popular features of Flutter. It provides an instant view of any changes made in the code on hardware or software, emulators, and simulators. So, without the requirement of restarting the app, the changed code can be reloaded within a running app. It not only allows adding new features or building exceptional UIs but also allows fixing bugs instantly.

Simple Deployment

Flutter is a very easy programming language. It is so simple that for developing mobile and web applications with Flutter programming, no prior programming language is required. However, experience in this object-oriented programming language can be really beneficial for developing better quality apps.


By utilizing Flutter for mobile and web application development, no compatibility issues are found on various OS versions. This further reduces the testing time.


Flutter is an open-source programming language, thus it is free to use. Moreover, it provides ample documentation and community support to assist developers with any issues that they may face while developing a project.

Cost-Effective Solution

Open-source platform, less development time, and less resource requirement, all contribute to big savings. Especially for small businesses that are looking for superior cross-platform development that provides more features within a limited budget and resources, Flutter is perhaps the best and cost-effective solution for them.

By looking at the above-mentioned advantages of Flutter, we can say that Flutter is a great platform for companies that are looking to build attractive, high-performance and advanced cross-platform mobile and web applications that meet their custom needs and requirements. Especially when it’s about developing apps for iOS and Android, instead of hiring two native app developers for Android and iOS, companies can consider Flutter and Hire Flutter developer to get customized solutions for their key requirements.


In today’s time, Flutter is widely becoming the primary choice for cross-platform app development. If you are considering Flutter developer for Hire, make certain that you are outsourcing Flutter app development to a professional company that assures cost-effectiveness, quick development, high-quality development work, faster turnaround time, no or less risk factor, and expert technical support by experts.

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