Foods to Eat During Pregnancy to Get a Healthy Baby

Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

The little giggles, the innocent waves of laughter, the “gaga-gaga-gee-goo”, just the mere imagination of baby pops up every happy thing associated with them. As the mother to be, you are the closest to your baby and hence everything you do affects the baby too. Therefore pregnant women need to be very considerate when it comes to foods to eat during pregnancy.

Your diet should be enough to provide enough for you and for the baby as well. This diet is important for baby growth and development. Also, it ensures to strengthen your body and preparing it for all the changes a body goes through during and post pregnancy.

foods to eat during pregnancy

Here are the Foods to eat during pregnancy…

Nuts “the little nutshell of proteins and healthy fat”

Foods to eat during pregnancy

This is one of the best from the food list for pregnant women. From healthy fats to high proteins, from fibers to a whole variety of vitamins and minerals, nuts have got everything. Moreover, they are a rich source of omega 3s too which helps in brain-boosting of the baby. Binging on nuts also helps in getting a good amount of magnesium which is necessary for pregnant women.

Magnesium rich foods help by lowering the risk of premature labor. Also, it is quite healthy for the healthy development of baby’s nervous system. So these little nuts prove to be so fruitful for the “to-be mother” and baby as well and are a good choice when it comes to foods to eat during pregnancy.

Sweet potatoes, the treat from “Thanksgiving” to be actually thankful for during pregnancy

Foods to eat during pregnancy

Yeah, these are popular as the treat for “Thanksgiving” but they also marked their sweet territory when it comes to foods to eat during pregnancy. Sweet potatoes have vitamin B6, vitamin c and potassium along with iron, copper, and beta-carotene. Moreover, sweet potatoes are enriched with nutritious fibers. Surely there are many foods that have the same nutritional value but then what differs makes sweet potato to be included in food list for pregnant women? There are two reasons

First, it is a good source of potassium. Yes, sweet potatoes have more potassium than other suggested food items to eat for getting potassium like the banana.

Second, it is one good source of beta-carotene which is a type of antioxidant converted to vitamin A by the human body. How significant vitamin A is for both the mother and baby. From baby’s eyes to bones to skin, vitamin A plays an important role in the development of all these.

Also, sweet potatoes contain copper which is a mineral needed by the body and which can help in absorbing more iron. Moreover, these orange spuds can be eaten in various forms, you can have them baked, mashed or even can be used as lip-smacking “French fries”.

Lean meat for gaining all the nutrition during pregnancy

Foods to eat during pregnancy

Meat has enclave its name among the protein-rich foods to eat during pregnancy. But do you know lean meat like lean pork or lean beef are rich sources of B vitamins and minerals like iron? Iron is one substantial mineral required by pregnant women for the formation of red blood cells. Pregnant women often suffer from anemia and are advised with iron-rich foods to eat during pregnancy.

Proteins on the other hand in meat can help in healthy development of baby muscles in the womb. Also, lean meat is a rich source of vitamin B6 that can prove to be beneficial for both mother and the baby. It can help with morning sickness often faced by pregnant women while promoting healthy growth of the baby’s body tissue and brain.

Beans and lentils for all the vegetarian “to be mothers”

Foods to eat during pregnancy

Often the vegetarian people have little or limited options when it comes to protein-rich foods. Hence pregnant women often face difficulty so as what to eat during pregnancy to pace up the protein requirement in the body. But no worries, beans, and lentils have got your back. Beans and lentils are proved to be high protein foods for pregnancy.

Not only that they are a good source of iron as well along with minerals like calcium and Zinc (which is rich in baked beans and lentils) and fibers. Zinc found in beans is one mineral that can reduce the risk of prolonged labor, low birth weight, and even preterm labor. Beans and lentils are good alternatives for vegan “to-be moms” too.

Nutrition guide for pregnant women: 5 Foods to avoid while pregnancy

1. Raw or partially cooked meat

Meat is considered as one good source of protein and is suggested to eat as high protein foods for pregnancy. But uncooked or partially cooked meat should be avoided at all costs. It should be avoided because there are strong chances of Bacterial or viral contamination in uncooked meat which can later lead to food poisoning. Moreover, these bacteria and viruses can also attack the placenta and harm the baby.

2. Ripened cheese or hollow cheese cubes

Foods to eat during pregnancy

This should be strictly avoided as there are strong chances that its consumption may lead to Listeria infection. Listeria is nothing but a bacterial group that can prove to be fatal for both mother and the baby.

3. Crudite eggs

Raw eggs should be strictly avoided. Even the pregnant women are advised to avoid the food constituting of raw or partially cooked eggs. Half cooked or uncooked eggs consumption might cause salmonella infection.

4. Pate

Again it should be avoided as there are strong chances of Listeria infection

5. High-calorie food

High-calorie food like biscuits cakes, chips and many more are good for taste but have minimal nutritional value. Hence they can be kept at a minimum or even avoided completely. With the little nutritional content, these foods are high on calories and fats. Not only will it undermine in maintaining a healthy body weight for pregnant women but can also create complications due to excessive weight gain during and post pregnancy

Pregnancy tips for a healthy baby

  1. Never skip any meal. Breakfast holds a special significance of all the meals of the day. Hence pregnant women should never skip their breakfast.
  2. Pregnant women are advised to take a prenatal vitamin for every day along with iron and folic acid
  3. Eat foods rich in fibers
  4. Instead of binging over junk to satisfy cravings, choose healthier alternatives.
  5. Say a goodbye to alcohol and limit your caffeine consumption as well.

You are about to embark the most beautiful part of your life; so, be all prepared. Only when a mother is healthy both physically and mentally, a baby will grow and develop healthily.

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