Here’s All You Need to Know About the CCP Program

CCP Program

Patterned on the ICF certification model, the Mentor Coach Certification Program qualifies practising or professional coaches to become expert coaches or life mentors. A certified Mentor Coach or MCCP provides complete guidance to their mentees and supports them in their journey of self-assessment and growth. The Mentor Coach navigates their mentees towards their desired goals and helps in enhancing their personal as well as professional expertise. 

CCP Program

What are the Traits of a Mentor Coach? 

 Mentor Coaches tend to have a high level of confidence and self-awareness. They are good listeners with impeccable communication skills. They also prefer to work with their clients at deeper levels than just problem-solving. They believe in their intuition and help their mentees navigate their life in a way that they enhance their connection with themselves.

Equipped with a program based on ICF’s ethics and core competencies, MCCP coaches are highly sought-after professionals who can help their mentees achieve their potential. They can greatly contribute to a long term change in their client’s outlook and behaviour. 

Who should apply for the MCCP Program? 

 An all-around course, Mentor Certification enhances the coaching skills of already skilled coaches. This certification is best suited for qualified ICF accredited coaches. At the minimum applicant’s should be ICF certified ACC coaches, but a PCC certification is preferred. This certification is especially useful for those who want to strengthen their coaching abilities and pursue mentoring as well as coaching. The MCCP program helps already accomplished coaches get a clearer picture of their own as well as their mentee’s thoughts and motivation.  

The MCCP program has several criteria, which the potential MCCP coaches must fulfil. These include designated hours of coach training and evaluated taped coaching sessions. The students pursuing this certification program must have a record of all their previous, ICF related, course assignments and case studies, approved by their then course instructors. It is an advanced program and is not suitable for beginners. 

What does the Mentor Coach Certification Program entail? 

This Certification course is a three-month-long structured training program. It is a program developed to cultivate self-awareness amongst professional coaches so that they can become strong-willed mentors. Through monitored virtual classes, they are meticulously trained to become accomplished mentors. Mentor Certification training program is developed to create an all-inclusive mentoring course. The students are pushed to the limits of self-realisation in the process of attaining this certification. 

The certification program is programmed to perfect the mentoring skills of accredited professional coaches. The mentor Certification program includes classes with faculty and peer interaction along with additional hours of self-study. Sessions include the group as well as one-on-one- classes with the Mentor. The course also considers a peer coaching approach where mentors impart mentoring skills to the class as a whole. While attending the virtual sessions, the students interact among themselves, practice mentoring and give feedback to one another. 

Why should one pursue the Mentor Coach Certification Program?  

If you as a coach feel the need to connect with your mentees at a deeper level and if you want to make a shift from working on the ‘who’ (working on the personality of the mentee) rather than the what (the current short-term issues of the mentee), the MCCP is perfect for you. 

The main focus of an MCCP coach is to understand who the mentee is. By focusing more on the personality of the mentees, the mentor guides their clients towards their pathway of becoming better human beings.  This is the primary reason why the MCCP process takes coaches on a journey of self–discovery. The only one who has discovered themselves can help others unveil their deeper layers. 

The training program is led by Mentor Coaches who are considerate and who cheer on, motivate and encourage the participants. They guide the aspiring MCCP participants, assess their coaching skills and give them advice and regular feedback. The process of becoming a Mentor Coach is one of learning and self-revelation.  

In Conclusion 

The mentor Certification program, is modelled based on the standards coaching recommended by ICF. The Mentor Coach Certification program complies with all the Core Competency guidelines. It is an important course to undertake because it accentuates a coach’s journey and allows them to work at the deepest level with their clients. On completion of the Mentor Certification, candidates evolved to a higher level of coaching than before. The newly commissioned MCCP coaches can practise on their own or join any professional mentoring groups to further their career as Mentors.

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