How To Reduce Swelling In Face

Reduce Swelling in Face
Reduce Swelling in Face

The rest of our bodies, our faces can sometimes swell during the night or the day. To make it deflate and avoid keeping a puffy face, there are quick and easy tips.

This morning, facing your mirror, you are not necessarily delighted with what you see. There are days like this when your skin is dull, your eyes are surrounded, and your face tends more towards the hamster than towards humanity. Yes, you have considerably swollen your cheeks but also your whole face.

This is often due to severe dehydration or a night spent crying (heartache or emotion, whatever). Lack of sleep can also cause a swollen face since the body will stop producing collagen. However, it is precisely this substance that gives elasticity to your skin. Alcohol can also be responsible, since it increases the body’s water retention, just like salt.

Indeed, your puffy face will eventually deflate during the day. But to avoid starting your day on a wrong note, there are straightforward home remedies tips to make your little face collapse. 

Use a jade stone

The jade roller allows you to massage your face daily to bring it many benefits. Among them, we find, in particular, the improvement of microcirculation and lymphatic drainage while eliminating toxins. It also has a decongestant effect.

In addition to the stone, everything is based on massage. Slide the rock or roller back and forth, working from the bottom of the face-up. The freshness will help reduce swelling, a facial specialist at Women’s Health.

If you don’t have jade stone yet, you can also use a special facial cleaning brush to massage your skin and boost circulation.

Apply caffeine

Many concealer treatments are enriched with caffeine since this natural active ingredient tightens the blood vessels and thus tightens the skin tissues. It would also reduce the circulation of liquids to the face.

In addition to this use for the eye area, caffeine can also be used all over the face, in particular, to make it swell. Opt for a moisturizer, serum, night care, or even a caffeine-based mask.

Use and abuse the cold.

You will be more likely to swell on your face (or legs, for example) in summer than in winter. Cold is a natural tonic that tends the skin. It thus helps reduce swelling but also redness that may appear on your skin.

Be careful though; you must use it well. Forget the ice cubes, and you may burn yourself and attack your skin. You can, however, use a cotton pad soaked in ice water to let it rest on your face.

There are many causes and manifestations of facial swelling

Swelling of the face can have several reasons: infection, allergy, inflammation, and trauma.

Certain medications such as cortisone also cause the face to swell. Swelling of the face may be accompanied by redness of the face or eyes, watery eyes, headache, fatigue, fever, difficulty chewing and swallowing, facial pain, swelling, and pain in the face. 

When the swelling comes after a trauma (shock), the person has trouble breathing, feels terrible and becomes pale, you must immediately notify the emergency services, and one of the significant risks being that the tongue itself fully inflates and clogs the airways.

Among the infectious causes, one counts bacterial or viral conjunctivitis, mumps, sinusitis, dental abscesses, and sties (mainly affecting the eyelid). Among the allergic reasons, we note, among others: insect bites, allergies to dust mites, dust, hair or feathers, makeup, pollen.

To determine the possible cause of the swelling of the face, the doctor will proceed to an interrogation comprising questions on the appearance of the swelling, the degree of pain felt, the patient’s history, the food, drinks, and drugs absorbed. Depending on the results of the interrogation and possible clinical examinations, the doctor will suggest a treatment aimed at relieving the pain and reducing the swelling until its disappearance. This can range from the administration of corticosteroids (if angioedema) to the simple recommendation of rest.

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