How To Spend A Weekend In Prague?

Spend A Weekend In Prague
Spend A Weekend In Prague

“Prague is equal to Paris in terms of its beauty. Its history is stated to go back a millennium when discussed. And the beer? The best in Europe.” – Lonely Planet

Prague was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1992. The city gave birth to the renowned writers Franz Kafka and Milan Kundera, and many more. These are just a mere example of Prague, brimming with an abundance of art, culture, and European Lifestyle. Are you looking for flight tickets to Prague already? Try booking your seats using the Sun Country Airlines reservations option for the best travel experience throughout your journey. 

Prague, the Postcard Beauty in real life!

Prague’s whole history when listened to legends is that its very name (Praha) “threshold” recalls the foundation of the city wished by Princess Libuse. The threshold was the house under construction where the Prague Castle stands today. It is the largest single-body Castle in the world as the most famous Czech national monument, dating back to 880. It stands imposingly on one of the nine hills on which the city of Prague is built and is today the Czech president’s seat. Besides visiting historic buildings, fortifications, and gardens, travelers can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the city. 

Get submerged in the Stare Mesto Neighborhood.

Take a stroll without looking at the clock. Go for a walk through the old quarters of the city, in Stare Mesto. Take a walk through the romantic alleys and stop for a break in the old town square, let yourself be carried away by the notes of some street player. 

European Beer

Who owns the world record for per capita beer consumption? If you are thinking of England, Ireland, or Germany (especially Munich, home of the Oktoberfest ), well, the answer is wrong. The record belongs to the Czech Republic. The other nations may export more, but this too is continuously updated data. It is not the only peculiarity.

The Czech Republic, in fact, in addition to having large producers capable of competing on the international market ( Pilsner Urquell above all), boasts a multitude of medium and small breweries that operate mainly on the domestic market. Visiting Prague is, therefore, a unique opportunity to deepen the “culture of beer”. In short, from the classic clear to double malt beer to the many possible flavors, Prague is the right place if you like pubs and breweries.

Vitus Cathedral

As noticed, on the walls of Prague Castle, there stands this superb Gothic Cathedral, which is one of the largest in Europe. It is 124 meters long, 60 meters wide, and 33 meters high. Those who reach the Castle after exploring Mala Strana, the very first thing that a traveler will notice is the variation between the lower quarter’s baroque and the mostly pointed spires of the Cathedral.

Their interiors are splendid and uniform, even though the construction went on for six centuries. To visit the Chapel of St. Wenceslas, that includes the underground crypt with the Bohemian kings’ tombs, and the treasury with jewels for the coronation of kings.

Charles Bridge in Prague

Charles Bridge in Prague is the crossroads of all itineraries to Prague. Even though the Czech capital has many other bridges, it is on these legendary 16 stones arches that everyone loves to pass by. It connects Malastrana with the Old Town and is animated practically at all hours of the day.

Defended by three towers, Charles bridge is a parade of musicians, street artists, and newlyweds who come to take romantic pictures. Along its way, you will be escorted by statues of heroes, knights, and other figures of saints to whom the most famous legends of Plague are linked. 

A Picnic to Stromovka Park

In the Bubenec district of Prague, 2 km from the city center, there is this beautiful park in the English style. It makes this park most suitable to have a small picnic with family and friends and enjoy the city’s beauty. 

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