What is the Hybrid Workplace Model & What are The Advantages?

Hybrid Workplace Model

The traditional office mode has drastically changed due to the global pandemic. Working mode hasn’t been the same since March 2020. As the companies are starting to reopen once again, employees aren’t any more willing to return back to the traditional office mode. They are preferring to work from home remotely.

And with the ongoing pandemic, the companies aren’t able to call their employees back for a full time office work as well. In this scenario, the hybrid work model seems to be the option available out there. This promises to please both the employer and the employee.

The hybrid work concept has seen a rise since the pandemic started. According to a survey done by Wakefield Research almost 50% of the employees were likely to look for another job, if they didn’t get the choice of hybrid work. So what is making hybrid work so popular? This article talks about the hybrid work and why it is becoming so popular.

Hybrid Workplace Model

What is a hybrid work model?

Broadly speaking, a hybrid work model allows the employees the pliability to work from anywhere they want. It gives the employees the freedom to choose when and where they want to work. A effective hybrid work model provides autonomy and flexibility to its employees and asks for high performance, positive work relationships and effective work habits from its employees.

Hybrid work comes with many variations. Many companies provide different type of flexibility to their employees. Some companies allow some of their employees to work on site and remotely, and other companies give the flexibility to all the employees to work part time on site and part time remotely.

Why it is being so widely adopted

Giving employees the freedom to choose their desired work style, leads to greater productivity, retention and engagement on their part. This new approach to work gives the employees more autonomy and helps them have a harmonious work life balance. Hence when the employees remain satisfied they yield more productivity and become an asset to the company. So seeing this as an excellent opportunity companies are trying to harness it as much as possible for their benefit and making a dynamic and positive work culture.

Benefits of hybrid workplace


While in a traditional office model people are required to do a 9 to 5 job 6 days a week, the hybrid model concept definitely provides them with more flexibility and allows them to work when they feel they are more productive. For example, some people like working early in the morning, while some people prefer the evening time. While some people are good at working with teammates, others may like to work alone. In the hybrid model, you have complete authority how you want to work.

Maintain work life balance

In a survey conducted by Slack it was found that, a key reason why employees are attracted towards the hybrid model is because of its flexibility which allows them to have a balance work life and personal life. The model allows them to have control over their work schedule and hence enable them to take care of personal matters and then give their best to the work. This also helps them to maintain a stable and healthy life.

Wider Reach

The hybrid model allows a company to hire people from all over the world. This widens their horizon and they can hire the best talents which fit their job. With wider pool of talent with specialised skills, the productivity of your company will also increase. It will help the company move into new markets and increase their business.

Saves infrastructure

The hybrid model involves very few people at work on a particular time. Hence you can cut short your expenses and investments in infrastructure and use the same money elsewhere for the growth of your company. You don’t have to rent expensive offices anymore; you can simply rent a smaller place or also work in a coworking space. You can plan strategically and then invest the saved money for the advancement of your company.

Less Danger

Moving out on a daily basis proves to be danger to health and life. Many people do not like driving in the evening, some people cannot drive when there’s heavy traffic, and there is also a constant chance of infection from other people. But in a hybrid model a sick person can work remotely without taking leave, there won’t be any tension of traffic or any other thing which would hamper their work, so the work will be done smoothly without any interruption.

How business can save money from hybrid work

When people talk about benefits, they always think from the employees’ point of view, but here we show you how your company can benefit and cut cost by shifting to hybrid mode of work. According to a study done by Global Workplace Analytics, a consulting firm that helps employers to optimize remote work, said that a company can save approximately $11,000 per employee if they move to hybrid work pattern.

  • Investment in real estate will be reduced. As only a handful of the staff will be present on site, this will bring down the cost of bearing such a big office and more number of desks and chairs. A small office can be rented or even the occasional work, meetings and conferences can be held in the coworking spaces. This will save up a lot of company’s money.
  • Remote working will cut the costs of computers, electricity, air conditioning and the little basic necessary things for which you were paying extra money.

Although previously the companies were thinking about working remotely, work from home or the hybrid method, this global pandemic has accelerated the process and left the companies with no other option. Now after successfully running their business from this mode companies aren’t willing to go back to the office. Hence one can clearly see that Hybrid mode is the future.

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