Some Important Facts about Safety Railing Systems

Safety Railing Systems

Safety railing systems are used to protect the workers from falls. There are many companies in the market that deal with different railing solutions to meet the requirement of your workplace. These railings are used for safety reasons and are an essential part of various business structures. The railings are installed at the end of the platforms and are built-in within mezzanine structures in industrial spots like warehouses. They are used as a protection fence on highways against vehicle collision, to avoid falls, etc. Guardrails are mainly made up of stainless steel due to its durability. Wooden railings are also common and are easily available. You will get a variety of safety railings in the market.

Safety Railing Systems

Different Types of Safety Railings  

There are varieties of safety railing systems available in the market they are of different styles and types, and some of them are as follows:

  • W beam – This type of guardrails is used as highway safety and standard traffic rails and is made up of high gauge steel so that they can give protection against the changing weather and climate. The beams of this safety railing systems are coated with zinc and have weather coating also. 
  • Bolt-on – This type of safety railing systems need definite fitting with drills and hand tools. The hardware that is needed for this type of railings is given by the manufacturer. This railing may be used as single, double, or triple rails.
  • Drop-in rails – This type of railings comes with brackets that allow post partitions to slide into the structure upon the safety railing systems. They are easy to access. 

Purpose Of Safety Railings And Handrails:

  • Protects people walking on a road
  • Transformer and workstation area barricade
  • Protection of tools from forklift damage
  • Protection of buildings with doors and walls
  • Installed along the roadways to avoid and reduce accidents

Benefits of Using Safety Railing Systems for Stairways

Railings are used so that they can provide stability and can increase the safety measures during stormy weather, which can also include ice, rain, snow, and sleet. When the floors become slippery due to the awful weather condition, it really becomes risky for elderly people, disabled people, and young children to walk on them. Safety railing systems provide support and help to people by providing strong support of safety during the possible occurrence of a sudden fall or stops people while hurrying on stairs. 

Safety Railing Systems

Stairwell protection is very important and it should not be neglected because on every single day at least two people die by accidents on stairs. If you think of it then you will find it really surprising, but by taking some small precautionary measures you can make it right. This type of accident can be avoided by having an effectual handrail or railing. Safety railings or handrails are not just made for safety measures apart from helping us in our everyday needs it also makes a building look more beautiful and becomes a true point of focus of your room. 

Stairs that are less than 1m wide must-have safety railing systems at least on one side. But if the stairs are wider than 1m then they should have safety railings on both sides but it is not compulsory for the former with just two steps up. Professional vigilance is very important for the workers while the installation of safety railings because they may break down if not installed in a proper manner. For example, safety nets must be used during the time of installation. After taking all the necessary safety measures you can work safely in your workplace.

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