Is India Safe To Travel: Tips And Measures

India Safe To Travel

India is a beloved destination for people worldwide to go on their solo trips or with friends and even your family to explore the culture and heritage. This is the same reason why many Indian cities have become travel economies, totally dependent on the tourists visiting the place. The foreign tourists, especially those visiting from the USA, are fascinated by the cultural differences, encouraging them to dwell deeper into their journey. It also is the reason many foreigners settling in India after exploring it for a trip; they are just in awe of the beauty, heritage and cultures this place has to offer.

Even after this, there are speculations and doubts in the minds of potential visitors looking to explore India. India has a reputation for not being a safe country to visit, especially for female travellers. This is entirely wrong as many solo travellers, even female, visit this land every year and love it too. India isn’t a country where you need to be constantly cautious and worried about your safety; it is actually the opposite. The people here are friendly and helpful and love to welcome people visiting them. It is actually an Indian tradition to welcome the guests and serve them with love and dedication.

Importance of being careful

While it is a safe country for foreign visitors, you cannot undermine the importance of being prudent and careful while in a foreign country. It is essential that you look out for your safety, no matter where you are, as bad people and instances are happening worldwide. You need to take some measures and keep tabs whenever in a foreign land, as the customs and social practices might be new to you, but they are still essential to follow. Apart from that, being overly carefree might not be the best choice as it may end up with you in trouble.

Just like that, there are some tips and precautions to take when visiting India, as it would help you have a safe and fun trip without worrying about your safety. Follow these tips before boarding those nonstop flights to Mumbai from USA, for a safe journey:

Be ready for the cultural shock.

There are many differences between people living in the USA and those in India. Be it their lifestyle, occupations, religion or even daily life, everything varies vastly. If you are visiting India, the jetlag combined with the busy city life might be overwhelming. Metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai have a large population, which frequently lead to overcrowding in public places.

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Consider going to a remote or less visited city such as a hill station; it would help you explore the natural beauty while the jetlag and the tiredness wear off.

Conduct the due research

It is essential to research a new place before visiting it. You cannot just visit a vast country like India without any prior knowledge and hope to have a fun, safe trip. Whenever visiting a new city, be aware of the local language and learn essential phrases that can help you communicate. For example, before visiting India, know a few terms like asking where a place is, or what to eat and other essential things in Hindi. Also, research the local customs or social norms that would help you fit in better.

Travelling in the local transportation

Local transportation like buses, trains, autos or taxis is an efficient way of travelling in India. They are fast and economical, making them a great choice of travelling between cities. But, there are many instances of pick pocketing and even harassment on these travel means. Be aware of your belongings and keep them close while travelling. Also, ensure that you stay away from people who make you uncomfortable and if someone bothers you, contact an official or even take the help of others around you immediately.

Local contacts

Always inform your friends or any locals you know before going to a new place alone. It will ensure that someone is always aware of your whereabouts in case of any problem. Also, take the contact numbers of some local people who can help you get stuck somewhere.

Log in to the contact numbers such as the local helplines, police numbers, ambulance and fire brigades before getting on those nonstop flights.

Things to carry

Always carry a map or have one open in your handset when exploring India. This would help you get to the destination without any trouble and prevent any shady areas or the wrong routes.

Apart from that, carry some cash in the local currency but ensure that it is not enormous. Divide the money into different places and ensure that you have it with yourself at all times.

Also, carry along your necessary medicines and other things that might not be available quickly.

What to wear

While you definitely wear whatever you want, it is essential to blend in while being in a foreign country. If you want to avoid any extra attention, consider dressing up a little conservatively.

Also, you can opt for local Indian wear and experience the culture like a true Indian.

Follow all these tips before boarding those direct Flights To Hyderabad From USA for a fun and safe experience.

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