Know About The Top Internal Medicine EHR Software

Internal Medicine EHR Software
Internal Medicine Ehr Software

It’s a vast field that requires a lot of dedication and patience. In today’s time, everyone in the medical field is switching to EMR/EHR software. Like every other medical field, Internal medicine also requires good EHR software. Here you will find a list of top-rated EHR software. 


There are currently 65000 healthcare providers that are using the Kareo Platform and about 80 million patients’ records are secured and being managed through their software. Some of the best features of this software are hassle-free patients’ statements, Configurable dashboards, Data and productivity tracking, Information visualizations, and whatnot.

Subscription charges are paid in advance and all the others (Data storage and import fee, transactional fee) are paid in arrears. It can be slightly expensive but will provide countless benefits to the organization in the long run. To make your choice easier, you can visit General Surgery EHR Reviews.


Athenahealth is known for its excellent services and Athenahealth EMR software is one of the most well known and renowned EMR software. It provides its customers with outstanding clinical efficiency, Faster documentation, and easy attestation. It has a network of over 160000 healthcare providers. All the documents are processed by itself and attached to the right electronic patient record.

The mobile app enables doctors to access data from anywhere. The cost of installation and usage is not cheap but it can be reduced as it charges you for the features you require. According to the reviews of other healthcare providers, this EMR/EHR software delivers what it promises.


AdvancedMD EMR/EHR software is a popular one when it comes to Internal Medicine and is used by many renowned organizations. It has several features that internists can benefit from and some of them are online scheduling templates (to customize your automated responses for appointment scheduling or declining appointment requests), E prescribing, Mobile updates, Template library (to access patients form/records), Smart dashboard, Patients chart, etc.

AdvancedMD EHR software provides two pricing options to their customers. They either provide a pre-planned package to the customers or have them customize their own bundles according to their requirements. Many healthcare providers who are using this software have already given their feedback on this software and you can go check out their reviews before making a final choice. 


PrognoCIS is a well suited EHR software for Internal Medicine. It caters thousands of doctors, internists, Physicians, and all the other healthcare providers. It has various features that go very well with the needs of an internist. Like the other EHR software mentioned above, this EHR/EMR software also provides its customers with e-prescription, online payments, two-factor authentication, click factor features, Employer specific drug screening, employer portal, and much more.

PrognoCIS EMR offers a free trial to anyone who wants to install it. It’s relatively pricier but does provide ease in a lot of areas to internists as well as other healthcare providers. This EMR software has also been reviewed by many doctors which will further help you in decision making. 


Drchrono is serving tens of thousands of physicians with over 17 million patients. Their products can be customized and tailored to the unique needs of the customers. They have a very modern and intuitive design that streamlines your workflow and increases efficiency saving a lot of time.

This software offers its customers with features like electronic prescriptions, Free draw on photos and diagrams, customized medical forms, access to all the medical records of patients, Lab ordering, Medical speech to text, and a lot more. For the prices, it offers different kinds of packages (Prometheus, Hippocrates, Apollo, and Apollo plus) and you can choose one according to your requirement. EHR/EMR software is expensive in the beginning but only benefits the organization in the long run.


If you’re looking to install a good EHR software for Internal Medicine, the above mentioned should be your top choices. Internal Medicine EHR Software may seem a little too much when you first look at it but the features it offers you benefits you so much in the long run. Getting a good EHR/EMR software installed at your organization will be a game-changer. For Internal Medicine EHR software reviews you can go to the Software Finder to check out what other doctors and healthcare providers have to say about this investment.

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