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Latest Social Media Trends To Utilize For Your Business

Social Media

The social media TREND is your business’ best Friend. Why?

Because the social trends often lead to the norms and getting it at earliest will only allow your business to harness its power without too much of competition or noise. Remember when Facebook was a trend? It comes up as a boon in digital space or the twitter with all its tweets that were restrained within the word limit but its reach is limitless. Or the Instagram that can entice the users with the jaw-dropping snaps.

These social medial platforms as per the current digital market frameworks constitute the core of the digital marketing of your business and if they are not a part of your entity and your marketing strategy till now, then it’s high time and need of hour, they should be.

You‘ve got to reach your targeted audiences and engage them while they spend time online and where is that? Say out loud Social Media. We can predict that social media platforms will top the charts of time spent by individuals on the web.

So here is the list of the top five social media trends that can mark up their space in the digital market and the digital marketers just can’t afford not to keep an eye on.

Top Social Media Trends

So here are the 5 social media trends that can take the digital space and the marketers should keep an eye on:

Use of Social media platforms as the two-way communication channel


The established connections betwixt the brands and their customers are synonymous with loyalty. Don’t believe what we are saying? As per a current survey, 1 in the group of 3 customers would always elude to a brand while sharing the personal accomplishments on the social media sites. Apart from loving to share their personal achievements, customers also love to be reverted back by brands and enjoy getting rejoinder for the milestones by their brands..

Brands have come to a realization that if they wish to establish long-term relationships with their clients, they would have to use the social media trends as an engaging tool rather than just a one-way advertising platform. So you have to remember that in the coming years it is crucial for brands to develop their relationships with the customers and facilitate them with the feedback they are looking for, whenever they are looking for them.

Customizable Chatbots

Customizable Chatbots

As we just covered in the above point, the need and the significance of the responses of the incoming social messages to your brand; but what if a major segment of these messages are the same inquiries about the particular service rendered by the organization? The organizations have found the solution, The CHATBOTS.

In recent times the chatbots have witnessed a significant increase and following the social media trends, they are likely to grow exponentially as well. While more and more business organizations are implementing Chatbots for their brand, the important thing to note that all of them are not created in the same manner. This means that the organizations focus more on the customization of their Chatbots like their distinctive brands to answer the specific request along with allowing the automation conversation workflows.

The Social listening Tools and the trust of brands for it

Social listening Tools

Social listening is quite a new term for many users: so let’s define it first. It’s the practice of keeping under surveillance the conversations that whirl around the particular phrase, or the words or the brands and then using it as a basis to build our content tailor-made for the targeted audiences. Tools of social listening facilitate the analyzation of audiences actions and reflection thereof.

Moreover, the brand can keep a close track on the holistic brand health along with creating the better campaigns for the marketing and subsequently improving the customer experiences. Like more years, this year is also about being the front-runner in the digital space and the strategic application of the social listening tools can be proved as the rightly directed an important step for your business.

Communicating and directing through in-platform Messaging along with Instagram Stories:

Instagram Stories

The current social media trends favorite is the “ephemeral videos” which is currently growing on most of the media Platforms. And the leading amongst all of them currently is INSTAGRAM that is tops the charts in directing the potential customers towards business enterprises and brands, thus facilitate in lead conversions. For business, it’s quintessential to reach the platforms, where the users are more actively engaged and spend a major segment of the entire day.

This in turns proves to be your adroit strategy in understanding the ins and outs of the Instagram stories but to capitalize the mover advantage by including them in your business strategies. As per the expert marketers, the users love the active chatting through varying multimedia files like through photos along with videos, which limit the need for the texts and the public comments and the trend is expectant to rise.

The increasing significance of Call Out culture on social platforms with active Stance on social issues:

increasing significance

The significant and the gradual rise of the social call-out culture is calling out for more responsibilities for the brand’s social teams as the users speak their mind off more independently about the varying acquisitions and use these social networks with the extensive reach as a solution for raising their voices. Along with the whole lot of benefits, the social media has increased the accountability for the business.

But what leads to the consumers turning to social media to express their issues? An act of chicanery from brands, or the dishonesty or something inappropriate from the brand is the former reasons, the latter include the posting of something unsuitable on several parameters on the social media. This leads the brand to make the more genuine efforts or to strengthen the stance through social media platforms.

While some brand thinks it’s quite absurd in the context of marketing, but as per the expert marketers it is likely to see a major spike in social call-out culture and the active participation of various brands in it. This simply doesn’t mean to voice the opinion on every issue, but jotting down as per the relevancy and the impact.

This is the best time to ensure the right balls in your court with the aid of your social team. You should ensure to reflect your functioning on what is worked upon and what segments need the necessary improvements for a safe landing on the landscape brimmed with social competitors. This year is all about playing well in the digital space because everything you do, may the social media be the core.

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