Planning a Wedding on Small budget? Here are Some Low Budget Wedding Ideas

Low Budget Wedding Ideas

Your wedding needs to be the most memorable life event instead of being the most expensive one. Unfortunately, most of the times couples instead of enjoying togetherness on this day worries more about the budget of the wedding. Are you planning a wedding on small budget? Or are you looking for some low budget wedding ideas that are alluring too? Well here are some ideas for planning a wedding on small budget beautifully:

Ideas for Planning a wedding on small budget


Planning a wedding on small budget

A quality home printer and a little artistry are all you need for planning a wedding on small budget. You can draft your own wedding invitations with simple or stylish fonts and a personalized message from the couple. Not only it suits as one of the best options for the purpose, but it can also save your several thousand. You can do your research on the internet and can come up with some interesting idea for a personalized wedding invitation.

Cut down on the guest list:

Planning a wedding on small budget

Weddings are the celebration of joy and togetherness. We tend to invite everyone we know to celebrate this beautiful day, but that’s always a good idea. With every addition to the guest list, the cost is also added. It’s like this trap where the couple invites people simply because they are obligated.

The ceremony which was meant to be intimate becomes so crowded that instead of enjoying the day, all you have to do is to plaster your face with the fake smile. So if you’re planning a wedding on small budget, the first thing is to cut down the guest list and invite those people who meant the world to you. This way you can save the money and celebrate this joyous occasion with people with the best of intentions for you.


Planning a wedding on small budget

One of the expensive elements of weddings includes its venue. People tend to book plaza or any other function hall or any building to treat their guest with a reception bash. Instead of renting any of it, including your own house or house of your grandparent in your wedding budget checklist. You can even include a public park where the sunset will form the exceptional backdrop. It’s all about that one person you are tying the knot with, so why to spend those thousand bucks on some expensive venue.

Say YES to wedding help and a NO to wedding gifts

Planning a wedding on small budget

You can ask your family or friend for the help instead of gifts for the wedding. Several members of our family or some of our friends are good with the music. You can ask them to provide with their symphonic accompaniment for the wedding. Some of your friends might be good with the camera too. Instead of hiring a professional photographer, you can ask for their help as a promising wedding gift while planning a wedding on small budget . This could be one interesting way to accompany your friends and family while struggling over budget wedding ideas.

DO THE CATERING YOURSELF, saying a no to Professional caterers

Planning a wedding on small budget

Remember how your granny just ascends the fun of every Thanksgiving with her hand-made pies or how every sad night is turned into bliss with the home-made pizza by your sister. How about including these delectable pieces from your family members in your wedding instead of hiring the caterers?\

This will help in lowering the cost incurred on food which is one of the effective and inexpensive wedding ideas. Also if you are blessed enough to have a family owned restaurant, or any of your friends possess it, you can ask for their help. They are aware of your budget and come up with the best of the rest to makes this day nothing less than special.

Use your own stereo equipment or borrow it from a friend

Planning a wedding on small budget

Rather than hiring a professional band, ask your friends to play your favorite tunes. If you know any of the musical instrument, you yourself can play your favorite symphony. Also instead of hiring a DJ, use the stereo equipment of your own or borrow it from any of your friends. Putting up the speakers near the dance area and a rocking playlist and your guests are all ready to “set fire” on the dancing stage. Create your favorite playlist that features all your favorite tunes for a few hours is one of the effective ways of an inexpensive wedding with a melodic customized flair.

Use SUBSTITUTE FOR REAL FLOWERS for decoration and bridal bouquets

Planning a wedding on small budget

Every wedding seems to be a mini paradise, thanks to boatloads of floral decoration. But there are ways in which you can actually cut down money of floral decorations and still, your wedding looks more elegant and beautiful. There are several affordable wedding packages in which you can easily find an amazing substitute of flowers.

For instance, instead of a small bunch or bouquet, you bridesmaid can actually carry a single rose or a bunch with one rose and several other complementary flowers. You, yourself can carry a small, simple yet elegant bouquet. You can even use fake flowers as a substitute. They are the star attraction of the low budget wedding ideas.

Spend on affordable yet beautiful rings

Planning a wedding on small budget

You don’t have to spend a lot on your wedding rings. They tend to form the essential element of any wedding as they are the symbolic commitment bands which don’t mean you have to spend everything on them. You can choose simple designs for each other or instead of going with a conventional diamond ring, you can choose other alternatives. Rings made of titanium silver and other inexpensive materials can help you in cutting down the cost. They are durable and look stunning too.

Remember how we all cried over phoebe’s alley wedding from friends where her friend played the drum and the whole alley was decorated with Christmas lights. Yet all mike and Phoebe were focused on was each other. Inexpensive weddings need to be all adjustments when you are all set to say “I do” to the love of your life.

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