An Open Letter To The Best Friend On This National Best Friends Day

National Best Friends Day
National Best Friends Day

My Open Letter on this National Best Friends Day

Dear Bestie,

I did forget the exact moment when I decided to take you as my “forever” when the friend tag changes to BFF and when this relationship of ours become more of life instead of being just a part of it. I still remember how we elope classes and gives the stupidest of excuses to bunk those heavy lessons and remember how you save me a seat in class when I wanted to enjoy those few more minutes of sleep, coming late for classes.

I still remember how we share your favorite meal( yeah it was pretty much yours, I am quite choosy when it comes to my favorite, I chose you, respect my choices), or how a simple burger could transform into a meal of the day just when shared with you.

Remember our first encounter, when my first day of new school was transformed into a total nightmare because I unexpectedly crossed your path, I literally haven’t thought that this girl, the girl with the tiny size and the nerd glasses, the girl with the high ponytails, and with the towering visions, will be counted among those few people I wanted to invite for my wedding, I haven’t thought in my wildest dreams, I am gonna write this letter to you on National Best friends day.

Life surely gives us some unexpected encounters that mark their imprints in the weirdest manner. The teacher changing my seat to yours and the first moment when we shared a secret, you tell about that guy crush of yours, I still remember those giggles, I still remember the blush you get after his sight, I still remember the first time you dared to talk to him and we made up a whole plan of the “accidental stumbling”.

I still remember the part where you cried on my shoulder, knowing he is where you think he is, I still remember your pep up talks on this national best friends day when instead of cheering you up I started crying with you but most of all I do remember “YOU” in all those moments.

The four long years of high school and the endless count of memories, were surely the best part of my life, getting to see you every day and sharing every minute details of my schedule was the favorite among all, I still remember those limit of “100 messages” and our endless conversations, the internet chat with no cease can never beat up our struggle and fun in those old era of ours.

Today on national best friends day, I do remember the last day of our school, you didn’t cry noticing your “BESTIE” was a complete emotional fool and a slightest of emotion can let those water tankers open. I know you remain strong most of the times to complement my weakness, you just know me in all the worlds, probably I am not aware of yet.

The tough bestie is greater than those mental therapists and your ethereal thoughts are the add-ons to me. The long sessions of discussing life, of discussing the career of discussing every random gossip, of discussing the nits and grits of intellect talk, you possibly have shown me the varying hues of this world in your warm embrace and I just couldn’t thank you enough for all what you did.

From the the school parties to the late night sleepovers, the bunk from the school to the aunt’s coffee, from the shared lunch to sharing bills, from going to the park to play to hanging out at the club to dance, from sharing the crush talk to discussing love life, from supporting each other in the shared results to preparing for the tough interviews, from sharing those pocket money to sharing the salaries, from sharing those precaps of our favorite TV series to sharing the ideas for the office presentation.

I have had shared a lot of with you or I have shared a piece, the piece of me with you and Thank god I did, because how else would I be honored to be your favorite and only “PARTNER IN CRIME”.

You are surely the most beautiful soul I have ever met and I hope you share the same feeling for me, I am sure the most messed up human of yours and you are surely embracing my “quirky” with your “atypical”. Lucky are those souls, who have their friends for sharing all those specials and I am probably the luckiest of sharing my specials with the most special person in the world on national best friends day. Life has surely granted me some retards but compensating it with a gem like you, is all worth it.

The 8th June 2018, national best friends day 2018 not only is special for me because this day celebrates our bond but this year you are moving to the whole another city to pursue what you always wanted. The day surely is making us apart in distances, but I do promise that boundaries can never part us, there is always a part of us that is all apart from all these boundaries.

You are going to be all awesome and all good as you always are and I am going to stand here waiting to see you claiming yours in this world. Then probably we can again sneak out for that shared burger like those two school girls, madly in friendship with each other.

On this National best friends day 2018, I just want to say, you are the moonlight to my sunshine, I know you are the wind to my wings, I know you are the Calvin to my Hobbes, and I know you are the tom to my Jerry and I know I couldn’t ask for anything better or for this in whole other way.

Happy “US” day bestie, have a good life, here is to more shared best friend days..

Bestie, your “HOOMAN”

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