How To Pick The Right Occupational Therapy EHR Software

Occupational Therapy EHR Software
Occupational Therapy EHR Software

Occupational therapy is a branch of medicine that helps children and adults who have physical, sensory, and cognitive problems. Occupational therapists deal with conditions such as broken bones, traumatic injuries to the brain, birth injuries and birth defects, autism, etc. 

EHR Software is being used by many healthcare providers out there. The use of this software is rapidly increasing and it is taking over the jobs of many people as all the tasks that are done physically by people are being done by this software automatically. Just like every other medical field, Occupational therapy also requires good EHR software that can fulfill the demands of the therapists. To choose the right Occupational therapy EMR software, you need to know the features that it should have that will cater to the needs of Occupational therapists. 

Features of a good EHR software for Occupational Therapy 

To understand what EHR software is the best for Occupational therapy, you need to first look at the features that are required by Occupational therapists. 


This feature is very important for occupational therapists as it allows them to include all the data and everything they need to know about the appointment canceling appointment scheduling, what a patient will be needing treatment for, and the type of treatment the patient will be needing. This helps them save time and makes their work smooth, fast, and easy. 


This EHR feature is extremely important for an occupational therapist because they meet many patients every day. Handling their clinical information as well as financial information, it can get very hectic and tiring for them. EHR software does these tasks automatically which means the chance of errors is eliminated and the data is saved in a much-organized manner than ever. 

Client profiles

As we mentioned above, occupational therapists meet many patients daily which is why it gets very complicated for them to keep a track of everything. Through good EHR software, you can maintain data of every patient in one place and it can be accessed within seconds. All the data of the clients, their condition, their treatment, their progress, and every other important information is saved in a very organized manner. 

Electronic Lab/diagnostic ordering and receipt

Lab ordering and being able to connect to different labs is a very important feature as it enables doctors and patients to see the results online on the patient portal. All the data is saved and managed through this feature. It helps increase efficiency and faster documentation as well. It helps track the progress too which is great for the doctor as well as the patient. 

Occupational therapy-specific templates

Occupational therapists can benefit from this tool as it helps keep the notes and information of the patients in one place. All the notes they made, all the data they collect, and everything from the beginning to the end is managed through these templates and they can be customized according to your personal choice and how you want them to be presented. 

Barcoded ID cards

This tool can help make data entry easy and will improve efficiency at the workplace. 

Besides, a good Occupational therapy EHR software should have Medication interaction, Customizable Patient Portal, Electronic prescriptions, Data backup, Automated messages and reminders, Clinical data mining reports, Billing, Revenue management tool, etc. 

Top 3 EHR Software for Occupational Therapy

  • Athenahealth
  • Drchrono EHR
  • Kareo

If you want a trial for the above-mentioned software, you can look for Occupational Therapy EHR software demo and tutorials on Software Finder. You can also look for occupational Software EHR pricing and reviews on our website. 


Occupational therapy EMR software is very important software to have for all the occupational therapists and other doctors as well. To pick the best EHR software for you, you will always have to first look for the features that you will be needing and then cross-check with the software you are interested in.

This will help you figure out if the software you are interested in is the right choice for your organization or not. If you get all the occupational therapy specific features in two different software, the best way to go about this is to see the additional benefits that come with the software. You can also check out the reviews right here Occupational Therapy EMR Software to help you with decision making.

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