7 Best Places to Explore the Majestic Beauty of Miami

Beauty of Miami

Miami is known for its sandy beaches and its active nightlife. It does not require any introduction for its glitz and glamour. Who does not wish to soak in the lush, warm sand, and laugh through the cool sea breeze in Miami. From glamorous to intellectually-stimulating, Miami offers visitors a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities.

The stellar Vizcaya Museum and Gardens and History Miami are not to be missed. Shopaholics will gravitate toward the very fashionable Coral Gables for luxury spending. If you’re with the kids, seek out the Zoo Miami or the Venetian Pool for an afternoon. Or, the most popular option, due east: a handful of beaches, sun, sand and seaside nightlife that make their year-round home in Miami Beach.Let’s find out the top things to do in Miami before getting the bookings done. 

Beauty of Miami

7 Best Places to Explore the Majestic Beauty of Miami

Miami is the place to let go of all your worries and enjoy your day with friends and family along the hot white sand and windy cold sea.

The Quintessential Miami Beach

Take a stroll in Miami Beach and watch the beautiful sunset. Miami Beach is the best place to soak up some sun and have fun with friends and family. The beach is located on an island away from the Miami municipality with beautiful yet odd buildings within. Miami Beach is renowned for its long stretches of soft, sandy beaches, with many entertainment-focused and residential neighborhoods. 

Visit the Everglades National Park

Located just a short drive away from Miami, Everglades National Park withholds Florida’s unique flora and fauna. It is almost 1.5 Million acres of swampland and is known as home for many alligators, crocodiles, snakes, and birds. Just relax and enjoy the lush green swamplands and boost your adrenaline by taking a tour in an airboat enjoying the boat ride and if you’re lucky enough, then maybe you get across an alligator or two on your way. Utilize the benefits of the best deals and offers from Qatar Airways reservations for a better flying experience as well! 

Bright and Colorful Wynwood Walls Street!

Former dull walls of warehouses are transformed into beautiful walls of art in the district of Wynwood. These colorful art pieces, or what people commonly call them graffiti, have brought a new life and positivity to this area. Since it was started, more than 80,000 sq.ft of wall space has been used and turned into these beautiful art forms. 

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Take the Art Deco Walk Tour

The Art Deco Museum is located on the beach at Ocean Drive. The Art Deco Museum and the Welcome Center is one of the most iconic creations in the world of architecture. The locals and tour guides are passionate about their culture and will surely share some tales and anecdotes about the Art Deco history. 

Take a sunbath at South Beach.

South Beach is one of the most renowned beaches in Miami. It is a public beach that is free and open to everyone. The most scenic part is the southmost section that falls between 5th to 15th street of Ocean Drive. 

Shop and Eat at Design District

The Design district holds dozens of designer stores and boutiques. You name it, and you’ll find it at Miami Design District. If you’re looking for an item with a luxurious designer tag, you will find its store here. From huge brands like Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and many more luxurious lineups, handbags and jewelry stores are located in the Design District. 

Little Havana Food and Culture Tour

Little Havana is the Heart of Miami’s Cuban population. Experience the best Cuban cuisine with the most friendly and cheerful neighbors. Always remember to book online as the tickets must be purchased in advance. Enjoy an evening with the locals eating the best Cuban sandwiches and puffing some great Cuban cigars along with it. Use the Southwest Airlines Reservations offers and take a vacation at one of the best cities in the world. 

Miami is a place that has new places and food joints to visit every day. However, never fail to book your vacation tickets well in advance! Remember to utilize the benefits of the best deals and offers from Qatar airline reservations and enjoy your holiday with ease and comfort!

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