Best Places to Skydive in USA to Have a Memorable Experience

There is no possible explanation as to why people are so fond of adventure activities, some says that living the life at the edge is one of the great things one can do with it, some says it adds the thrill to the mundane of the life, some says it’s to experience a whole new facet of life, but they all have one similarity is to enjoy the life at the best for those particular moments and if you are looking for some adventurous activity too, for any of the reasons, Skydiving is your answer.

Freefall from the aircraft and watching the panorama from 10,000 feet above the ground is the experience you surely don’t want to miss. The USA is one place where like every other best thing, you can find best places to skydive in USA along with exciting skydiving deals.

Best Places to Skydive in USA

Here are some of the best places to Skydive in USA:

1. Kalispell, Montana:

Image Credt: Discoverkalispell

Imagine floating along the skylines of Montana while gazing through the whole panoramic view of the city, covered with the white clouds. Kalispell in Montana provides you with once in the lifetime skydiving experience where even the novice can enjoy to the fullest owing to the world-class facilities and trained instructors. With several drop zones along with world-class facilities like licensed skydivers and the aircraft devised with the advanced features, enjoy the skydiving at the best in Kalispell. Also, you can capture this once in the lifetime experience with lenses.

2. Snohomish in Washington

Believed to be constituted of the most beautiful skies of USA, Snohomish is another one of best places to skydive in USA. The place serves as the finest of the spot to enjoy the ecstasy of this enthralling activity with the view of snow-covered mountains that is nothing less than a blissful skydiving experience for the skydivers.

The town offers you the beautiful glares of varying facets of nature as it are settled between the sea and the mountains. Listed amongst the most popular places to skydive in the USA, the rich and the history full of exciting legends of the place has made it listed amongst the few best places for skydiving all around the world.

3. Key West in Florida

Florida is among the most popular holiday destinations of the states owing to the spectacle tapestry of attractions it is bestowed with. Usually, Florida is suggested to visit for the exploration of the beautiful facets of marine life, the dolphins, the turtles, the fishes and more or for a leisurely stroll along the pristine beaches scattered with sugar alike white sands. This holiday spot is also blessed with the drop zones for skydiving wherein you can catch the glimpses of all of it from the glistening skies.

The skydiving experience is ascended with the view which also includes the emerald hues of the Everglades and the azure shade of the Gulf of Mexico along with the metallic hues of highways connecting our the countries together. There are many local skydiving places that promise you with the best, but you should strongly check the reviews and all the nearby places and then proceed for the best places to skydive in USA.

4. Wailua in Hawaii

As beautiful as it is on land, you will definitely not regret exploring the skylines of beautiful Hawaii with skydiving. Here the skydiving is commenced through the beach with the heavenly backdrop of volcanic peaks bestowed with tropical forests all over which is one additional benefit you can get apart from the “to die for” views of the Pearl Harbor. What makes it one of the best places to skydive in USA is the tropical weather of Hawaii, with its azure skies and the endless beauty of the glistening water of the Pacific Ocean.

5. Molalla, Oregon:

Image Credit: molallachamber

While skydiving is all about the adrenaline rush or adventure, Molalla in Oregon provides you the best places to skydive in USA to do same along with the beautiful sites of luscious greenery accompanied with snow-capped mountains. What could be better than diving in the sky, floating in the air while glazing the varying hues of nature and you can get all of it and more in Molalla, one of the best places to skydive in the USA.

Hood, St Helens, and the Reiner, popularly called the three sisters are the Snow Mountains that ascends the view. The best spot to skydive however also has the varying weather and on cloudy days, skydiving is not allowed. It’s highly suggested to check the weather condition before proceeding with booking the skydiving trip.

6. Long Island

If you are an adventure lover and looking for something called “the enthralling” for skydiving, Long Island is your destination, mate. The skydiving in Long Island will definitely be a memorable experience and the people acquaint with the whole new view of the spectacular areas of Long Island.

Be it the novice experiencing the freefall from the sky the first time or some adventure junkie, having the experience of falling from the sky the hundred times, Skydiving in Long Island is altogether an experience of its own kind, surpassing all that you expect. The sensational panorama of the city ascends the whole skydiving experience and together all of it makes Long Island, the best place to skydive in the USA.

7. San Diego in California

If you are someone who has done the skydiving many a time and are seeking for an enticing dropzone to freefall, San Diego is your one of the best places to skydive in USA for skydiving. The dropzone is located on the outskirts of the city which further ascends the experience as far from the hubbub is where you enjoy the views, on the land and from the sky. Some of these beautiful vistas are constituted of Lower Otay Lake, Otay River, and the Pacific Ocean. Moreover, the ideal weather of San Diego enables the skydiver to experience this thrilling activity for most of the times of the year.

How much is it to go skydiving? Is it safe in all the aspects? How much does skydiving cost? Leave everything for a moment and with the licensed professionals, just take the leap and go skydive…

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