Questions to Ask a Tree Care Professional Before Hiring Them

Tree Care Professional
Tree Care Professional

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Maintaining the trees in the backyard can be a tedious task for many. Not everyone is an expert in getting things done perfectly when it comes to tree pruning, tree maintenance, and other related work. It is why more and more people have started to hire tree care professionals as it saves their time and ensures that the work is done by the right people. Moreover, you should never take up tree care work that requires you to reach a certain height to perform a particular function, as it can pose a threat to your life.

Over the years, several people have faced challenges while searching for a reliable tree care professional. If you are searching for one, then you may get overwhelmed with the number of choices you come across. To choose the right professional for your tree maintenance work, you should ensure that the person is genuine and knows his work well.

Asking a few questions related to his work, experience, cost, and other related aspects will serve the purpose and segregate the best from the rest. In this article, you will find the list of questions that you should ask before making any final decision. Take a look at the questionnaire and be sure to ask them all during your first meeting with the respective tree care professionals.

1. For how long have you been serving in this industry?

Experience is probably the first thing that you should look for. The more a professional has been serving in the tree care industry, the better. While you talk about their experience, you can also ask for some references from their old customers for getting unbiased feedback on their services. If your select tree care expert holds a long and duly verifiable experience in the required field, then you can consider him for the work. 

2. Can you show the proof of proper insurance for tree care?

Tree care maintenance is not as easy as it looks, and it certainly cannot be done by everyone. Some tasks involve the use of special equipment along with the need to perform the task at a greater height. It can prove fatal if the person doing these tasks isn’t well-trained or experienced. You should always select a professional that has the necessary insurance work in place; else, you’ll be liable for all the related damages that arise during the tree care process.

For example, if an uninsured person falls or causes damage to nearby properties, then you will be responsible for paying the damage cost. If the tree care professional has a comprehensive professional property and personal damage insurance, especially for high-risk tree work, then you can go ahead with him.

3. Do you and your staff members have a verified license for your work?

While asking this question, you can also request to check the membership papers of the select tree care professionals. Having active membership of the Tree Care Industry Association and International Society of Arboriculture signifies that the person is experienced and possesses the right knowledge and permission to work as tree care professionals.

4. Do you provide a written copy of your plan of work?

This question can be a deal-breaker. Having a written copy of their plan of work can give you a better understanding of the services they will offer and how those services will be executed. You can also ask them to include the end results in the blueprint. Having a proper and well-documented plan of action in place makes the work a lot easier and effective. This is something that only experienced and authentic professionals can provide, and the way the plan of action is prepared will talk volumes of their work and capabilities.

5. Does your team have certified arborists?

Arborists are experts that are qualified and duly certified to evaluate the condition of trees and provide the best solutions to promote their optimum health.  They are even excellent in identifying tree situations that may become troublesome at a later stage.  Having a certified arborist helps in better problem identification and blueprint preparation.

6. Is the equipment used by your staff safe?

Safety is paramount, and it should be on top of your priority list. No staff should be using climbing gear or protective equipment that was purchased in a personal capacity. Companies are required to buy high-quality safety equipment and provide the same to their team members. Apart from providing the required equipment, the company should be responsible for training the staff members before sending them to work. If you have fixed a meeting with one of the select tree care professionals, then you should enquire about the safety standards and equipment used by them.

7. Can you give a list of your previous customers?

Reviews from real customers work like a charm. If you want unbiased reviews of their work, then you should go ahead and ask for the contact details of some of their previous customers. Once received, you can call them up and ask all the questions that were bothering you about their services. Apart from the quality of their services, you should also inquire if they take care of the after cleaning process or not.

Finding reliable tree care professionals in today’s scenario is like picking a needle from a haystack. By following the right hiring process and asking the right questions, you can select a tree care professional in a hassle-free way. You can always ask the questions shared-above to get a better idea of their work. Apart from the questions mentioned in this article, you can add more questions that you have regarding their work. These questions are sure to ease your task of selecting the right tree care professionals for your work at the best prices. 

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