Running Workouts – 10 Tips For a Beginner Runner

Running Workout Tips
running workouts

For some reason, people (at least most of them) are structured in such a way that they want to get acquainted with a given issue from the theoretical side before starting any activity.

Also in 2020, COVID-19 days, people spend most of their time watching movies on Netflix, kissanime, and playing games and they lost their body shape due to this. Running training is no exception, so for everyone who is considering starting running training, we have collected and described in detail the 10 most important facts that every beginner should know. Are we moving to?

Running training Warsaw and safety

Is running dangerous? Not exactly. Running is a gentle form of exercise. Make sure that your training sessions are carried out in designated areas and adjust the speed and rhythm of the run to the current physical condition. When it comes to running training, Warsaw abounds in places ideally suited for this purpose – just go to a few of them and see how many people run there every day.

Appropriate footwear

In fact, the only element of a runner’s equipment is his shoes. You can have all the other goodies, but you don’t have to. Go to a sports store and ask them to show you shoes that are designed for running. Try on at least three or four pairs, take a walk around the store and make sure they don’t pinch or chafe you anywhere.

Well-chosen shoes are the key to success. Keep in mind that feet, especially beginner runners, tend to swell over longer distances. Consider purchasing shoes that are one size larger than you wear with the ‘Dress Shoes’.

Fashion on cross-country tracks

Take your word for it that other runners you meet along the route have little interest in what you are wearing. When it comes to running training, comfort takes precedence over appearance, and in fact, whatever you feel comfortable in is just right. It’s almost impossible to look ‘weird’ due to the outfit you wear while running (unless you’re wearing a toy or a flowing sequin dress on the ground of course).

Follow the rule that it is better to wear several layers of clothing thinner than one thicker layer. This way you will be sure that you will not heat up or cold, and you will easily control your body temperature.


Yes, muscle pain can happen. Even people who run systematically and for a long time suffer from soreness. What does it mean? Most often just so much that your muscles have been overworked. Soreness does not relieve you of the obligation to undergo further training, but … As a general rule, if the pain occurs at the beginning of the training, it gradually diminishes as the muscles warm up, everything is ok.

However, if your pain increases despite a warm-up and a few minutes of jogging in a calm rhythm, this is a signal for you that it is time to stop and consult your doctor.

When to run

You can run at any time of the day, but the vast majority of runners prefer morning workouts. For them, it is a guarantee of the success of the training. By postponing it to a later hour, you risk taking your daily chores or unexpected situations to waste your time running. In summer, it’s best to go for training when the sun is low and the sky is not pouring heat. In winter, noon hours seem to be the most appropriate. It is then that you can expect slightly higher ambient temperatures than at the crack of dawn.

Training plan

You must have one. Perhaps someone will be tapping their head questioning the necessity of a training plan when running. Nevertheless, it is an indispensable tool in your hands, thanks to which you will have control over your achievements and progress. Avoid stupid mistakes.

You can get a lot of information free of charge in various magazines, as well as on websites specializing in this subject. Download one of the many free training plans available on the web. You can also get the help of a trainer whose help is worth its weight in gold – at least at the beginning of your running adventure.

A good playlist

Running training is supposed to be a pleasure for you, not an unpleasant duty, therefore it is worth taking care of its proper setting. If you enjoy running in silence, possibly with chirping birds, ignore the current point.

However, if you are the type that functions more efficiently to the beat of your favorite music, then take advantage of this fact! Create a stimulating playlist to listen to while you run. An optimistic approach will guarantee you success, not only in the case of sports training but also in other areas of your life.

“Fill up” to the full

What you feed your body with before training is practically just as important as the shoes you run in. Both before and after training, you should provide your body with “fuel” in the form of carbohydrates and protein. Of course, this is not about getting enough food, but about eating a snack before and after training. Thanks to this, you will first power the body before exercise, and after training, you will support the process of its regeneration.

The pre-training snack is best eaten 1-1.5 hours before the planned training. After training, eat within 15-30 minutes, which is the fastest recovery time. A protein-carbohydrate snack will help in the process of synthesizing and rebuilding muscle glycogen used during training. Consuming a post-workout meal can largely prevent soreness from appearing.

Take care of hydration

Quench your thirst, but don’t overdo it. Drinking water in large gulps is not recommended for anyone, even people who do not engage in sports. Take several sips at regular intervals, or whenever you are thirsty. Hydration of the body should be regular to prevent dehydration. However, it should be remembered that consuming water “by force” can lead to hyperhydration, which can have very serious effects on the body.

Mandatory regeneration

After each training session, including running training, it is recommended to carry out the so-called muscle regeneration. It involves stretching those muscles that were involved during training. You can begin the recovery process by gradually slowing down your running pace, followed by some stretching exercises. Muscle regeneration allows you to gradually reduce the accelerated heart rate, relax tense muscles, and safely bring them into a state of rest.

To learn more about fitness , check this section .

Nothing much, and yet so much

You’ve learned 10 basic facts about running training. You probably find that you have unnecessarily delayed making the decision to start running. The numerous and multifaceted benefits for the body of running training will be easily noticeable soon after you start. So instead of deliberating on the theoretical part of this issue, jump in your shoes and go. See you on the road.

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