7 Features Your Shared Hosting Plan Should Contain

Shared Hosting Plan
Shared Hosting Plan

Whether you are starting your first website or setting up your next one shared hosting might be the first choice that comes to your mind. Rightly so as shared hosting platforms are bests for small and medium-sized businesses to build and maintain their online presence.

But when it comes to buying a shared WordPress hosting you should check whether your plan includes these 7 essential features.

1. Free SSL certificate

You must have experienced this online when you click on the link that appeared in the search results and Google shows you a warning of “the site you are trying to open might not be safe to use”.

This happens because you avoid purchasing an SSL certificate for your website. Among the website essentials, an SSL certificate is important as it shows Google and your audience that your website is safe to access.

Thus, check whether your shared hosting price plan includes a free SSL certificate.

2. Free domain name

Many WordPress web hosting providers offer free domain names. This means you won’t have to pay for registering your domain name as it is taken care of by your web hosting provider.

This feature is especially beneficial if you are a beginner blogger, a start-up owner, or a first-time web developer. Thus, when finalizing your shared web hosting platform check whether the free domain is included in your plan.

3. Free migration

Along with a free domain, another important feature you should look for is free website migration from or to your web hosting provider.

This feature allows you to migrate your website easily and safely from another hosting platform to the new one. This is especially beneficial if you are considering migrating your website to a different shared hosting platform.

4. Custom email account

While an SSL certificate shows your website is reliable to use, connecting with your audience through an email of your domain name shows that you are professional and serious about your business.

Depending on the shared hosting plan or platform you choose you will find your custom email included in the plan or you will have to purchase it separately.

5. Effective customer support

Whether you are a beginner or have experience hosting a website on a shared hosting platform you will encounter website issues every once in a while. That’s where you will know the importance of having reliable customer care service.

After all, you don’t want your website to go offline or load slowly for long because of the poor customer care service.

If you research and review online, you will find the best-shared web hosting platforms that are prompt with their customer support using advanced features like chatbots and live chat with customer care representatives to solve your problem immediately.

6. High bandwidth

When it comes to shared hosting, the price might be low and so is the bandwidth. Don’t jump on the first shared hosting plan that you find cheap, check how much bandwidth your hosting provider is offering and whether it is enough to host and run your website smoothly.

7. Multi-hosting feature

Whether you are already considering hosting your next website or want to do so in the future you will have to purchase a bigger hosting plan. But that does not mean you can’t do it over shared web hosting. 

The competing shared hosting plans these days offer resources and features enough to host 2 or more websites with a modest number of viewers. Choose a shared hosting plan that allows you to host more than 2 websites when you want.

It all comes down to your needs

Although these features are essential to consider when buying a shared WordPress hosting the list of features doesn’t stop here. Depending on what features and services you need to start and grow your business online you can add more items to this list.

After all, a shared hosting plan that provides the right resources and environment for your website will your business or community grow online and achieve the goals you have set up through your website.

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