Social Media Displays – 4 Reasons Why Your Event Needs It

social media displays

Event managers and planners know how tough it is to organize an event that checks all key performance metrics & leaves the audience satisfied and craving for more. 

In the quest to achieve these objectives, event planners and managers are constantly looking for solutions that can make their event more exciting, interesting, and most importantly engaging. 

So to help these event managers, marketers, & planners, we bring one of the best solutions i.e. Social Media Displays. Now you might be wondering what social media displays are and how can they help you in your event. 

So, let’s get started

What Are Social Media Displays?

A Social media display is a feed of aggregated content from different social media platforms into a singles feed and displays it on digital screens mainly at the events. 

social media displays

To create a social media display at your events, you need a tool called social media aggregator. This tool helps you discover, collect, curate content easily from different social media and digital platforms, customize & moderate the content to make it more appealing and engaging for the audience, and displaying this feed in your live events through digital screens.

Social media display is also known as the social wall or social media wall or social UGC wall. Now, what is a social UGC wall?

Socialwall is also a feed but it contains user-generated content that has been created and shared by users on social media. In this context, the UGC will be relevant to the brand or the event that you can display in your events.

The social media displays are a growing trend among the event marketing landscape due to its benefits for the events and brands. Here we have listed some of the key benefits of social media displays for you.

4 Reasons Why Your Event Needs Social Media Wall

1. To Engage The Event Audience & Beyond

The first and most important benefit of social media displays is that it helps you increase your audience engagement at the event. You can create your unique event hashtag and ask the attendees to share their images or videos from the event on social media along with the hashtag.

This visual content can then be displayed live in the event using social media displays. It will help in encouraging and engaging more and more attendees to participate and feature on the screens as a reward i.e. event fame. 

Also, it will entice the social media users to also share their posts and get featured on these social media displays. The content is not just restricted to images & videos, the attendees and social audience can also share their ideas, opinions, feedback, reviews, etc. about the event and their experiences. 

2. To Enhance Discussions & Audience Interaction

There are many events in most of the industries where the audience interaction with the key speakers, panel discussions, Q&A sessions, etc. are the highlight. 

So, social media displays help you enhance these discussions and interactions by giving each and every attendee & even social media users to take part in it by sharing their questions, feedback, ideas, etc. and these can be displayed on the digital screens with the panels & speakers answering these questions instantly & directly.

This helps in increasing the efficiency of the audience interaction along with improving the quality of the conversation by moderating the irrelevant posts from the wall. 

3. Create Exciting Audience Experiences

When we talk about events, that doesn’t mean only the business events but also events like concerts, weddings, exhibitions, art events, etc. where there is a massive need for entertaining the audience to make the event successful. 

Social media displays can be leveraged perfectly to create an immersive event experience for the audience using the integration of technology like VR, AR, contests, polls, quizzes, leaderboards, and many more gamification elements. 

Having these elements attracts more audience to your event and encourages the audience to participate more in the event and have a memorable experience that they will brag about it on social media & to their friends that leads to the free promotion for your event and brand through positive word of mouth marketing. 

4. Showcase UGC To Build Trust & Brand Image

Events are still considered as one of the best channels for marketing when it comes to engaging with the audience and building a meaningful connection with the consumers through personal communications. 

But all this needs having trust & authenticity of your brand among the consumers that you can leverage through the social media displays by curating all the relevant and valuable user-generated content from social media and displaying it as social proof for your brand. 

When other customers and users speak well of a brand, it helps in building trust and reliability about the authenticity & credibility of your brand. It is highly effective as over 90% of the consumers say UGC even influences their purchase decision. 


These are some of the best advantages of having social media displays at your events. You get many more benefits from these like the possibilities of earning sponsorship revenue, brand promotions & offers, creatively launch products/updates, communicate with a broader audience, etc. 

All this helps in an immense brand/event exposure, extended reach & awareness, boosting engagement, brand image enhancement, and opportunities to drive conversions & revenue. 

So, get started now to leverage these benefits in your next event by installing social media displays. 

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