Squarespace Vs WordPress : What Is Better Option?

Squarespace VS Wordpress

Difference Between Squarespace Vs WordPress

Squarespace Vs WordPress

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If you are searching for what Squarespace and WordPress are and how they differ then you are at the correct destination. In this article, we will acknowledge you with the catalog of pros and cons of each of these platforms: Squarespace vs WordPress. So that you can get ample information about them and you get to know which one is better till the end.

With the development of website building industry, many custom web design services and website development services are offered on large scale all over the world. With this, many website building frameworks rolled out and among them, there are Squarespace and WordPress.

In this article, I have tried to highlight some factors which show features of Squarespace vs WordPress. I hope till the end, you will get to know that which platform is better according to your requirements.

In terms of ability to easily get modified

Squarespace Vs WordPress

If we talk about flexibility then WordPress is open source platform whereas Squarespace is closed source website. This means that all the codes of WordPress can be used and customized by anyone. While using WordPress, anyone can create templates or plugins and share or sell in the market. On the other hand, Squarespace is such a platform where only the development team can generate tools for the clients.

Being a robust platform, WordPress provides with lots of choices and is favorable for the new learners and old learners. WordPress is easy to use for all. Beginners and advanced users both can utilize this platform easily. To add any type of image or video etc is really very easy.

Dissimilar to WordPress, Squarespace does not endow with loads of choices. Still, Squarespace is uncomplicated and easy to employ. Both beginners and advanced users can quickly write an article, add images, audio, and video.


Coming again to Squarespace Vs WordPress, Squarespace is better than WordPress in terms of easy usages. But the former comes with less choice in comparison. WordPress proves to be more flexible but can be troublesome if the plugins get crashed or breakdown. In Squarespace, functions, and tools can be very much controlled and monitored.

In terms of expenditure

Squarespace Vs WordPress

If you think that you can spend time and money into learning WordPress then sooner or later you will become good at it. People start learning WordPress and in some time they can even make minor customizations through themselves.

Now it is all up to you. If you are willing to spend time and money in learning the technical part then WordPress is a good option for you. Besides this, if you wish to learn fast and do not want to spend hours in learning then Squarespace is a better option.

One big reason for the massive fame of WordPress is that the budget for building a website with WordPress is low. Additionally, you will have to pay for only those tools which you actually require. On the other hand, Squarespace offers plan less costly than WordPress but with limited features only.


Coming again to Squarespace Vs WordPress, WordPress endow with more flexible plans in comparison to Squarespace. WordPress offers these plans from many ranges of web hosts across the world. While using WordPress, the overall cost depends on total resources you use. Squarespace plans range from 10 dollars to 40 dollars per month whereas WordPress plans starts from 200 dollars.

In terms of maintenance

Squarespace Vs WordPress

One important aspect of WordPress is that it is constantly updating its platform in order to solve problems related to security. Hence you also have to update your websites with latest WordPress version. Otherwise, your website can get harm or conflicts can arise. It is also necessary to monitor the WordPress website to protect it from harmful attacks.

Again when you are informed to update your website with the latest version of WordPress then you should be quick enough. Otherwise, there are chances of causing security issues.

Remember that during updating WordPress version there are chances of conflicts between your website tools and other features. On the other side, with Squarespace, all the updates are examined and rolled in your website mechanically. Hence, you can concentrate on other aspects as Squarespace will take care of update issues for you.


Coming again to Squarespace Vs WordPress, with regard to managing all the updates, maintenance work and other aspects of the platform, Squarespace is far better than WordPress.

In terms of E-business

Squarespace Vs WordPress

Integration is granted by WordPress for using payment workstation or platform. WordPress is better for creating an online shop on your website as it offers lots of E-business plugins. There are plenty of WordPress websites designed for eCommerce functionality. With the help of WordPress features, you can add an infinite number of products to your website.

Squarespace has boundaries in terms of E-business. It does not offer the facility to accept payments from international viewers. Such limitations are not fruitful for developing trade. In addition to this, Squarespace does not grant for adding as many products as you wish. Such limitations push the Squarespace behind WordPress.


Coming again to Squarespace Vs WordPress, WordPress is superior to Squarespace with respect to running an etrade website. For commencing an online business, Squarespace is not a good idea.

Ending thoughts

With the growth of web design and development services, there is seen development on large scale on the other aspects of website building industry. There are many platforms apart from WordPress and Squarespace.

Now you have to make choice whether Squarespace is good or WordPress is good. According to your requirements, you can decide. As summarized above, Squarespace has lower expenditure and less maintenance is needed eventually. WordPress comes with more flexibility, more expenditure, and more maintenance.

Squarespace comes with a standard version also which is actually portrayed for the people who have less or no technical knowledge. Majority of Squarespace users are making use of this version.

Most probably coming to Squarespace Vs WordPress, WordPress beats Squarespace with context to web building platform for any sort of website. For small banner websites, Squarespace can be a good choice as these websites need little functionality. Squarespace is better for writing posts. For rest of the things, WordPress proves to be better.

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