How To Style Your Bridal Lehenga According To Your Body Type?

Style Bridal Lehenga
Style Bridal Lehenga

A perfect wedding dress is a dream of every bride in which she will look like the most beautiful bride that the groom and the people have ever seen. Choosing the best designer bridal lehenga is not just a procedure. It is such a difficult task for the bride. Way before women starts to plan their latest lehenga designs for the wedding with the price. Whether it is your wedding or you are planning to attend a wedding, it is the right time to start looking for buying bridal Lehenga online.

Most women spend months and weeks finding out the bridal lehenga collection having perfect color, patchwork, embroidery, and so many things on it. We will have all the latest bridal lehenga designs for 2021.

With the passing year, bridal lehenga designs keep changing and updated with the market’s modern trends. However, all these will lead you to select from various lehenga choli designs that perfectly fit your body and your body type. 

For any event or occasion, you need to understand which body type belongs to you. While buying the bridal Lehenga online, you must look for the one which emulates your personality and style. You do not have to take tension as Suvidha fashion is here to help you choose the best outfit for your skin type and body fit. Impress your groom by selecting perfect matching wedding sherwani & a bridal lehenga for you.

There are five main body types :

  1. Apple Shaped, which is also called round or circle shape. These types of body people have a smaller waist and curvy body.
  2. Rectangle Shape Have all the measurements perfectly balanced. These shaped women have a slightly more symmetrical shape than the other shapes.
  3. Hourglass Shaped women have a good waist and steady hip to shoulder ratio.
  4. Triangle shape is also known as Pear shape. These types of the body have wide hips, generally broader than their shoulders.
  5. Womens having inverted triangle-shaped bodies will have shoulders that are wider than the hips.

These are the variety of body shapes you select from the latest bridal lehenga designs 2021, the one which fits on you and you look good in it.

Let’s see Lehenga according to your body type:

After knowing about the body type, let’s look for the bridal wear collection which suits you best. You can search the bridal lehengas by:

  • Selecting the latest designer bridal Lehenga according to your body type
  • Another is to search for the latest lehengas that look good on you and go for the best one.

1.Apple Bodied

It is better to select a lehenga skirt with layered and flare if you have an Apple-shaped body. Designer bridal lehenga is made of lighter and very smooth or soft fabric with pastels colors. Which will highlight the waist and make you look gorgeous on your D-day. 

For selecting the top portion that is blouse:

  1. Choose wider necklines and do not highlight the upper portion of your body.
  2. For chunni on the Lehenga, choose lighter fabric and wear it around your elbows, not your shoulders or above your neckline, as it will look heavier on your body.
  3. Rumple or flared Lehenga combined with a jacket or peplum top is a great choice for an Apple-shaped body type.

2.Rectangle shaped

For women who have rectangle-shaped or H-shaped body types, the Lehenga will highlight the curves of your body. Therefore, you should choose the long choli lehenga mixed with a skirt having embroidery work or wonderful designs on it. This skirt is made up of raw silk and is heavily flared. 

When looking for a blouse, go for a deep neck blouse whose diving neckline creates a good look on the upper part of your body. Then, select a dupatta that is soft and flowy completes your look. These A-line lehengas or high-waisted ones go well with the cropped tops.

3.Pear Shaped

In pear-shaped bodies the lower body portion is heavy and the small upper portion. You should select a plain skirt made with plain fabric and is flowy. And on that, wear heavily embroidered or decorated blouses that emphasize the beauty of your sternum and arms. Cape-like dupatta will go with your body which is not heavy or long, as the longer dupatta will make hips look larger. Flared lehengas with a top-heavy pattern and designs is the perfect choice for a bridal lehenga collection. 

4.Hour Glass Shaped

Having X-shaped figures or curvy figures is the best bridal lehenga choli collection for the A-line lehengas, which goes with the flowy skirts made with fabrics like Velvet or Chiffon, which will highlight your curves. Select the shorts, show off your waist, and highlight the upper curves when selecting the blouse. Make sure to not cover up your upper portion. When it comes to the best bridal lehenga designs, the choice is endless. 

Therefore, you should try out the fishtail type or lehenga saree to give you an alluring look.

If you want to experience more outfits, then here are some lehenga choli designs that go best with more than one body type:

A-line Lehenga

A-line lehengas are the best for the hourglass, pear-shaped rectangle body types. These types will highlight the blouse and the dupattas. Moreover, they are made of lighter fabrics, making them easy to carry and glamourous choices for the bride-wear collection.

Mermaid lehenga

Most of the party wear or any event wear lehengas collection go for this style, and it goes best with the rectangle-shaped and hourglass bodies. Mermaid lehenga fascinating underline the hips and waist and give you a dynamic look. 

Straight Cut Lehenga

The straight-cut Lehenga goes well with the apple-shaped and rectangle-body types as it brings out the shape of your body and highlights your curves. Therefore, it creates a balance between your lower portion and the upper part of the association.

Jacket Lehenga

These lehengas are very versatile designer bridal lehengas that give good volume where it is necessary. It is the perfect choice for the apple-bodies and inverted triangle shape type of body shapes.

Sharara lehenga

Sharara cut Lehenga is the perfect choice for everybody as it looks graceful, elegant, and convenient to wear. Generally, the Sharara lehenga has heavy embroidery on it and will give your body a balanced look to the whole body. Its epic feature is that it is trouser in a skirt, making it comfortable attire for any occasion. If you want to buy bridal Lehenga online, you can try this one as size is also not a big issue here.

We hope that this will help you in selecting your latest bridal lehengas designs in 2021. It is indeed very important and hard work. You can try out and play with various vibrant and light colors with different fabrics. All the designers and stylish latest lehenga design 2021 for wedding are searched on our website Suvidha fashion.

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