A Quick Guide on Different Styles to Wear a Clip-on Ponytail with Hair Extensions

Wear a Clip-on Ponytail with Hair Extensions

No doubt that when it comes to the summer season, wearing ponytail hairstyles has always remained the favourite among women of all age groups. Hence, this is the quick and easy hairstyle that you can opt to add your personality with extra charm and grace. For styling a perfect ponytail, you just need an elastic band and you are all set to flaunt it. In comparison with hair extensions, a clip-on ponytail is easy to maintain and style up as you want to.

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Long Romantic Ponytail

This is a classy way of wearing a pony. You can make the use of clip-in extensions of around 4 clips which are perfect to go for a suitable hairstyle. Just follow the below steps to style up your hairstyle look:

  • Tie up the hair in the low ponytail.
  • Clip the wefts all one by one all around it.
  • In the first weft clip, make sure you place it closer to the elastic band to add some room for the remaining wefts.
  • You have to make the wefts tight and extra security for the ponytail to stay in one place.
  • Once you are all done with it, just start creating some soft curls with your ponytail.
  • At last, gently brush it afterward.

Sleek High Ponytail

This is another stylish hairstyle to rock the ponytail. Just follow the below steps to style up your hairstyle look:

  • Create a small ponytail that needs to start at the head crown.
  • Now take the weft and just clip it all around your pony closer to the elastic band. You have to do this same with other wefts.
  • Make a point for tightening the clips.
  • Gather all the remaining hair in the form of a high pony. Just make sure that the base is covered with the clip in the wefts. Smoothen up the hair and just keep any flyaways.
  • By taking the small hair section, you have to wrap it all around the base for concealing the elastic.
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Messy Ponytail

Coming to the next, we bring for you a style of the messy ponytail. Just follow the below steps to style up your hairstyle look:

  • You have to clip the wefts similarly as you did with the previous techniques.
  • Just part all your hair in the mid-way and then you canflip it upside down.
  • Just leave enough of the strands on the backside of your neck and then use them for covering the clip wefts later.
  • Continue to clip it with the rest of the wefts and create an upside down.
  • Collect all your hair to form it as a high pony.
  • Pull some random sections of your whole ponytail and tease them.
  • At last, loosen up the ponytail a bit by simply tugging at the top of your hair or the crown.

Low ponytail with extensions

To create a low ponytail with the Luxy Hair Ponytail Extension, clearly tie your hair at the nape of your back and formerly than wrapping the extension round your hair. Continue all steps as every day and revel in your new, extraordinarily long pony.


A voluminous bun has in no way been easier. To get this look, commence off with the help of securing your ponytail extension as every day at the crown of your head.  Next, cut up the ponytail into two equal sections.

Side Pony with a Twist

This is another notable and trendy hairstyle to choose right now. You can use the fingers for brushing the hair to the side. Fasten up the hair into the low side ponytail. Just connect the ponytail extension and then wrap up the greater piece around as per regular and then fasten it with your bobby pin. Create 5 equal sections and then gently pull every area and you are all done.

The Half-Up Pony

You can without problems provide your ponytail extension a higher adjustable appear with this exceptional hair-up pony look. If you have now not chosen the wavy clip-on ponytail, you can simply without difficulty curl or even add waves to your ponytail simply earlier than setting it in your hair. You must even suppose about curling your hair to clearly suit earlier than including it in. This look will come what may work with straight hair.

You simply have to collect the hair to the half of and then fasten it with the bobby pins. Now connect the clip-on and then make certain that the complete clip has been positioned up collectively and seize it with the elastic. Now wrap up the more hairpieces around your wave half of ponytail. Make sure that you do fasten the greater hair with elastic.


So these have been a few of the amazing and best hairstyles which you would love to style all the time as the clip-on ponytail! Which one of these hairstyles is your favorite one?

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