The Five Personalities of a Brand

personalities of a brand

Looking at your area and seeing where your competition fit will be useful when building your own brand identity. If a professional and entertaining competitor already exists, there might be space for a sophisticated product. In certain lines of business, one dimension is the deciding factor when it comes to competing. Any hospital should be able to provide professional care. Any greeting card company should be serious about its approach. Combining the main character with a secondary feature is useful in this situation. 

A strong brand personality considers how ruggedness combines with other characteristics to produce interesting combinations. There’s a lot more to creating compelling and outstanding brands. Know that by the later part of the day a brand would tell something, make a decision, and take a stance – all in a strong voice.

There are many factors at stake when deciding whether a buyer prefers a certain brand above another. Some customers are strongly affected by social media branding that represents a brand personality that is compatible with their self-concept; in some instances, the relationship between the customer and the brand is built on the consumer’s ideal self instead of their real self.

There are five major dimensions of brand personality being used as a brand strategy that have a significant impact on how consumers respond to a brand. These 5 Dimensions are as follows:  Brand Competence, Brand Sincerity, Brand Excitement, Brand Sophistication, and Brand Ruggedness. Most companies prefer using a brand personality to convey their brand identity and make the marketing process easier. Let’s take a look at each of these dimensions individually.


personalities of a brand

1. Brand Competence

Let’s start with the first dimension to develop a brand called brand competence. When customers want a task completed excellently and to a professional level, they choose brands with brand competence. They want to be recognized as market leaders and prove their dedication to excellence. Some of the characteristics associated with this personality are being reliable, intelligent, successful, innovative, experienced, and hardworking. Is there a more powerful brand personality to encompass expertise and reliability?

There has never been a brand marketing project in which the client didn’t disagree the very first moment they saw the word “competence” to assert that, of course, they were capable. The consumers are experts in their fields, but that isn’t what we’re talking about when we talk about the brand personality attribute of proficiency.

Brands that handle important issues, such as financial firms, insurance providers, logistics companies, and healthcare brands, are frequently found in the competence column. The New York Yankees and Microsoft are two examples of this.

2. Brand Sincerity

Consumers love the brands that are associated with brand sincerity because they are simple and credible. This brand is mostly about offering comprehensive expertise and promoting their company and what they have to offer by combining real-life experiences with facts. Honesty, genuineness, wholesomeness, warmth, realness, cheerfulness, and friendliness are some of the characteristics associated with this.

With too many promotional avenues open to a corporation nowadays, from conventional print to social media ads, the consumer is more critical than ever of a company’s actual sincerity.

Consumers are deluged with brand messaging every day of their lives, with social networking engagement outlets filled with exclusive event advertisements, coupons, and contests to receive free goods or services. Sadly, so much of these advertising campaigns are of very little value to customers, cheapening market opinion as to whether brand sincerity is something of an ironic statement than an achievable personality attribute for a business.

Family, fellowship, childcare, gifting, support, respect, and kindness are all aspects that make you feel good. Sincerity is a quality that many health, hospitality, and security brands strive to achieve.

3. Brand Sophistication

Luxury and supremacy are combined in brands of this personality. They represent the lifestyle that their customers want and, when they can afford it, will be their first preference from many. 

Classy, sophisticated, upper-class, eternal, and beautiful are characteristics synonymous with this personality. We always learn that the brands in which we operate are both elegant and intricate – but that is not the concept at work.

Sophistication reaches through all ranges, but it is typically seen at the higher end of the market spectrum. Hermes, Apple, Mercedes, Channel, and Nescafe are examples of high-end products.

4. Brand Excitement

Brands that generate brand excitement provide consumers with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. They like to take their audience on a trip with them that can bring them to learn something different, and they are also adept at building a lot of excitement about a good or service. 

With vibrant ads, high-octane style, and celebrity endorsements, exciting brands also cater to a younger audience. Daring, spirited, creative, cool, special, contemporary, and anti-establishment are all words that come to mind when describing these labels.

Nike, MTV, T-Mobile, Vice, and Tik Tok are only a few examples of products that come into the section of excitement.

5. Brand Ruggedness

Brand ruggedness is all about highlighting their customers’ power and strength while still emphasizing an adventurous, nature-centered aspect. Stiff, strong, muscular, rough, and adventurous are characteristics associated with this personality.

Rugged companies are those that are built to last, those that are tough and outdoorsy and can take a pounding and keep ongoing.  Rugged brands can be found in the building projects and equipment, outdoor and sports, and automobile industry. These are brands that are devoted, genuine, strong, masculine, and high-quality.

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