The Ideal Configuration of Standard Closing Wheels

Standard Closing Wheels
Standard Closing Wheels

When using standard closing wheels with planters and tractor, there are various combinations and configuration that you can employ. Depending upon the no-til, weather and soil conditions, there is a various farming practice that the producers use in the farmland.  There is various agriculture equipment including corn planter closing wheels made from steel that is used for attaining higher yield and maximizing productivity.

Various Combinations and Configurations of Standard Closing Wheels.

Some of the combinations of spike closing wheels in no-till soil that the planters can adapt and include in the no-till soil conditions:

1. Single spike wheel and single press wheel

Here, one spike wheel is employed with the single press wheel alongwith the planter. The rubber wheel is helpful for firming one sidewall and at the same time prevent quick drying. On the other hand, the spike wheel ensures that there is enough fracturing of the other sidewall so that the seed trench can be properly closed.  This results in faster and easy germination and the emergence of the grains.

However, when employing a single spike wheel with a single press wheel, proper adjustment of the distance should be maintained between the two wheels. This configuration is said to be most appropriate for minimum-tillage soils where the climatic conditions leave the soil relatively dry, cool and moist.

2. Two standard closing wheels

When there are no-till conditions of the soil, then the configuration that is most suitable is that of the two standard closing wheels. The use of two standard closing wheels will create a more aggressive setup. It will help in improving the proper closing of a trench in cool, wet soil. Here, sidewalls on both sides will be fractured to eliminate any compaction. Usually,  when two spike wheels are used together, the result is a higher yield.

3. Using two standard closing wheels along with a drag chain

The producers can use two spike standard closing wheels along with the drag chain that is optional to level the crumbled soil. Drag chains are affordable and are very easy-to-install on the planter. They can lead to a better impact on the soil. As a result, the soil will be warmed more and consistently leading to faster germination of the seed.

4. Using two standard closing wheels along with a firming wheel

A firming wheel can be used in place of a drag chain in the planter. Here a firming wheel is used that trails the closing wheels to firm the seed bed and create an ideal seed-to-soil contact. This results in better germination and emergence of the seeds.

How to enhance the performance of standard closing wheels

Before planting the seeds, it is necessary to check the maintenance requirement if any. At the same time, it is necessary to check for the worn brackets. The presence of worn brackets can cause misalignment. Apart from this, ensure that the bearings are in ideal conditions and good shape.

Things to take care of

  • Verify that the standard closing wheels connected to the planter have the same distance from the centre of the row.
  • You need to adjust the closing wheel arm to make it run at a level. Ensure that it is absolutely in the centre and over the seed slot. This can be done by dipping the arm of the standard closing wheel’s at the rear, especially when you are running one spike wheel along with a smaller smooth wheel. In case the arm is of the closing wheel appears to be too low at the back, then the gathering action of the standard closing wheel is reduced.  At times it is done to the point whereby the standard closing of the seed trench becomes impossible.
  • Even if you are using the best quality closing wheel, there is a need to adjust the downforce for enhancing the soil condition. In fact, downforce can be set from low- to mid-range for maintaining adequate closing pressure.
  • The seed furrow should be closed properly and ideally using residue-free soil, This is required to eliminate the chances for air pockets. This can be attained with the help of using a row cleaner.  It is best suited for the soil conditions when using standard closing wheels.
  • Do not let be in a hurry to plant the seeds prior to the ideal planting periods. The desire to plant early may not result in positive result always. To plant the seed, the temperature of the soil should be around 50 F or may be rapidly rising to that mark.
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