Best Things to Do in the City of Armenia Colombia

Things to Do in the City of Armenia

Hey, guys!! Plan your itinerary to the Colombian city of Armenia, now. What if your kids want to see some magnificent views of the Quindio Botanical Garden or want to take a memorable stroll at the Bolivar Plaza of Armenia? Take their suggestions, maybe they are wishing to take sweet selfies around the coffee theme park of Armenia, Parque Del Café.

Everything that they want to see or you want to see, is here in Armenia, Colombia. From charming theme parks to artistic blessed museums, this South American city is waiting for you with open arms. Don’t waste your time now, folks!! Book tickets from the Avianca Airlines official site and get tickets at comparatively low rates.

Things to Do in the City of Armenia Colombia

Admire art at Museo del Oro Quimbaya

For an art lover, the Museo del Oro Quimbaya can prove to be the best destination to admire an amazingly large collection of pre-Colombian artifacts. They can take knowledge and click pictures with various kinds of portraits. Its impressive collection includes fine works from the pre-Columbian Quimbaya civilization, Embera, and some other Amerindian tribes. So, folks!! Are you ready to take a deep dive into the antique world of Colombian culture? Yes? Then book tickets to the venue now for your entire family and friends.

It doesn’t matter if you are a history enthusiast or not, you just have a curiosity to know about the rich history and culture of the region you are visiting. Guys! Your time is passing. Go to the official site of Avianca Airlines now and get exciting offers with low-cost flight tickets.

Explore Bolivar Plaza

Get everything fascinating, here in Plaza de Bolivar!! Trendy restaurants, illuminating malls, and traditional shops, all lined up here in Bolivar Plaza. Visitors get scenic views of the city and admire its luring culture and heritage.

The plaza is specially designed for tourists and gatherers to chill around with their buddies and family. More often, outsiders recommend visiting the square with their children. Want to experience the outstanding ambiance of this thriving square? Then book Avianca Flight tickets now and get to see this amazing place at fewer ticket costs.

Stroll through Fundadores Park

What about an amazing idea to stroll around the beautiful Fundadores Park? Situated at the center of downtown Armenia, the park is the best destination to take a pleasant stroll with kids and your life partner. The park is not grand, but it gives some exciting grand vibes.

Everyone wants to have quality time with their family, away from workload and daily stresses. Maybe it is your call now!! Grab this wonderful opportunity to walk around the greenish blanket of the park and make cherish able memories. Everyone wants to visit this park and you should too, guys!! Go to the Avianca Airlines Booking portal now to book tickets for your family.

Tour around Café La Morelia

Popular for its coffee processing plant, Visitors always recommend taking an amazing tour around the Café La Morelia!! Plan a perfect day touring at this coffee park and get immense knowledge about its cultivation and processing. You can also know about many interesting facts associated with its consumption by an average American native, and much more.

Visitors are given an exciting opportunity to discover its coffee plantation sites and facilities where coffee beans are processed in such a way that their flavor and aroma remain intact. Aren’t you interested to know about the hidden facts of this beverage? If you want to know, then book Avianca Airlines flight tickets for your entire family and get to see what you deserve.

Know about Historical Cathedral Inmaculada Concepción

A beautiful church in the town square, the Cathedral Inmaculada Concepción is no less than a legendary location of the city of Armenia. Visitors get spellbound by its classic concept and wonderful construction. Ask out your loved ones and visit this beautiful Cathedral which will add a topping to your itinerary.

This journey would be incomplete without paying a visit to the Cathedral Inmaculada Concepcion with your family. You will get a plus point to visit this cathedral as the Plaza de Bolivar is just next to it. So, folks!! Don’t wait for anymore. Book Avianca Flight now and get the best travel experiences at less ticket cost.

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