Essential Tips to Keep in Mind While Designing Kitchen

Designing Kitchen
Designing Kitchen

Kitchen is not just a place to cook but they are the soul of the house, as says Jerome Buttrick, the famous interior designer. If you really think about it, he is absolutely right. Unlike old times, today’s kitchens are more than just a place to cook. In today’s time, kitchen is a place where people sit and talk to each other, use it as a place to eat and work side wise. Therefore, kitchen must be designed in a way that helps people connect with each other along with providing ideal space for cooking, storing kitchen stuff and eating. Few essential tips to keep in mind while designing kitchen are:

The Kitchen Triangle

If you did not know already, the stove, sink and fridge area make up the kitchen triangle. An ideal kitchen must be designed keeping the kitchen triangle in mind. According to popular opinion, the sum of legs present in a kitchenat a time must be between 10 to 25 feet. An area lesser than that might be too congested and an area bigger than that might be too big to move and cook efficiently.

Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen tiles are one of the most prominent features of the kitchen and takes up most of the area of the kitchen that is visible. The right color and design of the tiles is exactly what make the view of the kitchen enjoyable or boring. In order to enjoy cooking and do it as something you like rather than a burden, your kitchen must be a pleasant view to your eyes. Therefore, right color schemes and style will help make your kitchen vibrant and beautiful.

Some of the beautiful tile colors and patterns are plain colors, mix of light colors or contrasts of white with a bold vibrant color such as navy blue. The design can also be as different as you like from plain beautiful one color tiles to a patchwork of multi-colored tiles. In the end, it all depends on your liking and preference and what view is pleasant to your eyes while you cook.


When you design your kitchen, budget is one of the key factors that must be taken under consideration beforehand. It is not important that a lot of money makes everything beautiful. Limited budgets can also bring out beautiful kitchen areas but budget does not always mean cheap choices. A cheap choice is not always budget friendly as it may cost you double when it gets ruined and takes up your saving at repair. Therefore, wise choices must be made and important investments should be made keeping long-term investment in mind.

Drawers and Cupboards

The height and width of the cupboards in the kitchen must be kept keeping your kitchenware in mind. If you own appliances with bigger heights, then you can make great use of big long heighted cupboards at the top of the kitchen. It will not only help in storage but also add detail to your kitchen and you can make effective use of all the cornered spaces in the kitchen.


The right amount and type of lighting in the kitchen is essential for enjoying cooking and having a pleasant environment. Very dim or very bright lights both can be useless and therefore, proper type and amount of light should be installed. The lighting should be bright enough to see everything and subtle enough to not be a problem to the eyes.

Avoid slippery floors

One of the biggest concerns while selecting floor tiles or whatever material you select is that it should not be slippery so that you can save yourself from any accident while cooking.

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