Top 10 CMS Features You Need To Know

CMS Features
Top 10 CMS Features You Need To Know

In the current digital age, having a website is no longer considered a luxury as it has become the need of the situation. This is the reason more and more businesses are deciding to have one in order to have an online presence and to expand their reach far and wide. However, it is equally important to choose the right platform to build the website but because of the continuously increasing demand for having a website, the number of CMS are also increasing.

This raises the challenge of choosing the correct CMS platform that can suit your business requirements because going with the wrong one can possibly be the biggest mistake that you don’t want to make. Well, before jumping to any conclusion, let us talk about some of the must-have CMS features that people essentially look for in a digital experience. 

Top 10 CMS Features You Need To Know

Convenient Content Creation 

If you try to break down the term content management system, you will understand that it is supposed to help you manage the content which means it will enable you to create, edit and publish the content on the site. The content on the website can range from bite-sized content which includes ebooks, reports, etc to the kind of content that includes a blog, article, or even a complete landing page. So, to enjoy the advantage of publishing the content easily, the CMS should have user-friendly backends and tools. 

Powerful Publishing Tools

Just like the content, publishing tools are equally important. A good CMS adapts to any kind of content be it short ones or longer articles with custom layouts that can also handle the SEO, content tagging, and videos within the publishing interface. Powerful publishing tools make the content easy to read and understand even for the not-so-tech-savvy users. 

Role-Based and Easy Administration

When you have a big team working under you, it becomes important to have control over who can access the content management system as it helps to prevent vulnerabilities. This happens mostly with enterprise-level businesses as they deal with content marketing so you should choose a CMS that gives you enough flexibility to make the customizable user management smoother. 

Supreme Security 

To consider a CMS effective, it should provide security benefits because vulnerabilities like cyber-attacks and security breaches are prevalent these days. Considering the continuous growth in the digital scenario, these security threats will be prevailing in the future as well. So, you should choose a content management system that comes with all the necessary security modules. This can help you safeguard your website in the longer run.

Multilingual Capabilities 

In this global business scenario, nobody wants to limit their business inside their own country’s borders and this is the reason more and more businesses are investing to have a multilingual website. Because it expands the business by making the website understandable to a larger audience. So, you should choose a CMS that supports multilingual content and editing tools. The more people can understand your content, the more engagement you will get on the website and this directly results in increased conversions.

In-Built SEO Tools

Google changes its algorithm every then and now and at times it becomes harder to keep up with it and this can negatively impact your ranking on search engine results pages. So, to be relevant in the current digital scenario, it is important that the CMS that you choose should have in-built tools that include SEO analysis, content search engine optimization, and user-friendly URLs. 

Flexible Layout Building 

It takes a personal touch to differentiate between just a corporate website and an unforgettable user experience. So, you should look for a content management system that allows quick and efficient creation of personalized landing pages. Besides, the CMS should have a dedicated layout builder that can conveniently create visual layouts that can display the content in all the languages. 

Seamless Integration 

You should choose a content management system that can give you ample flexibility so that you can integrate with any tool and technology. Hence, this demands a CMS that is scalable enough to grow as your business grows and can be ensured in a CMS that is continuously updated and checked. Along with that, the CMS should also provide ongoing support as it decreases the chances of vulnerabilities.

Detailed Analytics 

Google Analytics is the most commonly used practice to track the performance and the traffic of the website. So, it is important to act upon it in order to be relevant in the marketplace and this can be ensured by making the content relevant and meaningful. To choose the right CMS, you should look for a platform that has built-in analytics and the ability to integrate with high-end analytics tools mainly Google Analytics. So, you can track the performance indicators straight from your dashboard. For ECBA certification to enter into business analysis visit here.


Scalability is one such feature that can’t be ignored so the CMS you choose should support and manage multiple websites at the same time. So, this makes it important for your CMS to grow as your business expands and it should also be able to use the functionality in the future. Make sure the content management system that you choose could be interconnected and can be seamlessly integrated with ease.

These are the top CMS features that you need to know. Now, if you’re wondering which are the best CMS platforms to build a feature-rich, professional website, well, there are many but WordPress and Drupal are the most popular ones. But to make the most out of these CMS technologies, you need an extra hand of help from professionals.

Well, Auxesis Infotech is one of the leading web development agencies that specialize in all sorts of CMS development, particularly Drupal and WordPress. Under WordPress and Drupal development serviceswe offer an extensive range of services that include website development, theme development, plugin development, maintenance & support, and more. 

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