Top 10 All Time Best Movies From Hollywood to Watch Now

best Movies From Hollywood

Well, what distinguishes a movie buff from a normal human is the whole deck of stories that become the part of former. So if you too are a movie aficionado, here is the list of top 10 movies of all time from Hollywood to ascend your movie playlist, so what are you waiting for, just go and watch it. The list is the blend of some classic movies and some movies which are trending but depicts the whole new level of brilliance.

Here goes the list of Top 10 Movies of all Time from Hollywood:


Top 10 Movies of all Time

This movie deserves no introduction and is counted amongst the most popular movies of Hollywood. This tragic drama defines love in the purest form. Though the ending is quite unhappy fan theories have come up with several different interpretations. Released in 1997, the movie features Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as the main leads.

This Romantic drama is awarded Oscars in 14 different categories and is a commercially and critically acclaimed movie. Apart from being one of top 10 movies of all time, it is also counted amongst the top highly grossing Hollywood movies. The film is so popular that its 3D version has been released back in April 2012.


Top 10 Movies of all Time

Image: Hotstar

Starting with the all-time favorite, beauty and the beast tops our list of the most popular Hollywood movies. We know you are already in love with this drama presented well in the anime movie with the same name, but watching this 2017 love drama is surely alluring. This is one of the best renditions of the classic story of the beauty and the beast. Emma Stone is a total show stealer and enacts the perfect belle who sings quite well. If you too are a romantic movie fanatic, then Beauty and the Beast is a total glee.


Top 10 Movies of all Time

Image: HollywoodReporter

The movie is the adaption from the 1986 novel with the same name written by Winston Groom. This movie Starred Tom Hanks who played the role of a person with low IQ but surely knows how to love will melt your heart. The movie is one of the best portrayals of the message “anyone can love anyone” and hits hard if you are too into rom-coms. It is one of the best inspirational depictions too. So if you are one big fan of Tom Hanks, this movie is a complete bliss. So what are you waiting for, just go and watch it?


Top 10 Movies of all Time

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Quite a popular amongst the top 10 Hollywood anime movies, Zootopia is surely amongst the must-watch. If you aren’t a big fan of anime movies yet, Zootopia will surely make you a “STAN”. We expected it to be good, but it surely surpasses all our expectations. The movie is the complete potpourri of several different elements including fun, visual effects and many more. It is quite popular amongst all age groups and is one of the finest proofs of Hollywood brilliance.


Top 10 Movies of all Time

Image: Indiewire

If you haven’t watched the jungle book yet, you are seriously missing out on good things in life. The movie features the foretold story of the jungle boy Mowgli, but Disney’s Jungle book is always fun to watch. The story revolves around the lost boy Mowgli who was raised by the group of wild animals and is setting out on the adventure to evade the ferocious tiger. The good direction with amazing effects and a little boy who played Mowgli, everything features perfection. Being one of the top 10 movies of all time, it is a must watch movie that will bring back the memories of good old days of storytelling.


Top 10 Movies of all Time

Image: Comicbook

If films are to be described not as per the genre but as per cuisine, then Deadpool is surely the delectable tapestry of all. Full of action, romance, comedy, serious drama, this movie is surely amongst the most favorite of all Hollywood movies. Superheroes are often associated with some serious drama, but No…No… Deadpool has hot some grool (great and cool) attitude.

Breaking the entire stereotypical superhero image, Deadpool is funny and dirty at the same time, sexy and seriously violent at the same time, unlike other Marvel heroes. It has added a whole new flair to superhero image. If you haven’t already watched it, you are seriously missing out a lot.

A special mention of Deadpool 2 too…


Top 10 Movies of all Time

Image: Nerdist

Quite a popular amongst best-animated movies of Hollywood, Frozen surely tops the chart of popular movies for all age group. From a toddler to a mature adult, frozen will surely make you cry. The story revolves is total “heart-melt” constituting several different elements of pure love, be it the love of a sister for a sister or the love of a pet for its owner and several others. The movie is also included amongst the highly grossed movies of Hollywood and gained quite recognition worldwide.


Top 10 Movies of all Time

Image: Youtube

What makes Iron Man 3 a total standout of the former two parts and why you should watch it? Well, the reason can be stated in one line or just in one word, because of ROBERT DOWNEY Jr. If you are an iron man fanatic too and have followed it from the very beginning, you are already convinced to watch this, but if you haven’t, please stop reading this and go watch it.

This bring one of the top 10 movies of all time is a complete masterpiece with the star himself, the movie is the perfect portrayal of marvel brilliance. Gaining worldwide recognition, it has already been listed amongst the highly grossed Hollywood movies worldwide.


best Movies From Hollywood

Image: Thekingdominsider

There are three different kinds of people, one who belongs to the category of being absolute perfection during their early days, other to the category that ages well and then there’s Johnny Depp, one of the absolute masterpiece of God. The only reason you should watch this entire series is that of Johnny Depp but if you need more, it has got the whole deck of action. It is one of the most popular Hollywood series belonging to the fictional adventure genre.

10. To all the boys I’ve loved before

best Movies From Hollywood

Image: Buzzfeed

You probably haven’t seen it yet or are totally drooled over it. A new Netflix movie of 2018, “to all the boys I’ve loved” is probably a masterpiece of its own kind. Featuring Noah Centenio (who is currently the sensational heartthrob of the internet) and Lana Condor, the movie is an absolute bliss to watch and will melt your heart over Peter Kavinsky’s (the role played by Noah Centenio) cuteness. So if you’ve already watched it, just log in to Netflix and watch this beautiful romantic drama and thank us later.

So grab your bucket of popcorn and start binge-watching all these top 10 movies of all time of Hollywood.

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