Top 5 Hospitals of India You Must Know

Hospitals of India
Hospitals of India

Seeing today’s condition and observing the environment of today’s world we can easily see how important hospitals are now. From a normal cough to a major critical situation we go through the hospitals. And life would be impossible without hospitals now. During this period of covid19 hospitals are nonstop working to save every life and struggle a lot for those who are infected by this virus.

There are many well-equipped and super-specialized hospitals in India and you might have heard names because they took a high prestige and continuously made an effort to maintain the trust of citizens. Doctors, nurses are the real heroes who fight against this virus so bravely. If we are discussing the best hospital in India it is difficult to list them but we will see some of them. Hospitals are the center of life where the patient hopes to live again. So let’s see some of the hospitals in India and know what’s amazing inside them. 

1.All India Institute of medical science :

 It was established in 1956 and it was a dream project of 1st prime minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru. This institution always strives to offer the best medical students to India. This is a government and autonomous institution always on top of India’s super specialized hospitals. From all over Indian and also from foreign it’s the center of attraction for medical students. Aiims has the highest number of patients in India. This is the dream of every doctor to come and work here.

Great infrastructure, great faculty, adorable treatment. Aiims has always been the priority of the majority of citizens. Currently, there are 22AIIMs functional in 22different cities of India. The treatment is also provided at affordable prices but the only things which hit are the crowds in these hospitals. If you have patience then you are ready to get the best treatment.

Top 5 hospitals of India you must know

2.Medanta the medicity :  

This is another medical institution of India that was founded in the year 2009 by Dr. Naresh Trehan a brilliant cardiovascular and cardiothoracic surgeon. With his immense effort, he provides India with this renowned hospital, which is not only famous in our country but also in other countries. This is located in Gurgaon, Haryana which spreads over 43 acres. Many facts which you should know about Medanta is that this is the first Indian hospital to provide robot surgeries in cardiology, urology, and gynecology.

The main motive of establishing this super-specialized hospital is to provide world-class healthcare facilities to Indian people at affordable prices. This also includes a research center and nursing school. This hospital was honored by Asia’s first bloodless bone marrow transplant healthcare global enterprises in 2009 for best multispeciality. Not only this but also the first to introduce air ambulance which is popularly known as ‘flying doctors India’ in the year 2013.

Hospitals of India

3.The Christian medical college:

From 1900 up to now, this institution popularly known as CMC (the Christian medical college) had to struggle a lot and now we can see the fruitful result of the immense hard work of Dr. Ida Sophia an American who started with a small dispensary in Vellore Tamil Nadu with only a single bed clinic. With her great efforts, leadership, and direction this institution flourished and now took place in the list of best hospitals in India.

This is a nonprofit organization with a motto of ‘not to be ministered unto, but to minister’ means not to be served but to serve in simple words. This institution is run by the Christian community to provide better healthcare to India. CMC hold many significant achievements let’s have a look at some of them :

Achievements of CMC

  • In 1946 CMC opened the first college of nursing in India.
  • India’s first successful kidney transplant was performed by doctors of CMC in 1971.
  • In 1948, Another added to its glory the bright doctors of CMC were the first in the whole world who performed reconstructive surgery for leprosy

This great CMC private institution included 67 wards, 92 clinics, and staff of around 2000 doctors and 2000 nurses. This is prominent for serving advanced treatment for diagnostic,  therapeutic services. And around 185 operations are performed daily. This not only gives importance to prominent treatment but also gives importance to less prominent treatment like rehabilitation, psychiatry, palliative care and also providing continuous primary and secondary health care to local communities. 

Top 5 hospitals of India you must know

4.PGIMER(Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and research:

This institution of medical science in Chandigarh is one of the prominent government hospitals in our country. This was planned in 1960, established in 1962, and inaugurated by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in 1963. PGIMER holds a marvelous history. It provides post-graduation, under graduation, doctoral courses in various categories of medical, paramedical, nursing with great specialization. PGIMER  ranked 2nd in medical college 2020 by the national institutional ranking framework.

The institution focuses on dealing with the problems of rural, community environmental health. There is no effort left on the part of staff to maintain the reputation and growth in the institution. This offers more than 50 plus medical courses. The combined coordination of doctor, staff, health care worker, make it count among the best in India. PGIMER is the leading and prominent hospital in north zone India. 

Top 5 hospitals of India you must know

5.Apollo hospital

There is no one left who hasn’t heard the name of this hospital. From kids to super seniors all have the name of this hospital in their tongue. This renowned hospital was founded by Pratap C. Reddy in the year 1983 around 38 years ago with a vision to provide world-class health service within the economic and geographical reach of a common man. There are many branches of this hospital all around India.

But the first branch of this institution took place in Chennai and was inaugurated by then-president Zail Singh. In India’s south and middle east region, it serves. Apollo heart institute is one of the best heart institutions in India. Apollo institutions hold around 10000 beds in 70 hospitals and around 4000 pharmacies. And also 148 telemedicine’s across 13 countries. 

Top 5 hospitals of India you must know

Final words

In this article, we overview of 5 top best hospitals of India one should know about how India continuously touches the sky in medical science. So I think this helps you in reminding. Thank you for staying tuned with me.  

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