Understand the Power of Online Stores to Woo Physical Stores Shoppers

Online Stores

Retail stores have been around for a very long time while online shopping stores are a newer trend but they are growing fast and becoming a global culture. With the innovation of online shopping stores, there is a constant battle going on in the mind of every person who wishes to purchase something and that is online shopping vs in store shopping.

Of course, people were not having the confusion of offline vs online shopping a few decades ago and you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to compare and see what suits you better. Even in friends the topic of offline vs online shopping is often a debate. To settle the dispute of offline vs online shopping one thing that you need to keep in your mind is what sort of purchases you wish to do and do you need it immediately or not.

Online Shop vs Physical Store

The experience of online shops vs physical stores is a completely different world. When you are in a physical store you can see and touch different products you have an idea of its quality. When you enter a physical store you see a lot of items and you have to take a look at them and then decide what suits you the best.

Many online shopping stores hustle to make their store user friendly, you can have a good experience by checking out a store online and viewing all its items within a glimpse. Not just the shopping experience is different for the customer from an online shop vs a physical store but the challenges and goals are also a little different for the seller. Shopping online vs in store is good for customers or not is dependent on the requirements of the customer, not the store.

Power of Physical Store

physical store

In the endless online shopping versus in store shopping debate, there are some facts about install shopping that no one can deny are appealing to any customer.

  • People love the way they can rely on retail shopping by seeing and touching the products to ensure that the quality is up to their expectations or not. People are often concerned that if they order something online it might look different when it is delivered to them.
  • Some people just love the idea of going shopping as it makes their mood better and they feel happy.
  • Some people are annoyed by the time it takes for the products to get delivered that are ordered online and therefore for instant gratification they prefer to visit the physical store.
  • Shipping costs make people avoid online shopping because they add up to the overall product cost.
  • Most people do not purchase very valuable things online because they do not trust people with their payment method information or they also are concerned that the quality of the valuable product will be up to the mark or not.

Power of Online Stores

Online Store

If you are wondering what are the superpowers that online stores possess to woo the customers of physical stores in the shopping online vs in store battle. Online marketers do their level best to overcome all the hurdles that come in the way of a customer when they try to make a shop online. They use different strategies to attract the customers towards the online shopping option.

Things that attract customers

Some of the things that attract customers to shop online are mentioned below:

  • Online stores provide big discounts on products especially on festive occasions to attract customers towards them.
  • Online stores also give discounts if you buy things in a bundle they offer their customers well-defined deals that they can benefit from.
  • As the shipping costs are one of the biggest hurdles that prevent the customers from making and online purchases different successful websites provide clients with free shipping if they purchase things above a certain amount.
  • Online stores offer exciting events that allow sellers to show more products to customers. They often hold comparative competitions and display the winning products allowing customers to prefer them as they purchase through the site.
  • Many online stores don’t require you to purchase whatever they already have but they also allow you to customize your order and therefore you can get a product that is best suited for your needs, for example, you can get a necklace that has your name on it.
  • Online stores also offer their loyal customers special discounts that make loyal customers feel like they are valued by the sellers.
  • Some online stores also offer fast delivery at a little higher shipping cost for clients that wish to have instant gratification. In this way, the clients don’t have to wait for days to receive their products.
  • Online stores hire celebrities to promote their stores through advertisements that inspire people to purchase from them too.


Now that you have a complete idea about online shopping vs in store shopping is completely the consumers choice and all that a store can do is to provide the customer with maximum convenience to shop from them. Shopping online vs in store shopping is just an endless debate but the best conclusion that you can draw from the entire discussion is that no matter if you sell online or in a retail store you constantly have to put in efforts for better client satisfaction.

The seller is always responsible to provide his blind with the best possible quality product at the least possible price so that clients keep on visiting their line of a physical store to buy more. One of the take-home tips is that you must always make your loyal customers feel important so that they not only remain loyal towards your store but also spread the favorable word of mouth to attract more customers towards your store. You need to stay up to date with the changes in the sale and purchase patterns of the world so that you can follow them and keep up your pace.

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