URL Optimization – Why It Is Important and How It Can Be Done

URL Optimization
URL Optimization

For the success of an online business, everyone has to be focused on the search engine optimization practices for topmost ranking in the search engine results. It helps them in attracting more traffic to the website for generating numerous leads. Here, you have to check out lots of things and optimize the website accordingly perfect for keeping it SEO-friendly. Optimization of URL is one of these essential tasks.

URL – An Introduction

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. It is a kind text which acts like a readable technical address of a website or web page. Mainly it is useful in replacing numerical addresses in technical languages and turn complicated tasks into easier ones.

By using such an address or numerical values, a computer or system is going to get connected with servers and showcase the website. URL is structured with the addition of different elements such as –

  • Protocol
  • Domain name
  • Path of a page or post

If you focus on the protocol, then it is described with two terms, HTTP and HTTPS. Both terms are highlighting secure and not-secure elements. “S” in protocol term indicates the security element. In case you have an SSL certificate, then your URL appears by leading with HTTPS protocol. 

Example of URL:

  • Not secure – http://domainname.com/path/
  • Secure – https://domainname.com/path/

A domain name is the main address of your website. The URL of all your web pages or posts are created by using that particular domain name and associated protocol.

URL Optimization – An Introduction

URL Optimization is the way by which you can focus on some modification and proceed by creating a perfect and an SEO-friendly URL. Optimization tips will allow you to make such a thing easier and get some beneficial results quickly. It will help you in managing URL and SEO related activities perfectly.

Better User Experience

A properly optimized URL is easy to read and remember. It makes things easier for both search engines and humans. Search engines find it SEO-friendly and help by boosting the rank. In case the humans can easily remember it, then they may visit your website again and again. You should try to create a URL by which the users can easily estimate the page and information shared on it.


If your URL is designed and written perfectly, then it can work as an anchor text on different types of online sources such as – blogs, social media networks, forums, and so on. It will be useful in creating backlinks for the website easily.

Tips For Optimizing URL

#1 URL Should Be Readable

In case the humans are not capable of reading your structured URL, then it will lead to a negative impact on the search engines as well. Due to such kind of negative elements, you may face lots of issues such as – difficult to get ranked. 

Everyone has to be careful when it comes to structure or create a URL. They have to be focused on lots of things like – keywords, readable, easy to understand, and rememberable. It is useful in attracting traffic and dominating the competitors as well.

Sometimes, people are going to set up a URL with the addition of some numbers or specific symbols. In reality, these factors are making your URL difficult to understand and create several issues. You should try to add some main words related to the topic by which visitors can easily understand it.

#2 Avoid Underscores And Consider Hyphens

For breaking the words to structure a good URL, you have to use a symbol between two words. This specific symbol is going to be a hyphen instead of an underscore. As per the search engine guidelines, the bots and crawlers are programmed for reading and scanning hyphens or dashes rather than underscores.

In case you are going to use underscores for separating words while creating a URL, then you should work on it quickly. To gain high ranking-oriented results on search engines, you have to work as per the algorithms or guidelines of the search engines. Otherwise, you may not get success in achieving the desired objectives quickly.

#3 No Capitalization

All you have to keep one thing in mind, your all practices and activities should be use-friendly. A similar thing is going to happen with the textual appearance of a URL. Most commonly, you may find the use of capitalization textual formats for showcasing or highlighting something important or main factors in a piece of content.

When it comes to the URL, then things are going to be changed quickly. Here, you cannot choose the option of capital letters while creating a URL. The availability of capital letters in URL makes it difficult to read and remember for both search engines & visitors.

#4 Block Bad URLs

No one wants to get penalized by the search engine and block their opportunities for getting traffic and success. Sometimes, the website owners are not paying attention to the URL structure and formation carefully. As a result, they make a big mistake where the same kind of content starts displaying on multiple and different types of URLs.

Here, the duplicate content or problematic URL issue reports by the search engine bots. In both conditions, you may face unfavorable actions from the search engine ends. You have to optimize the URLs carefully by which it can get indexed by the bots perfectly.

#5 Addition Of Mobile URLs To Sitemap

All website owners want to see their websites and URLs at the top of search results. It can be possible by focusing on specific guidelines and some basic principles. As per the search engine guidelines, mobile-friendly pages are more preferable as compared to the standard web pages.

In case you are strategizing the URL optimization plans, then you should not forget to add mobile-friendly URLs to the website sitemap or structure. It will be helpful in getting ranked quickly and get some additional benefits easily.

#6 Don’t Forget About Favicon

While building a brand or business image, then logos are playing an important role. A similar thing is going to happen with your URL in the case of SEO. By uploading a favicon, you are capable of providing an identity to the URL. Favicon is going to be displayed at the top of the browser’s tab. Along with it, favicon also represents your website on the bookmark bars. Search engines like Google and Bing always prefer these websites more as compared to the other ones.

#7 301 Redirection

With the help of 301 redirections, you are capable of sorting out lots of issues and work perfectly. Mainly it will be useful in getting traffic from two different URLs to a single page. It will be useful in eliminating the duplicate content issue and also keep your old and high ranking URLs live on the internet without any issue.

#8 Addition Of Target Keywords

While focusing on SEO practices, everyone has to be taking some specific keywords. The website traffic is highly based on the keywords that you are going to target for getting ranked. To increase the ranking probabilities and achieve success quickly, you can add your main keywords to the URL.

Having the main target keyword in the URL will increase credibility, relevancy, and reliability in front of the search engine. To implement such an SEO practice, you can focus on anything like – creating new pages or website blog articles. By paying attention to the expert’s web content writing tips, you can easily write SEO-friendly content and get ranked.

These are some major URL optimization tips by which you can easily strengthen your SEO strategy and drive the best ranking oriented results. To keep everything perfect, you can hire the best SEO experts and avail of the quality services. 

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