How Video Watermarking Solution Help Protect Your Online Course Content?

Video Watermarking Solution
Video Watermarking Solution

In this weblog, we tend to indite the way to defend your online course content, particularly videos, from being traced. Thus, let’s take a glance.

When it involves protective your online course videos, their area unit mixed needs – some individuals area unit involved concerning this, don’t care about accesses the fabric. However, several Video watermarking solution owner’s area units involved concerning protective Content to form positive you cannot trace it. This is often comprehendible for creators who’ve place loads of toil into their courses and don’t need valuable belongings being created out there publicly online.

So, let’s take a glance at a spread of tips and tricks to shield your online course content and videos.

1. Disabling Copy and Right-Click

The most straightforward and typical approach is disabling copy your Content. it’s done by pressing CTRL + C keys combination and Right-click. By disabling copy and Right-click, you’ll be able to keep your Content from being purloined for around eightieth of non-tech savvy stealers.

Usually, if you wish to disable any page, you simply ought to introduce several lines of code. However, WordPress has been such an out-of-this-world platform and has given you a straightforward resolution for each reasonable downside. With WordPress, you’ll be able to install one plugin and find your downside resolved merely.

2. Disable Direct URL Access

This is another technique you’ll be able to use to shield your online course content and videos. You’ll be able to disable direct URL access from file. This means nobody might be able to access your course video directly from the URL.

With direct access URL, guests will fetch any exact item like document, category, page, or perspective. With disabling direct URL access from. hatches, nobody will directly access your Content. It’ll not affect your video show on the website, however.

3. Use Video watermarking solution on Your Videos

This is the best and most interoperable idea has been successful till now for hundred percent results of revenue loss prevention. Being another helpful approach to form safe online video content. You’ll be able to add your name, brand, or website URL as a watermark in your Content and videos.

The motive behind adding a Video watermarking solution in your Content is to toss lightweight on the means you claim the Content. It provides the impact that you hope to be requested consent before anybody plans to use it. Thus, if somebody shares your Content lawlessly, there’ll be a watermark. It’s still you who will get the approval, credit, fans, and subsequent business, which will return from someone observance that Content.

4. Video Sharing Services

Video-Sharing Services is a straightforward and valuable technique to secure your online Content. you’ll be able to use a security methodology from massive school firms to produce the most security to your online Content. Keep that in mind you have got to pay a bit additional for this service each month. However, it will guarantee that nearly nobody will transfer your video because it may be an extremely advanced technique, only a few area units practiced to line it up. Following are a number of the most straightforward video sharing services that you’ll be able to use to shield your online Content.

5. Tools to visualize pirated Content

If you’re a blogger, teacher, student, marketer, academician, or in any analysis field, checking the individuality of your Content is essential. Therefore, we tend to area unit sharing two most illustrious tools to visualize pirated Content.

By finding out your item, it provides you with results instantly. You’ll be able to set them up together with your email conjointly. As they happen, the software will send it to your email. Thus, bloggers and vloggers will keep their content contemporary with net observation. Moreover, because it is obtainable by Google, it’s a free service as a part of several.


This was our war a number of the techniques on; however, you’ll defend your online course content and videos. Please let us know if you are looking for Video watermarking solution, so that are team will get back to you for further assistance. If you wish additional facilitate putting in place, running, protective an e-learning website, you’ll be able to enlist the assistance of our ninjas conjointly. Along, we will ensure your online courses run swimmingly and your Content stays safe.

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