Visa-Free Countries

Planning to Take a Trip? Consider These Visa-Free Countries with Your Indian Passport.

Travelling is something that we all look forward to as we get to experience different cultures, food and places from a new perspective.

But the thought of going through a number of visa applications can quickly bring an end to an exciting trip. Fret not! Did you know that several  countries allow Indians to travel without a visa or also avail of a visa on arrival?

Hence we have listed down visa free countries, what are the different types of visas you can avail and why you should opt for an international travel insurance to help you enjoy your trip without any hassles.

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What are Visa free countries?

Visa-free countries are the ones you don’t need a visa to travel to. There are a few countries as of 2021 that Indian passport holders can travel to without a visa. According to global rankings, the Indian passport is 84th rank in terms of freedom of travel. Let us take a look at some of the visa-free countries for Indians in 2021. 

List of Visa-free Countries

BhutanSerbiaVanuatuTurks and Caicos
NepalTrinidad and TobagoSvalbardEl Salvador
IndonesiaHaitiSaint Kitts and NevisMacau
JamaicaEcuadorSaint Vincent and the Grenadines

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What are the different types of Visas you can avail?

Type of VisaMeaning of the Visa
Visa on ArrivalVisa on arrival means that the traveller can get a visa on arriving at the destination country.
Visa-freeCountries that do not require specific country’s passport holders to obtain a visa at all
e-VisaThese are the types of visas that are sent to your email or you can download from the site. These are not sent to you in hard copies.
Entry PermitCountries issue an entry permit to their visitors instead of visas. This allows Indians to enter the country legally.

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Importance of Buying Travel Insurance for International Trips

Travel insurance is not a mandatory requirement while travelling to every country. But it’s recommended to opt for international travel insurance while visiting these visa free countries. However, it is preferred by most individual travellers as it provides protection in circumstances where you are unable to reach for help. Buying international travel insurance might seem unnecessary till you get stuck in a situation. Let us look at the benefits of buying travel insurance. 

1. Coverage for unexpected illness on the trip

Medical expenses are covered when you are travelling. Illnesses and ailments can come unannounced and you should be prepared for such emergencies. Hospitalization is covered along with other charges like room charges, treatment costs, and medical fees.

2. Flight Delays & intransit cancellations

In case of delays, you are covered with travel insurance! If you miss your connecting flight due to delays, then you are covered for that as well. 

3. Due to political unrest or natural disasters

There are some factors that are out of your control like natural calamities, strikes, or riots. These can cause curfew, shut down of airports and other instances which can cause you to miss your flights. It’s best to be insured to be protected in these cases. 

4. Loss of passport or other important documents

Visa and passports are the most important documents you need to possess when you are entering and exiting a country. If you have misplaced or lost these documents, you might take time to get temporary documents issued. Therefore having travel insurance helps in this case.

5. Loss of checked-in luggage

If you lose your baggage in a foreign land where you are dependent on the items in your bag, then it can be a major inconvenience. It is best to get this situation covered in case it arises.

Keeping these benefits that travel insurance has to offer, it is always best to opt for an international travel insurance. Ease your mind and enjoy your trip. Your travel insurance has got you covered .

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