10 Best Snacks From Around the World to Give a Try

Snacks Around the World

“Keep your friends close and your snacks closer”! How aptly this quote describes our love for snacks, well if you too are food-fanatic and totally into snacks, here is the list of some of the famous snacks from around the world that will surely entice you to travel for one pure love of food.

List of Best Snacks from Around the World


Snacks Around the World

Quite a popular snack throughout South America, Alfajores is primarily rooted from Argentina as the country claims to have totally drooled over this and is one of the biggest consumers of it. This international snack is made in several different ways all around the world, from corn flour to sweet butter, the Alfajores has its distinctive faces all around the world. The fillings also vary from region to region, while some prefer dulche de leche, some go with jam. It is one of the most popular and easy snacks from around the world. Have a bite of this biscuit and we are sure your taste buds will thank you forever.


Snacks Around the World

Ever heard of a comforting snack? Well we know for a foodie like you, everything is comforting as long as it is edible but Currywurst is one of the most popular comforting snacks from Germany. It is quite used as a complementary snack with Beer which automatically is topping its numbers in the culinary chart. Currywurst is the beautiful outcome of chopped pork sausage dipped in the thick tangy sauce of tomatoes and dusted beautifully with curry powder.

So don’t wait up grab your bottle of beer and enjoy it with its favorite complementary snack, Currywurst.


Snacks Around the World

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If you have ever been to China, your taste buds are already feeling nostalgic of the rich flavor of this one of the best snacks from around the world and if you have never been to China, you surely have missed this delight from China. In the lanes of Xinjiang whenever you see a cloud of smoke hanging over, just know the magical feast is prepared. Chuanr is the shish kebab, brushed with sesame oil, well marinated in the rich flavor of cumin seeds and chili flakes and is prepared by grilling over the hot coals. This traditional method adds its own flavor flair in Chuanr. Accompany this street snack with a cold beer and Thank us later.


Snacks Around the World

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Apart from towering architectural beauty, one thing which makes Egypt quite popular is Kunafa. Made with the finest noodle pastry, this cake is a total gourmet treat with cheese and cream filling. Not only is it made with the finest of elements that will entice your taste buds to immerse in its taste buds, it is served too with the sugar syrup, appetizing, isn’t it? The sweet is quite popular as the snack for the Ramadan all across the world, especially in Arabian countries.

Also, the snack is not primarily rooted in the lands of Egypt but has quite an extensive market in Egypt and is totally loved by its citizens.

Potato Chips

Snacks Around the World

Undoubtedly the queen of all the snacks, the potato chips is the culinary obsession of every second person in the world. The best thing is every country all around the world has its own distinctive flavor of this snack and yet every one of them is appetizing. Which is your favorite flavor of Potato chips?

Jerk Chicken

Snacks Around the World

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If you haven’t witnessed magic already, witness it being cooked on large Barbeque pits in Boston Bay of Jamaica. The traditional Jerk Chicken is smoked over the pimento wood wherein the pieces of chicken are laid on the top of the log of the tree directly. The chicken pieces are covered with the metal sheets and are smoked till the bones attain their “tender-state” with the aid of indirect heat cast by the smoldered coals beneath.

Pimento tree is famed for providing us with allspice and hence its sweet notes only add the complexity of delectable flavors to it. The rich tapestry of allspice berries, scotched bonnet peppers, fresh ginger, and green onions ascend its flavor when blended well. If you are a die-heart non-vegetarian, the Jerk Chicken is nothing less than a perfect bliss.

Pain Au Chocolat

snacks from around the world

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This French snack is quite popular for its rich sweet flavor. The lands of France are already popular for this architectural brilliance, artistry in the fashion domain, and sumptuous patisseries. A delight from the same, Pain Au Chocolat is a light pastry built of flaky dough with the blissful chocolate filling. This among the best snacks from around the world is quite popular for the breakfast meal wherein you can hop the complete basket of it or as the mid-morning snack, where we are pretty sure you can binge-eat them.

Pork Satay

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If you are more into street snacks, Thailand is your Paradise Pork Satay is its beautiful delight. Their appearance probably takes you to good old days of childhood when we all drool over the skewers, easy to carry and easy to play around, well the good news id pork satay’s skewers are delectable too. Cooked on the large grills over charcoal, these are served with peanut sauce along with vinegary cucumber salad. So grab pork satay and not just one of it because we assure you it’s a total glee for all food lovers.


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Two things that go apt with Pretzels are- First you are in love with Pretzels and second, you are head over heels in love with Pretzels. These are made of dough is quite a popular snack of a confectionary genre. Also what catches the attention is their atypical shape, which looks like a knot but is believed to be the portrayal of hands in prayers. Though they are now available in several shapes and sizes, seasoning and glazing, the traditional shape is what fascinates the most apart from its rich flavor.


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If you a big fan of Italian Cuisine, here is another addition to your culinary obsession, Arancini, one of best snacks from around the world. These are risotto balls which are deep fried and constitutes amazing filling including mozzarella (sounds so mouthwatering) and is often served with the all-time favorite, Tomato sauce.

Happy Snacking…!!!

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