10 Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors to Satisfy Your Tastebirds

Ice Cream Flavors

Before penning down the most popular ice cream flavors, let’s just start it with the famous quote that states, “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice-cream which is pretty much the same”. So true, isn’t it and if you too are a lover of this delectable dessert, let’s proceed with daydreaming of the top ten ice cream flavors.

Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors

List of Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors

French Vanilla

Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors

Vanilla, the classic among the American ice cream flavors definitely tops the list of the 10m most popular ice cream flavors. The sweet flavor which is ascended with the infusion of vanilla beans actually makes it nothing less than a delectable orchid which is totally edible.

But…but…but… we are talking about French Vanilla which is quite different from classic vanilla, first adding the word “French” prior to its has already ascended its flavors, second, it has creamier consistency owing to its constituents including egg custard and egg yolk.

Rocky Road:

Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors

One of the most popular ice cream flavors, you can’t just resist the rich flavors of Rocky Road. This ice cream is one dissipated combination of chocolate ice cream, marshmallows, and chopped nuts. However, some ice cream parlors add their own flair and fresh tweaks on the rich flavors over the years. This delectable combination is not a matter of one scoop, a bite, and your taste buds will totally drool over it.

The flavor was introduced by William Dreyer when he was experimenting with ice-cream flavors and added sliced up nuts and marshmallows to his chocolate ice cream. Whatever his thoughts were, the outcome is surely ROCKING…!!!

Butter Pecan

Popular Ice Cream Flavors

Image: browneyedbaker

This always tops the list of most popular ice cream flavors of North America and you can easily spot it on the menus of all the ice cream parlors including our favorite Baskin Robins. The ice cream features pecans which are chopped and roasted along with vanilla with the crispy butter coating which is probably the “stealer” of all rich flavors of this gourmet dessert.

The good news is, the classic butter pecan was tended to be covered in nuts that are butter coated, but people tweak it with cookie crumble and a lot of other add-ons which makes it quite a new every time you eat with the whole new tweak.

Cookies & Cream

Most Popular Ice Cream

Image: kitchme

For this flavor, all we remember is the famous dialogue of Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S., “What’s not to like”? Cookies yummy, cream, good… This classic flavor is counted among the best selling ice cream flavors owing to its flavor which is like any other milkshake flavor that makes it the favorite of people of all age group. Imagine the ice-cream with crumbles of cookies in it… mouthwatering isn’t it, cookies and cream serve the same, the rich flavors of vanilla ice- cream or flamboyance of French vanilla with cookie crumbles (Oreo being the new favorite). Not only that you can add your flair by tweaking it with chocolate ice-cream, have too much chocolate, nobody minded that…

Praline Pecan:

Ice Cream Flavors

Image: latimes

This is one of the greatest charms as the delectable dessert and is among the most popular ice cream flavors of the southern region. This unique blend of traditional vanilla and classic chocolate is the new favorite of the town with the crunch of bourbon in it. The sugar candies Praline are made of nuts and sugar syrup and their unique touch in ice cream makes it is sinfully delectable to whole new level.

Don’t wait up, just grab a spoon and delight your taste buds with Praline Pecan (a special mention to the name).

The Classic Chocolate

Popular Ice Cream

How can we resist the charms of classic chocolate ice cream? Chocolate in any form is appetizing but probably the most binge-eaten is in the form of chocolate ice- cream which is absolutely sumptuous of all ice cream flavors. Be it the simple chocolate ice cream or to add any frostings with it, it will always taste the best. Why waste the time reading here about chocolate ice cream, when instead you should be binge-eating one and reading this.

Chocolate Almond:

most popular ice cream flavors

It is probably the universal solvent in the world of ice cream. You can add almost anything and everything and we assure you the different yet delectable outcome every time. Chocolate Almond, which is one among the most popular ice cream flavors is the sumptuous result of the classic nuts, almond, added to chocolate ice cream with their whole new nutty flair. You can find the chopped almonds or small pieces of it like Chocó chips, irrespective of their type; almond chocolate is a gourmet treat to your taste buds.

So the next time, if your mother or any other person stop you from binging over chocolate ice cream, go for chocolate almond, almonds are the healthy and rich source of protein and a perfect excuse to drool to binge eat your favorite ice cream.

Vanilla Ripple Fudge:

most popular ice cream flavors

Image: grit

Some things never get old, they just get our “go-to-favorite” Vanilla ripple fudge is one such favorite ice cream flavors. There is nothing extraordinary about the vanilla ripple fudge, just ribbons of scrumptious fudge on simple vanilla ice-cream and TADAAA… it’s ready. Probably its simple yet rich flavors make it one of the most famous flavors of ice cream and let’s not start with the appearance because it looks nothing less than heaven, the classic white vanilla embellished with fudge ribbons.

Chocolate Marshmallow

most popular ice cream flavors

You probably have guessed it by now, how much we drool over the rich flavors of chocolate ice-cream and if you too fall in our category, you have got to try Chocolate Marshmallow. The ethereal taste of decadent chocolate and vanilla marshmallows… wait, are we talking about heaven in real or the ice-cream? And if you want to add more to it, try it with the waffle cone, thank us later.


most popular ice cream flavors

We address it as the combination of the flaming TRIFECTA, Vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate, yes you heard it right. Neapolitan is the blend of the trio, technically not a blend but it features the evident scoops of the three ice creams placed adjacent to each other in one single container without any packaging in between. Though you may find it intermixed at some spots, yet the classic favorite is the one which is color-blocked.

Life is uncertain, eat your ice cream first…

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