Best Universities in The World to Get Top Class Education

Best Universities in The World

The wind beneath your wings- Yes that’s what a university is for the academic career of a student. Not only providing the students with elite programs, the universities are the perfect place for their exposure to a real world, the perfect platform that prepares them to pace up in highly competitive society and to come up with bright colors. But which academic institution is best for you? What are its areas of specialization? What distinguishes it from other top universities? Find all your answers with this extensive list of best universities in the world:

Best Universities in The World

List of Best Universities in the World

University of Harvard

Best Universities in The World

If the sky is the limit for excellence, then probably Harvard has already set all its feet on Moon. It has raised the bar so high that it has been used as the standard to measure the excellence of all other universities and none of them has ascended to reach its position as the Premier institution of academics all around the world. The oldest school of excellence is so extensive that it has capitalized all the grant benefits as compared to other academic institutions.

This among has the largest academic library on the globe along with leading b-schools and medical laws and a network of alumni which integrates all around the world. The university has enclaves its name among the top 10 universities in the world unveiling endless opportunities for both students and the faculty members.

No wonder in every movie, the nerd dreams of going to Harvard…!!!

Columbia University

Top Universities in The World

It is among the top colleges of United States and possesses the ranking of the fifth oldest school of the country. With a library that constitutes more than 13 million volumes and an endowment worth $ 10 billion, Columbia University is recognized among the top medical schools of US. Nestled in the most ideal location, it provides the students with enough exposure to interact with other top universities. Not only that the premier institute of education, has produced 96 noble prize winners which are an achievement in its own.

So if you are an academic geek and also loves to live among the ideal locations of the United States, Columbia University is your place.

University of Chicago

Best international Universities in The World

Image: WTTW

One of the youngest universities in the world, University of Chicago is counted among the most prestigious institutions in the world owing to its substantial rankings in leading scientific experiments. Most famed among all of these scientific research and experiment was Urey experiment that has proved seminal for research development for the life origin which was conducted back in 1952.

The university has gained quite a fame in the academic domain of science and technology along with being the soapbox for many ideals including James D Watson, the co-discoverer of the DNA structure that helped in grand launch of Human Genome Project. But the academic ace of the university is not just restricted to the world of science; it is quite popular for its academic programs in humanities and social science. The University of Chicago is among the top-ranked best universities in the world unfolding ample of research opportunities with endless resources and ace.

If you are a science nerd, the University of Chicago is your legendary platform.

University of California

Best Universities

Image : Nytimes

It is one of the most distinctive universities as this state school is sobriquet with the status elite status of a private school. The campus is beautifully scattered in the pleasant city which can easily be commuted through San Francisco. The university is also famous for is elite programs which produce more Doctorates annually than most of the best universities in America.

The seniors are encouraged to assist their professors in their extensive research. The school faculty constitutes elite personnel including members from the Philosophical Society of America, MacArthur Fellows, and Fulbright scholars along with Nobel Prize winners.

With a faculty so strong no wonder the graduates from the university are pure gems, ready to take over the world.

Princeton University

Universities in The World

Princeton University is one of the oldest universities with top international university rankings. With the glorious history of aging well from last three century, Princeton is one of the premiere elite institutions of the world. Unlike many top universities, the university programs on a limited level of students and programs.

Even without having any courses for medications, business studies, the university adopts a distinctive approach by not restraining its education programs to graduates only; they are extended for undergraduates too unlike many top universities and schools. Though the university is programming its academic coursework at much-restrained level, yet is one of the top universities with a difficult grading and greater degree.

You need a little more than excellence to survive in Princeton.

University of Michigan

Best Universities

Image: collegeboard

This extremely large university constitutes 17 distinctive schools and colleges with over students exceeding the count of 50K and more than 5K faculty members. The university also heads over 600 student organizations too. The university has been proclaimed among the best universities in the world owing to producing 14 Nobel Prize winners and one field medalist.

With a library that constitutes more than 13 million volumes, the university is also popular for running the largest healthcare facilities in the world. The university has the highest rankings of med school graduates than any other university in the United States.

A university so wide with such an extensive education program, students here surely got it all.

Yale University

Universities in The World

If dreams are structured in a well defined educational institute, it is nothing different than Yale University. With an endowment that exceeds $20 billion, Yale University is among the 5 best universities in the world inviting students from all around the world to pursue excellence. The university is famed for being the soapbox for many political and administrative careers and the Law School of Yale University has produced several top-notch lawyers of the country.

While many universities are famed for their areas of specialization, what distinguishes Yale from them is its equal ace in most of them, be it social science or humanity or even professions. This makes it one of the best international universities for international students seeking for an elite institution for their interdisciplinary research.

Education brings out the best in you, unveiling the elite traits of yours, so why not seek the same in some top universities of the entire world.

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